Awards + Recognition

MN Original has been recognized with 37 Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® Awards:


Arts/Entertainment – Single Story: Photographer Layne Kennedy

Children/Teen: Be Heard: Teen Poetry Competition

Magazine: MN Original: Photographer Eric Mueller, Poet/Activist Andrea Jenkins, Hip-Hop Artist Prof

Lifestyle – Feature/Segment: Machine Age Lamps


Arts/Entertainment – Single Story: Three Recipients! Rogue Taxidermy Artist Sarina Brewer, Artist Day Jobs: Emily Lynch Victory and Syrian Photographer Osama Esid

Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Single Story: Two Recipients! History of Phil Vandervaart’s Hand Painted Signs and History Theatre’s Musical Production of Glensheen

Informational/Instructional: Lisa Friedrich

Interview/Discussion: Kelly Connole

Lifestyle – Feature/Segment: Cordwainer Amara Hark-Weber

Photographer – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Brennan Vance


Magazine Program: MN Original Episode #612 – Jeffrey Hatcher¸ And The Professors¸ Alexa Horochowski and David Bowman

Interview/Discussion – Single Story: A Pet Photographer in Her Own Words (Sarah Beth Ernhart)

Community/Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot: The Legacy Funded Work of the Minnesota Public Television Association

Editor – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Ryan Klabunde

Photographer – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Brennan Vance


Magazine Program: MN Original Episode #515 – Minnesota Dance Theatre, Drury Brennan, Robert Bly and Nicholas David

Arts/Entertainment – Single Story: Brian Hart

Informational/Instructional – Single Story: Andrew Moxom’s Timeless Portraits

Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Single Story: Evolution of Secret Stash Records

Interview/Discussion – Single Story: An Artist’s Mission in His Own Words (Hottea)

Editor – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Adam Geiger

Photographer – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Brennan Vance


Magazine Program – Program: MN Original Episode #423 – JoAnn Verburg, Marion McClinton + Cloud Cult

Special Event Coverage (Non-News): Rock the Garden 2012

Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Single Story: Xavier Tavera

Informational/Instructional – Single Story: Kent Aldrich

Editor – Program (Non-News): MN Original Compilation – Ryan Klabunde


Magazine Program – Program: MN Original Episode 319 – Caitlin Karolczak, VocalEssence, Chris Faust, Heiruspecs + A Duet for Wreck

Interstitial: Arts Scene: Minnesota

Lighting – MN Original CompilationSteven Flynn

Photographer – Program (Non-News): MN Original CompilationSteven Flynn


Magazine Program – Program: MN Original Episode 236 – The Children’s Theatre Company’s Production of “Annie,” Adam Turman + The Neighborhood Trio

Arts/Entertainment – Single Story/Feature/Segment: Keri Pickett

Magazine Program – Single Story/Feature/Segment: Scott West

Editor – Program (Non-News): MN Original, Ryan Klabunde

Graphic Arts – Graphics (Non-News): MN Original Compilation

Photographer – Program (Non-News): MN Original Composite, Steven Flynn

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