André Salvadore – Painter


André Salvadore calls himself a storyteller. He paints in the expressionist style, which he describes as showing subjects clearly, but not realistically. His paintings convey his feelings and point of view.

Write a portrait of a person you admire, whether it’s a relative, friend or historical figure. It should include a description of what he or she looks like and a description of his or her personal qualities. Think about what your subject likes, believes in and hopes for. Be sure to make your feelings about the person clear.

Now that you’ve described your person in writing, create a visual portrait. Be sure to use the elements of art to create a mood and to convey your feelings about your subject. In true expressionist style, don’t worry about portraying your subject realistically, rather try to capture their essence. Remember that color, shape, pattern, balance and emphasis all can be used to create a feeling.

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