Hippo Campus - Indie Band


Objectives: One of key’s to Hippo Campus’ success staying true to themselves and connected to people and places that are important to them.  In this activity, consider this question, “Where do you find inspiration?  What are goals you have in life?  How can the two converge?

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, pen/pencil and paper.

1) Watch the segment and discuss:

a. Being in a band is a lot of work and requires dedicated time – why do you think Hippo Campus works hard at changing their sound versus keeping their sound the same?

b. The members of Hippo Campus all met each other in high school, which is where the episode mostly takes place – why is their school an important location to them? Based on the episode, why do you think they chose the film the episode there?

2) Brainstorm and write:

a. Where do you find inspiration? What goals, dreams aspirations, and places are important to you? Why are they important to you? What are some ways you can reach your goals?

b. Either write or type a short essay explaining the answers to the above questions.

For information on the academic standards fulfilled by this activity download the full guide.

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