Kate Sutton-Johnson - Designer

Objectives: Kate Sutton-Johnson’s background experiences in visual arts, singing, performing, and theater have all been important assets in her career in set, event, and museum design in her appreciation of space, form, color, aesthetics, and many other aspects. In this activity, you will create a three-dimensional model/diorama from a scene from a favorite story.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, empty shoebox with lid, construction paper, scissors, glue, pencil, paper, markers, favorite short story.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. How has Kate Sutton-Johnson’s background in both visual arts and theater been helpful in her profession as a set designer? Why do you think that?

    b. What are other skills in the arts that would be helpful in future jobs?

    1. Three-Dimensional Set

      a. Pick a favorite short story

      b. Pick a favorite scene from that story – think about the setting and characters in that scene. What are some key details that would need to be included in the setting.

      c. On a piece of paper, draw a sketch of what your shoebox “set” should look like before cutting out pieces of paper.

      d. Draw on the paper the images within your set before cutting them out. Color them in if you think it’s necessary.

      e. When cutting out each piece, be sure to leave 2 inches below each cut out – it will be folded over and glued to the bottom of the shoebox so that it stands upright!

      f. Once completed, write up a description with the name of the story, the scene you selected, and an explanation of what is in the set.

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