About Hero Elementary™

Hero Elementary is an expansive educational media initiative focused on improving school readiness in science and literacy for children grades K-2 nationwide, with an emphasis on Latino communities, English Language Learners, youth with disabilities, and children from low-income households.

Program: Hero Elementary’s transmedia universe integrates science and literacy to ignite children’s natural curiosity and broaden their understanding of how the world works and empower them to make a positive difference in their communities. All materials are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

The Hero Elementary education program centers on an innovative learning platform featuring thematic “playlists” or collections of educational media assets with embedded learning analytics. Each playlist features:

  • animated PBS Kids television episode;
  • digital or analog game;
  • non-fiction e-books;
  • hands-on science activities;
  • Science Power Notebook where kids create their own content;
  • educator assets; and
  • child enrichment resources for parents/caregivers.

On TV: The Hero Elementary series (40 half-hour shows featuring 80 11-minute animated stories) follows the Sparks Crew, a team of super students with imperfect powers who are learning to harness the Superpowers of Science to solve problems, help people, and make the world a better place.

Online: The Hero Elementary digital program transforms learning and helps all children succeed in school with more than 30 playlists organized by standards-based science themes. State-of-the-art embedded learning analytics measure student’s progress.

On-The-Ground: All Hero Elementary Informal Education Partners have free access to video, online and print materials, combined with educator training, which aims to narrow the achievement gap between kids from low-income backgrounds and their peers. Our professional development workshops prepare out-of-school-time educators through in-person and digital training, encouraging them to tailor programming to suit the youth in their communities.

Hero Elementary is funded by a cooperative agreement with the United States Department of Education’s Ready To Learn program. The Hero Elementary television series is produced with key television production partner Portfolio Entertainment, based in Toronto. Other partners include: digital learning organization LRNG (at Southern New Hampshire University); WestEd, a nonprofit educational research agency; Capstone Publishing; and a network of informal education programs, serving children in their communities nationwide.

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