Electric Machete Studios - Art and Music Collective, Gallery

Objectives: The Electric Machete Studios started because of systemic inequity in the Arts. Artists from the West side of Saint Paul had no place to display their work, so the Electric Machete Studios was created and continues to support local artists and local artforms in the community. In this ongoing activity, you will create your own gallery using the app, Book Creator (iPad) to share your work digitally.

Tools/Resources: MN Original video clip, iPad or similar tablet, Book Creator app or similar, camera app to take photo or videos of work, microphone recorder (in app) to record music or singing


  1. Watch the segment and discuss:

    a. Electric Machete Studios started because of “systemic inequity in the arts”; what do you think that means? Why?

    b. Why is it important to showcase art forms from people from different backgrounds, cultures, religions, races, and heritages?

  2. Digital Gallery:

    a. Take photos of visual art pieces you have done, record videos of dance or acting performances, and record songs or music you have created into an iPad or tablet

    b. Using the Book Creator app (or something similar), create a digital portfolio showcasing your work! Be sure to only have one piece of work per “page” and to include a description with the piece’s name, and a brief description about it.

    c. Share your digital gallery with your friends and family!

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