Jane Wunrow - Mixed Media Artist

Objectives: Jane Wunrow is a mixed media artist who journals her dreams for drawing inspiration. Through the use of collage, she is able to develop and utilize materials as she goes, creating an ever-changing thread of art that does not remain stagnant from where the art piece began – just by adding new material. In this activity, think of a dream, moment, or memory that would inspire an artistic creation for yourself, then use a variety of media to create your masterpiece.Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, pencil, paper, mixed media (paint, construction paper, crayons, markers, magazines, colored pencils, pens, etc), scissors, glue (stick form if possible), paint brushes, art paper (thicker, larger in size if possible.


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. Jane Wunrow mentions journalling dreams for drawing inspiration – how would this help her?

    b. What is collage? What would be the advantage of using collage when recreating dreams or memories?

  2. Think of a dream, moment, or memory that is very vivid in your mind.
  3. Write it down…brainstorm how it could be transformed visually. What colors would you use? What textures? How would you use space? What materials would best suit it?
  4. Using the mixed media, create your dream/memory/moment. Use any variety of media: paint, ink, print, cut, paste, tear, etc.

    a. Try to work “fluidly”, there is no right or wrong, do what feels good to you!

    b. Experiment with at least three different mediums in your collage.

  5. Share your work!

    a. Explain:

    i. What it represents

    ii. What media you used and why

    iii. Why does your artwork represent your dream/moment/memory

    iv. Something you learned from this experience

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