Hmong Breakers Leadership Council - Break Dancing


Objectives: The Hmong Breakers Leadership Council focuses on self-expression through dance – in particular, break dancing.  What makes their break dance moves unique is how they add Hmong culture and heritage into their dance moves.  In this activity, you will learn more about break dancing dance form and learn a few classic break dancing moves

Video Clips
History of Breakdance
Dance Moves
Funky Walk
Kick Step

1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Why did the Hmong Leadership Council start?

b. How have they incorporated their own culture and traditions to make their own version of breakdancing?

c. Why did they make their own personalized form of breakdancing?

2) History of hip hop and breakdancing.

a. Play part of the Youtube movie about hip hop/breakdancing.

b. Play a couple different classic hip hop songs….discuss:

i. How is this music different from music today?

ii. Have you heard songs like these before?

3) Practice breakdancing.

a. Learn the Funky Walk, Tuting, and Kick Step moves (links above).

4) Create your own breakdancing routine with your own creative flair!

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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