Aditi Kapil – Theater Artist

The play that Aditi Kapil works on in the segment is “about the ways in which we change when we change where we are; when we move from where we are a certain kind of person, to where all of a sudden everything around us tells us we’re a different kind of person.” What does this mean to you? Do you feel you are a different kind of person depending on either where you are or who you are with? What causes this change? How is this change expressed in your feelings or behavior? How does Kapil use her talent to express the human condition? What would be the most satisfying part of each form of art? The most frustrating?

Kapil is grateful that theaters put on her performances because they can be more difficult than average plays. She explains, “They are complex stories that reflect the world we live in.” Do you prefer to see plays or musicals that are upbeat, uplifting, or escapist? Or do you enjoy plays that speak to the human condition – even the depressing or ugly parts? Write your own scene in a play that you feel reflects the complex world in which we live.

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