Kim Matthews - Sculptor


Kim Matthews is excited by patterns in nature. She uses sculpture to help her meditate on the universe by removing distractions and connecting herself with the natural world. Write about the role of art in your life. How does it help you understand yourself and the world around you?

Try an art activity that involves repetition and see if it helps you focus your thoughts and understand the world around you. Here are some ideas for meditative art projects:
1. Make a drawing by gluing paper-punch dots onto cardboard. You’ll end up with something that looks like a pointillist painting.
2. Create a graphic design by repeating an image over and over on your computer screen.
3. Make a design by drawing a circle, marking off 90 dots that are equal distance apart around the circumference, then connecting each dot with each other one.
4. Create an image by repeating one number, letter or word.
Or think up your own project!

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