Alpha Consumer: Honey Effigy and You Ain't Alone No More

An Alpha Consumer is someone who plays a key role in getting other people to want to buy a new product. The term was first used in 1999. What kind of statement were Jeremy Ylvisaker, Mike Lewis and J.T. Bates making when they chose this band name?

The two songs we see use not only sound but colors, light, and camera techniques to enhance their lyrics. Using metaphor, the first song compares humans to bees, and the second describes the adaptations made by a one-eyed whale and a rat.¬†Write about a feeling your’ve been experiencing recently using metaphor (a comparison using “like” or “as”).

Now put yourself in the role of Alpha Consumer. Write lyrics to a poem or song that sells to other people the lesson you learned. How can you convince them that they should follow your advice? Tell a story that clearly teaches the lesson.

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