Bethany Larson + The Bee’s Knees: Still

In the song Still Bethany Larson says she feels like disappearing when she thinks of her former love. She’s tried to pick up the pieces, but can’t forget. She shows how different they are in their feelings by repeating:

You’re still living and I’m still dying.
I’m still loving and you’re still lying.
You’re still laughing and I’m still crying.

Think of a time when you disagreed with someone. Make a T Chart with ME at the top of one column and YOU on the other. List contrasting behaviors or feelings under the columns. Here are some examples –
pathetic powerful
ostracized popular
hopeless victorious

Like Bethany Larson, often artists turn their unresolved feelings into a song or painting.
It can feel good to create something out of unhappiness. Write and illustrate a poem using her pattern – You’re still ____ and I’m still _____. Highlight the contrast with your illustration.

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