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tpt Update

11/25/2015: Thank you, Members! 11/24/2015: Preview: The Pilgrims on American Experience 11/24/2015: Secrets of the Dead: Jamestown's Dark Winter 11/23/2015: Watch "Giving Thanks in Many Voices" 11/22/2015: Season Finale of Indian Summers on Masterpiece 11/20/2015: Tonight on Almanac 11/19/2015: Join Us At The Downton Abbey Holiday Festival 11/18/2015: The Brain with David Eagleman 11/18/2015: Watch the 2015 Miami Book Fair International 11/18/2015: Stream "Kevin Kling: Lost & Found" 11/17/2015: Fidel Castro Tapes 11/17/2015: Frontline: ISIS in Afghanistan 11/17/2015: Giving Thanks in Many Voices 11/15/2015: Independent Lens: Stray Dog 11/15/2015: PBS KIDS Schedule Changes on tpt 11/10/2015: Give To The Max For tpt! 11/10/2015: Iwo Jim: From Combat to Comrades 11/10/2015: Debt of Honor: Disabled Veterans in American History 11/09/2015: Beyond The Divide 11/08/2015: Home Fires on Masterpiece 11/07/2015: Watch tpt's Veterans Programming 11/07/2015: MN Original Day at Art Attack 11/06/2015: Great Performances: Chita Rivera 11/04/2015: Earth's Natural Wonders 11/04/2015: NOVA - Making North America: Origins 11/02/2015: See What's Next on Independent Lens in 2015 and 2016 11/01/2015: Farm Fresh Road Trip 2 Is Coming! 10/30/2015: Live From Lincoln Center 10/28/2015: NOVA: Animal Mummies 10/28/2015: New from tpt and Kevin Kling: Lost & Found 10/27/2015: Frontline: Inside Assad's Syria 10/27/2015: Secrets of the Dead: Vampire Legend 10/26/2015: Sherlock: The Abominable Bride Premieres January 1, 2016! 10/24/2015: Preview The Final Season of Downton Abbey 10/23/2015: Great Performances: Billy Elliot The Musical Live 10/23/2015: Almanac Celebrates Thirty Years 10/22/2015: Experience Earth's Natural Wonders 10/21/2015: Nature: Pets: Wild at Heart 10/21/2015: Watch Frontline: Immigration Battle 10/20/2015: Frontline: Immigration Battle 10/19/2015: I'll Have What Phil's Having 10/16/2015: Live From Lincoln Center: Kern and Hammerstein's Show Boat 10/13/2015: Frontline: My Brother's Bomber 10/13/2015: Mary Tyler Moore: A Celebration 10/11/2015: Austin City Limits: 2015 Hall of Fame Special 10/09/2015: Unity - The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson 10/09/2015: Detectorists 10/08/2015: This Old House 10/07/2015: Nature: Big Birds Can't Fly 10/07/2015: Nova: Secrets of Noah's Ark 10/07/2015: Sherlock Special - First Preview 10/05/2015: tpt Takes Home 15 Upper Midwest Regional EMMY Awards! 10/04/2015: The Widower Premieres 10/03/2015: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 10/02/2015: The PBS Arts Fall Festival Returns 9/30/2015: E.O. Wilson: Of Ants and Men 9/30/2015: We're Twin Cities PBS! 9/23/2015: Nature: Nature's Miracle Orphans 9/23/2015: American Graduate Day 2015 9/22/2015: Gorongosa Park 9/22/2015: On Two Fronts: Latinos & Vietnam 9/21/2015: Black Brilliance 9/20/2015: POV: Cutie and the Boxer 9/18/2015: Pope Francis - The Sinner 9/18/2015: American Masters: Pedro E. Guerrero 9/17/2015: Stream Gorongosa Park Early 9/16/2015: NOVA: Dawn of Humanity 9/15/2015: America After Charleston 9/14/2015: American Experience: Walt Disney 9/14/2015: First Look: Downton Abbey Season 6 9/13/2015: POV: The Storm Makers 9/13/2015: Sherlock on Masterpiece Mystery! 9/11/2015: Open Call For TV Takeover Season 2 9/09/2015: Nature: Wolverine 9/08/2015: In Their Own Words: Muhammad Ali 9/07/2015: The Civil War 25th Anniversary 9/06/2015: Arthur and George on Masterpiece 9/04/2015: American Masters: Althea 9/04/2015: tpt nominated for 42 Regional Emmy Awards 9/02/2015: See the National Book Festival 8/31/2015: Big Blue Live 8/30/2015: Edward & George: Two Brothers, One Throne 8/27/2015: Visit us at the Fair! 8/26/2015: Johnny Kingdom and the Bears of Alaska 8/25/2015: A Few Great Bakeries 8/25/2015: A Few Good Pie Places 8/24/2015: MN Original: Arts Partners + SPCO 8/23/2015: POV: Neuland 8/22/2015: POV: The Law in These Parts 8/19/2015: Masterpiece Classic: Birdsong 8/18/2015: Silicon Valley: American Experience 8/18/2015: Derby Fever 8/17/2015: The Queen's Castle 8/14/2015: Go Inside The Mind Of A Chef For A Fourth Season 8/14/2015: Thanks For The Memories, Downton Abbey 8/14/2015: Visit NextAvenue.org Today! 8/13/2015: Il Volo: Live from Pompeii 8/13/2015: Jesse Cook Live at The Bathurst Theatre 8/11/2015: Ken Burns: The Civil War 8/10/2015: Justin Hayward: Spirits...Live 8/09/2015: Downton Abbey Rediscovered 8/09/2015: Glen Campbell: Good Times Again 8/09/2015: Frank Sinatra: The Voice of Our Time 8/09/2015: Starlight Ballroom 8/08/2015: The Tenors: Under One Sky 8/08/2015: Simon & Garfunkel: The Concert in Central Park 8/08/2015: America's Test Kitchen Essentials 8/05/2015: Life on the Reef 8/04/2015: JFK & LBJ: A Time for Greatness 8/04/2015: 5 Things You Must Know About Masterpiece 8/02/2015: Last Tango in Halifax Season 3 Finale 8/02/2015: Poldark on Masterpiece Season Finale 7/31/2015: Transplant: A gift for life 7/28/2015: Uranium - Twisting the Dragon's Tail 7/28/2015: The Bomb 7/27/2015: Jay Leno - The Mark Twain Prize 7/26/2015: Crimson Field 7/26/2015: Return to Homs 7/26/2015: MN Original Celebrates Printmaking 7/22/2015: Nuclear Meltdown Disaster 7/21/2015: Humanity from Space 7/21/2015: Druglord: The Legend of Shorty 7/21/2015: NewsHour Gets An Update 7/20/2015: Johnny Carson 7/17/2015: Great Performances: Driving Miss Daisy 7/15/2015: NOVA: Chasing Pluto 7/14/2015: Blackout on American Experience 7/14/2015: Frontline: Escaping ISIS 7/12/2015: Poldark on Masterpiece 7/08/2015: The Bear Family & Me: Spring 7/08/2015: First Peoples 7/08/2015: Artist Day Jobs 7/08/2015: Coming Up On Almanac 7/07/2015: The Dust Bowl 7/04/2015: Celebrate the Fourth of July with us! 7/03/2015: What's New on Next Avenue? 7/01/2015: Operation Wild 6/30/2015: Frontline: Growing Up Trans 6/30/2015: State Fair Stories | Premiering August 11 on tpt 6/29/2015: The Overnighters 6/28/2015: Last Tango in Halifax 6/26/2015: In Performance at the White House 6/24/2015: First Peoples 6/23/2015: Reagan 6/23/2015: Frontline: Rape on the Night Shift 6/23/2015: Join Us For A Live Taping On July 8th 6/21/2015: Poldark on Masterpiece 6/21/2015: Crimson Field 6/21/2015: The Crimson Field Premieres June 21 6/21/2015: Tales from the Royal Wardrobe 6/17/2015: Funkiest Monkeys 6/16/2015: Solitary Nation 6/15/2015: Limited Partnership 6/14/2015: A Very British Murder 6/14/2015: Secrets of Underground London 6/12/2015: Watch MN House and Senate Coverage on our MN Channel 6/12/2015: tpt.org will be offline for maintenance 6/11/2015: Vera 6/11/2015: Poustinia: The Art of Gendron Jensen 6/11/2015: Help Us Make tpt.org Great! 6/10/2015: Sharing Veterans' Voices 6/09/2015: Voces 6/07/2015: Manners of Downton Abbey: A Masterpiece Special 6/04/2015: Wisconsin from the Air 6/04/2015: PBS Announces New Fall Programming 6/03/2015: Big Band Years (My Music) 5/31/2015: Late Life: Facing Dementia 5/31/2015: Meet The World's First Modern Human 5/30/2015: Sister Act (my Music) 5/29/2015: Who Wants A PBS Shirt? 5/28/2015: The This Old House Hour 5/26/2015: Obama at War 5/25/2015: The Homefront 5/24/2015: National Memorial Day Concert 2015 5/24/2015: Independent Lens: 1971 5/21/2015: Foyle's War 5/20/2015: NOVA: Rise of the Hackers 5/19/2015: Frontline: Secrets, Politics and Torture 5/17/2015: Nicholas David on The Lowertown Line 5/17/2015: Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece 5/17/2015: Buy Capture Minnesota Volume IV 5/15/2015: Remembering The Legendary B.B. King 5/13/2015: NOVA: Lethal Seas 5/13/2015: Nature: Animal Childhood 5/13/2015: ECHO Minnesota To Join tpt 5/11/2015: Children of Giant 5/11/2015: American Masters: Boomer List 5/11/2015: Call The Midwife Season Four Finale 5/06/2015: PaviElle on The Lowertown Line 5/04/2015: Watch The Wolf Hall Finale 5/03/2015: Frontline Examines The Outbreak 5/02/2015: Poldark Returns in a New Take on a Beloved Story 4/30/2015: The Roosevelts Return 4/29/2015: Watch Last Days in Vietnam 4/29/2015: NOVA: Nazi Attack on America 4/28/2015: Coming Soon: Last Days in Vietnam 4/28/2015: Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-la 4/27/2015: The Draft 4/27/2015: Meet Kitten Forever 4/23/2015: The Day The '60s Died 4/22/2015: Celebrating Five Years of Minnesota Original 4/19/2015: New Episodes Of The Lowertown Line Coming In April and May! 4/16/2015: Are You Ready For America's Ballroom Challenge? 4/16/2015: FRONTLINE: American Terrorist 4/09/2015: Who Were The Royal Cousins At War? 4/06/2015: Follow The Escape From A Nazi Death Camp 4/05/2015: Visit The Castles Of King Ludwig II 4/03/2015: Frontline Goes Inside The Fight For Yemen 4/03/2015: SciGirls Returns To tpt! 4/02/2015: Visit Animal Homes On NATURE 4/02/2015: Special Announcement: Joel Hodgson To Attend Our MST3K Screening! 4/01/2015: Explore The Outdoors! 3/28/2015: NOVA: Alien Planets Revealed 3/26/2015: Welcome To Wolf Hall 3/26/2015: Stories From The Special Delivery Unit 3/21/2015: How Will Tina Combine French and Norwegian Ingredients? 3/20/2015: Mr. Selfridge Returns To Masterpiece Classic! 3/19/2015: Welcome Back, Midwives! 3/19/2015: What's Happening In Shetland? 3/16/2015: Late Life: Cancer in Between 3/12/2015: Video: The History of Cancer 3/12/2015: Follow Cats On An Adventure! 3/11/2015: The Men Who Made Us Thin 3/11/2015: The Secret Life Of Primates 3/11/2015: Won't You Be Our Neighbor? 3/11/2015: Up Next on tpt: Mystery Science Theater 3000! 3/10/2015: Living Beyond Cancer: A Celebration 3/10/2015: Carrier Returns To tpt 3/09/2015: Don't Miss Celtic Woman Fan Favorites! 3/08/2015: Celebrate Mr. Selfridge! 3/08/2015: Carreras Domingo Pavarotti in Concert 3/06/2015: Celebrate 50 Years With Peter, Paul and Mary 3/05/2015: Meet the Soul Creatures 3/04/2015: Now Streaming: Lost Twin Cities 4 3/02/2015: Find Out Why Glorious Women Never Age 3/01/2015: Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies 2/27/2015: John Denver: Country Boy Premieres March 3rd 2/24/2015: Now Streaming: The Lowertown Line: DOOMTREE 2/23/2015: Preview The Downton Abbey Season 5 Finale 2/23/2015: New Lowertown Line Announced! 2/21/2015: Royals at War 2/20/2015: We Want Your Minnesota State Fair Footage! 2/19/2015: Celebrate The Music of Italian Cinema On Great Performances 2/19/2015: Relive The Memories Of Motown! 2/18/2015: Want To See The First Episode Of EastEnders? 2/18/2015: Next Stop: Doc Martin's Portwenn! 2/18/2015: The American Dream 2/16/2015: Don Stolz Remembered 2/15/2015: Mr. Civil Rights: Thurgood Marshall and The NAACP 2/13/2015: The New Standards | Love Is The Law 2/11/2015: Rock With The Blind Shake 2/11/2015: Watch A New "Beyond The Book" Special 2/10/2015: Get Down With Doomtree 2/05/2015: Now Streaming: Last Days in Vietnam 2/04/2015: Meet Lily 2/04/2015: Coming Soon: The Italian Americans 2/04/2015: Stream tpt Anytime, Anywhere! 2/03/2015: Who Is The Politician's Husband? 2/02/2015: American Masters: August Wilson: The Ground on Which I Stand 1/31/2015: tpt Celebrates Black History and Culture 1/29/2015: Now Streaming: The Lowertown Line 1/28/2015: Take A Longer Look At EARTH 1/27/2015: Edison: American Experience 1/27/2015: The Big Burn 1/26/2015: The Lowertown Line: Black Diet 1/25/2015: Join us for tpt Splash! 1/25/2015: The Lowertown Line Returns January 25th! 1/22/2015: Must Talk TV 1/21/2015: NOVA: Sinkholes - Buried Alive 1/21/2015: Season 3 of "Are You MN Enough?" is here! 1/20/2015: Welcome To Fountain Abbey! 1/16/2015: Get A First Look At Grantchester 1/15/2015: See You At The St Paul Winter Carnival Kids Day! 1/13/2015: NOVA: Sunken Ship Rescue 1/12/2015: Watch The MLK Holiday Breakfast on tpt 1/09/2015: American Experience: The Big Burn 1/09/2015: A Radio at Downton Abbey? 1/08/2015: Preview: FRONTLINE: Putin's Way 1/05/2015: Are You Having Problems Receiving Any of Our Channels? 1/05/2015: Watch The MN Original Season 6 Premiere 1/05/2015: Catch Up With The Crawleys 1/02/2015: Victory Garden's edibleFEAST Returns! 12/25/2014: Spend 2015 In Vienna with Great Performances! 12/25/2014: Watch Christmas in Norway with St. Olaf Choir 12/23/2014: Keep The Peace This Holiday Season 12/22/2014: Billy Joel Receives The Gershwin Prize For Song! 12/22/2014: Call The Midwife Holiday Special 12/16/2014: Christmas in Norway with the St. Olaf Choir 12/16/2014: Join Us For A Downton Abbey Viewing Party 12/14/2014: Downton Abbey Holiday Preview 12/12/2014: Watch The Season 6 Premiere Of MN Original 12/12/2014: Watch The New Standards Holiday Show 12/11/2014: Celebrate The Holidays With Call The Midwife! 12/11/2014: Learn About Minnesota and The Civil War 12/09/2014: David Suchet in The Footsteps of St. Peter 12/09/2014: Sacred Journeys With Bruce Feiler 12/05/2014: Tuesday, December 9 - Have Some Tea With tpt! 12/04/2014: Announcing The Great British Baking Show! 12/03/2014: See the First Episode of the New Season of Downton Abbey with tpt! 12/02/2014: Giving Tuesday is Here! 12/01/2014: Meet the Best of the Birds! 12/01/2014: A Farm Winter with Jerry Apps 11/30/2014: Rewatch Downton Abbey, Season 4 11/28/2014: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen 11/27/2014: Bing Crosby Rediscovered 11/26/2014: Meet The Odd Squad! 11/24/2014: Get Ready for Christmas with Curious George! 11/24/2014: Up Next on American Experience 11/21/2014: Up Next on Independent Lens: Happiness 11/20/2014: Watch LIVE: President Obama on Newshour 11/18/2014: Jay Leno Receives The Mark Twain Prize! 11/18/2014: Hang Out with Har Mar Superstar 11/17/2014: Finally on TV: The Wrap! 11/16/2014: Watch the 2014 Miami Book Fair 11/14/2014: The New Standards on tpt 11/13/2014: Firestone and the Warlord 11/13/2014: Discovered Truth: A Healthcare Journey 11/11/2014: Meet the Hitmakers 11/10/2014: From Next Avenue: The Books That Shaped Our Teenage Years 11/10/2014: LIVE online screening: Crossing the Threshold 11/07/2014: Temporary Outage - Sunday, November 9 11/04/2014: Follow Live Election Coverage With PBS Newshour 11/03/2014: Happy 45th Birthday, PBS! 11/02/2014: Meet Worricker on Masterpiece Contemporary 11/01/2014: What's Bigger Than A T. Rex? 11/01/2014: Don't Miss This Salute To The Troops! 10/31/2014: November Veterans Programming 10/30/2014: Through a Soldier's Eyes 10/29/2014: Navy Seals - Their Untold Story 10/25/2014: Preview: Makers: Women in Business 10/22/2014: A Few New Book Ideas 10/21/2014: The Rise of ISIS 10/20/2014: Secret Treasures on The Wrap 10/20/2014: Downton Abbey 5: Early Trailer 10/18/2014: Return To Downton Abbey With Susan Sarandon 10/18/2014: Women in War 10/17/2014: Minnesota's Choice 2014 10/17/2014: Death Comes to Pemberley 10/16/2014: Watch "American Promise" 10/15/2014: Go Cheek To Cheek with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga 10/15/2014: Crossing The Threshold 10/13/2014: 5 Career Lessons From a Pioneer Female Astronaut 10/13/2014: Are You MN Enough? Wants Your Vote! 10/11/2014: First Look: Downton Abbey Season 5 10/09/2014: The Penguins Are Still Here! 10/06/2014: The Twin Cities Book Festival is this Saturday! 10/06/2014: 11 Best Apps for a Fresh Start This Fall from Next Avenue 10/06/2014: Surviving Ebola 10/04/2014: Don't Miss Season 7 of "Inspector Lewis" on Masterpiece Mystery! 10/04/2014: Chef Howard Returns! 10/03/2014: Independent Lens: Bully 10/02/2014: The Act of Killing 10/02/2014: Go Beyond CSI! 10/01/2014: Watch the Minnesota Gubernatorial Debate on tpt 10/01/2014: Why Do Planes Vanish? 9/29/2014: Meet the Makers: Women in Comedy 9/29/2014: Don't Miss New Episodes of "The Paradise" 9/29/2014: From Next Avenue: Why Elder Care Isn't Working 9/24/2014: America After Ferguson 9/23/2014: Finding Your Roots 9/23/2014: Watch American Graduate Day! 9/19/2014: Catch Up On The Paradise Before The Season 2 Premiere! 9/18/2014: A Spy in the Huddle! 9/15/2014: New Episodes of Arthur Begin On September 30th! 9/15/2014: Sesame Street's 45th Season 9/14/2014: Robin Williams Remembered 9/14/2014: Color Me Obsessed 9/14/2014: The Roosevelts: an Intimate History Begins Tonight! 9/14/2014: tpt Wins Big! 9/13/2014: Meet (and stream) The Roosevelts Today! 9/10/2014: Watch President Obama's Address on Newshour Tonight 9/07/2014: Watch The Poisoner's Handbook 9/07/2014: Great Performances: Star-spangled Spectacular 9/05/2014: New Episodes Of The Mind of a Chef Are Firing Up! 9/05/2014: Can We Talk About Joan Rivers? 9/03/2014: NOVA: Vaccines - Calling The Shots 9/02/2014: Operation Maneater: Polar Bear 9/01/2014: Inspector George Gently: Gently in The Blood 8/30/2014: POV: Big Men 8/30/2014: There's More Breathless! 8/30/2014: Preview The Fidel Castro Tapes 8/29/2014: More Sesame Street! 8/28/2014: Stream Sherlock Season 3! 8/27/2014: Beyond the Corn Dog: 7 Unusual Fair Foods 8/26/2014: Why Do Sharks Attack? 8/26/2014: Watch Almanac Live From the Minnesota State Fair 8/24/2014: New Show: Masterpiece Mystery!: Breathless 8/20/2014: We'll See You At The MN State Fair 8/18/2014: Meet Daniel Tiger's Little Sister! 8/18/2014: tpt nominated for 34 Regional Emmy Awards 8/16/2014: Upcoming American Promise Events in the Twin Cities 8/14/2014: Downton Abbey, Season 5 Photo Preview! 8/14/2014: Full Signal Has Been Restored! 8/12/2014: Robin Williams Hones his Craft: Pioneers of Television 8/12/2014: Calling all Video Makers! 8/10/2014: Great Performances: Dukes of September 8/08/2014: Go "Inside Foyle's War" 8/06/2014: New Artists, Dates and Venues Announced For The Lowertown Line! 8/04/2014: Watch The Season 2 Finale of Last Tango in Halifax 8/03/2014: Rebuilding Bichuan, China 8/01/2014: Eat Smart! 7/31/2014: Watch The Last Tango In Halifax Season Finale! 7/28/2014: Frontline: Losing Iraq 7/28/2014: Inside Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion" 7/28/2014: Don't Miss Season 12 of "Poirot" 7/27/2014: The Theater of Public Policy on Transit 7/25/2014: Meet Inspector George Gently 7/24/2014: Meet Mark Twain 7/23/2014: 6 Ways to Make a Multigenerational Vacation Fun 7/21/2014: Al Capone, An Icon 7/21/2014: Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? 7/20/2014: Getting Back to Abnormal 7/20/2014: Don't Miss The "Endeavour" Season Finale! 7/18/2014: The Big Show: Slumdog Millionaire 7/17/2014: Catch Up On "Sex In The Wild" 7/16/2014: Watch Now: FRONTLINE: Separate and Unequal 7/16/2014: Introducing "My Wild Affair" 7/14/2014: Sparticl Does Baseball 7/10/2014: The Big Show: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 7/10/2014: MASTERPIECE Earns 24 Nominations for 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards 7/09/2014: The Mona Lisa Mystery! 7/09/2014: Coming Soon: "Sex in The Wild" 7/05/2014: Are You Having Problems Receiving Any of Our Channels? 7/02/2014: tpt Presents "Veterans Coming Home" 6/30/2014: American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee 6/30/2014: Experience TV Takeover 6/29/2014: Constable Endeavour Morse Is Back On The Streets 6/28/2014: New From POV: When I Walk 6/27/2014: A Capitol Fourth 6/25/2014: Healthcare Anywhere: Hyper-connecting 6/25/2014: Now Streaming: Freedom Summer 6/25/2014: Watch The Downton Abbey Season 5 Teaser 6/24/2014: Freedom Summer: American Experience 6/23/2014: 11 Ingenious (and Organic) Gardening Tips 6/23/2014: Watch Now: PBS Previews: The Roosevelts 6/18/2014: Independent Lens: The New Black 6/17/2014: Boomer Gold Diggers: It's 1849 All Over Again 6/15/2014: Last Tango in Halifax Season 2 Has Arrived! 6/13/2014: Watch Haley Bonar on The Lowertown Line 6/12/2014: Breaking & Entering & Tackling World Records 6/11/2014: Rewire's TV Takeover Continues! 6/10/2014: Late Life: Living with Chronic Illness 6/08/2014: Who Is The Escape Artist? 6/05/2014: 50 Books to (Re-)Read at 50 6/04/2014: An American Coaches Soccer In Egypt 6/02/2014: 30 Days To A Younger Heart 6/02/2014: Visit Brazil With Michael Palin! 6/01/2014: Billy Joel: a Matter of Trust - The Bridge To Russia - The Concert 5/31/2014: What's Happening In Midsomer? 5/30/2014: Celtic Thunder Heritage 5/30/2014: Welcome to Lowertown, Green Line Riders! 5/30/2014: Make It OK Covers Mental Illness 5/29/2014: New Summer Schedule For PBS KIDS on tpt 5/27/2014: D-Day 360 5/26/2014: The Big Show: The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes 5/20/2014: Frontline: Battle Zones: Ukraine & Syria 5/19/2014: NOVA Dives Deep To Uncover D-Day Secrets 5/19/2014: Death and The Civil War: American Experience 5/18/2014: Watch The 25th Anniversary Of The National Memorial Day Concert 5/17/2014: Escape From a Nazi Death Camp 5/15/2014: Help Rewire Make More "Are You MN Enough?" Episodes! 5/14/2014: NOVA: Escape From Nazi Alcatraz 5/12/2014: Mr. Selfridge Season Finale 5/12/2014: Call The Midwife Season 3 Comes To An End 5/12/2014: Capture Minnesota III Book Cover Revealed This Weekend 5/08/2014: The Story Of A Fragile Trust at The New York Times 5/08/2014: The Story Of The Rockefellers 5/07/2014: Frontline Goes Inside the NSA 5/06/2014: Coming Back From War 5/05/2014: Why Do Sharks Attack? 5/04/2014: Amanda Abbington On Filming 2 Shows At Once 5/03/2014: Visit The Lost Gardens Of Babylon 5/03/2014: Join Us At Como Town and Como Park Zoo For Family Fun Day! 5/02/2014: Downton Abbey Live Webcast This Saturday! 4/29/2014: Frontline Enters a Prison State 4/29/2014: What the Governor Sees 4/28/2014: The Queen's Mother-in-Law 4/28/2014: Watch: Living With Parkinson's 4/28/2014: Join us for the 2014 PBS Kids on tpt Writers Contest! 4/27/2014: New To tpt: Around The Farm Table 4/26/2014: The Secret to Retiree Happiness 4/25/2014: Meet Richard Leider at the SHIFT Forum at tpt 4/22/2014: Go Inside a Maximum Security Prison with Frontline 4/19/2014: Join Us At The St. Paul Art Crawl 4/18/2014: A Fierce Green Fire Explores the Environmental Movement 4/18/2014: What Is the Muscle Shoals Sound? 4/18/2014: What's next for Dr. Martin Ellingham? 4/17/2014: Malamanya Brings Salsa To The Lowertown Line! 4/16/2014: Abraham and Mary Lincoln: A House Divided 4/15/2014: A Capture Minnesota Update 4/14/2014: Muhammad Ali, Coming Soon To Independent Lens 4/13/2014: How Does Minnesota's Climate Affect Human Health? 4/11/2014: Relive Rock The Garden 2013 with MN Original 4/10/2014: Ken Burns Returns with The Address 4/10/2014: Independence To Inclusion 4/10/2014: Leave It To Beavers! 4/09/2014: Bletchley Circle's Codebreakers Are Back 4/09/2014: Change The Way You Think on Think Wednesday 4/08/2014: Who Are the Pioneers of Television? 4/05/2014: Nine Inch Nails on tpt 4/05/2014: On and Off the Court with the Medora Hornets 4/04/2014: Secrets of Selfridges 4/03/2014: Perfect Your Savory Staples with Essential Pepin 4/03/2014: What's a Bionic Pet? 4/02/2014: Spies Beneath Berlin 4/02/2014: Women of Soul visit the White House 4/02/2014: Your Inner Fish 4/02/2014: Are You MN Enough? Tackles Winter 4/01/2014: Celebrate the Earth with tpt 4/01/2014: Announcing A Brand New Channel 3/31/2014: Support tpt While You Shop Online! 3/31/2014: NEW: The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama 3/31/2014: Lidia Prepares Heart-Healthy & Heavenly Dishes 3/29/2014: Mr. Selfridge: Back In Business 3/28/2014: Call the Midwife Returns - Finally! 3/28/2014: Best Friends and Last Resorts 3/28/2014: Minnesota Chef Daniel Klein on tpt 3/27/2014: Enjoy a Classic: The French Lieutenant's Woman 3/26/2014: How Much Do You Know About Mount Rushmore? 3/20/2014: Masterpiece Mystery! Returns to tpt 3/20/2014: Redesigning MN: The New Normal 3/18/2014: Almanac To Broadcast LIVE From The Mayo Clinic 3/16/2014: Custer's Last Stand: American Experience 3/16/2014: Join Us For "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Day! 3/14/2014: A New Case Is Opened On Scott & Bailey 3/14/2014: What's On The Schedule For tpt Member Favorites? 3/13/2014: Prohibition: A Nation of Drunkards 3/13/2014: A Celtic Thunder Update For Our Viewers 3/12/2014: The Lowertown Line Announces April Live Tapings at tpt 3/12/2014: Join Great Performances for Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday Celebration 3/12/2014: Late Life: Redefining Care Premieres on tpt March 18th 3/11/2014: Visit Red Rocks with Brit Floyd 3/11/2014: Classical Rewind: My Music Presents 3/10/2014: Take A Trip To America's Wild West 3/08/2014: Why We're Here 3/08/2014: Titanic - Band of Courage 3/08/2014: Capture Minnesota Vol. III Deadline Extended! 3/07/2014: The Story Of a Photographer and "That Tree" 3/04/2014: Watch a Sneak Preview of Mr. Selfridge Season 2 3/04/2014: Don't miss Bob Dylan on Great Performances! 3/04/2014: Watch Three Episodes of EastEnders this Friday! 3/03/2014: Make the most of your next travel adventure with Rick Steves 3/01/2014: Celebrate Women's History Month with tpt! 2/28/2014: Suze Orman returns to tpt! 2/27/2014: Celtic Woman: Emerald 2/27/2014: Get Creative with Duct Tape and Win a Red Green Prize Pack! 2/26/2014: Balto - a Hero from Alaska 2/25/2014: Mister Rogers & You 2/25/2014: Have you seen Ireland's Wild River? 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11/19/2013: Introducing PBS on Apple TV 11/19/2013: Lincoln@Gettysburg 11/18/2013: Who was Lee Harvey Oswald? 11/18/2013: Watch Minnesota in the '70s 11/16/2013: Minnesota and The Civil War Showcase 11/16/2013: The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas! 11/14/2013: Sing along with Oklahoma! in London 11/14/2013: Join tpt for the Downton Abbey Season 4 Celebration 11/12/2013: NOVA: Cold Case JFK 11/12/2013: JFK: One PM Central Standard Time 11/12/2013: Watch JFK: Part One & Two 11/11/2013: Watch The Learning Course 11/10/2013: The Learning Course 11/09/2013: JFK: American Experience 11/07/2013: Great Performances: Stephen Sondheim & The NY Philharmonic 11/07/2013: The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler 11/07/2013: Give To The Max! 11/07/2013: NOVA's David Pogue visits Minnesota 11/06/2013: New Downton Abbey Preview: "Choices" 11/05/2013: African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross 11/05/2013: Preview & Discuss JFK at tpt this Thursday! 11/05/2013: 30 Days of Thanks 11/04/2013: American Masters: Jimi Hendrix 11/04/2013: JFK - a Homecoming 11/04/2013: Independent Lens: The Graduates 11/03/2013: Catch up on Downton Abbey Season 2 11/03/2013: Independent Lens: The Graduates Part 2 11/01/2013: Remembering Lou Reed 11/01/2013: Watch Make It Ok 10/31/2013: The San Francisco Opera Brings Us Moby Dick 10/30/2013: Brother Ali on The Lowertown Line 10/30/2013: NOVA: Making Stuff Colder 10/29/2013: Watch The Graduates Online 10/29/2013: African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross 10/28/2013: Mass Hysteria! War of the Worlds! 10/28/2013: Independent Lens: The Graduates 10/26/2013: Elton John in Concert 10/26/2013: David Garrett Live in Concert 10/26/2013: Downton Abbey Revisited 10/25/2013: Secrets of the Tower of London 10/24/2013: A Raisin in the Sun - Revisited 10/24/2013: American Experience: Grand Coulee Dam 10/23/2013: Are You MN Enough? 10/22/2013: Minnesota's new rock star: Legacy funding 10/22/2013: The Waiting Room Available Online 10/21/2013: The Waiting Room 10/21/2013: Frontline Examines Antimicrobial Resistance 10/21/2013: Planned Outage Tuesday, October 22nd 10/21/2013: African Americans: Many Rivers To Cross 10/20/2013: Thank You 10/19/2013: MNO returns this Sunday! 10/18/2013: Secrets of Henry VIII's Palace 10/18/2013: Redesigning MN - "Natural Legacy" premieres Friday, Oct. 18th 10/16/2013: Great Performances Celebrates 40 Years on PBS! 10/16/2013: What's In A Name? 10/15/2013: From Raw Materials To Big Rigs 10/14/2013: Go Back To College For Just One Day 10/13/2013: Superhero Fans Unite! 10/11/2013: To The Contrary Visits St. Paul 10/09/2013: Watch Frontline's League of Denial Online Now 10/08/2013: Frontline and tpt Tackle the Concussion Issue 10/08/2013: NOVA Revisits Hurricane Sandy 10/07/2013: Farm Fresh Road Trip Available Online 10/05/2013: Redesigning MN: Natural Legacy 10/04/2013: The Hollow Crown: Henry IV, Part 2 10/04/2013: Farm Fresh Road Trip 10/03/2013: Discover Downton Abbey Seasons 1 and 2 10/02/2013: Peg + Cat Premieres 10/02/2013: Kid's Programming To Change 10/01/2013: tpt Launches Sparticl 9/30/2013: Downton Abbey Season 4 9/30/2013: tpt Wins 11 Upper Midwest Emmy Awards! 9/29/2013: Don't Stop Believin' 9/27/2013: POV: The World Before Her 9/25/2013: Capture Minnesota Returns! 9/25/2013: Earthflight - Birds of South America 9/24/2013: Lowertown Line Is Back! 9/22/2013: Frontline: Life and Death in Assisted Living 9/22/2013: Latino Americans Series Continues 9/21/2013: Genealogy Roadshow Premieres 9/20/2013: Family Fun on the Farm 9/18/2013: Earthflight - Birds Over Europe 9/17/2013: Great Performances: The Hollow Crown 9/16/2013: National Constitution Day! 9/16/2013: tpt Turns 56! 9/14/2013: Latino Americans 9/14/2013: Egypt in Crisis 9/13/2013: Seisen! The Rise and Fall of the Japanese 1905-1945 9/13/2013: Chef's Life 9/12/2013: Masterpiece Mystery!: Foyle's War 9/12/2013: Constitution USA - in case you missed it the first time 9/12/2013: Last of the Summer Wine Takes a Break 9/11/2013: Strangers on a Train 9/11/2013: PBS NewsHour Weekend 9/11/2013: Emmy Nominee Profiles 9/10/2013: See President Obama's Address Live at 8pm 9/09/2013: Watch the Charlie Rose Interview With Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 9/07/2013: American Masters: Billie Jean King 9/07/2013: Is School Enough? 9/05/2013: Last Tango in Halifax 9/05/2013: Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm 9/05/2013: Great Performances at the Met: The Tempest 9/04/2013: PBS NewsHour Weekend 9/03/2013: tpt wins Governor's Emmy 9/03/2013: 2013 tpt Emmy Nominations 9/01/2013: See the World From a Bird's Eye View 9/01/2013: Life in Cold Blood 8/30/2013: Modern Spies 8/28/2013: Downton Abbey Revisited 8/26/2013: National Parks: America's Best Idea 8/24/2013: Divine Women 8/24/2013: The March 8/23/2013: Extraordinary Women: Josephine Baker 8/22/2013: The State Fair Through Your Eyes: Capture Minnesota Photo Contest 8/22/2013: Taking Silk - Masterpiece Mystery! 8/22/2013: As State Fair Starts, Look Back At History Of African Americans' Role 8/19/2013: America's Best Idea 8/18/2013: Strong Stuff! 8/18/2013: Masterpiece Classic: Return to Cranford 8/17/2013: Life of Muhammad 8/16/2013: Produced by George Martin 8/15/2013: Honoring Choices 8/15/2013: I'm Carolyn Parker: The Good, the Mad, and the Beautiful 8/14/2013: Doc Martin: Of All the Harbors In All the Towns 8/12/2013: Now Serving: Baking, Blue Ribbons and Betty 8/09/2013: A Salute to Vienna 8/09/2013: Minneapolis Past 8/09/2013: PBS KIDS ON tpt at the Minnesota State Fair 8/08/2013: Savor Great Moments From Downton Abbey's First Two Seasons 8/08/2013: Green Fire: Aldo Leopold and a Land Ethic for our Time 8/06/2013: Sarah Brightman: Dreamchaser in Concert 8/06/2013: EastEnders Marathon! 8/05/2013: Meet The Fresh-Faced Italian Vocal Group Il Volo 8/04/2013: Elvis, Aloha From Hawaii 8/04/2013: Fab Four: The Ultimate Beatles Tribute 8/02/2013: Portrait Of A Ukulele Artist As A Young Man 8/01/2013: Nourish Hope: Progress Starts With Food 8/01/2013: Hugh Laurie: Live on the Queen Mary 8/01/2013: Gloria Estefan performs The Standards 7/31/2013: Josh Groban: All That Echoes 7/31/2013: Travel To New Musical Worlds With Sarah Brightman 7/31/2013: Groove to the Music of the Greatest Girl Groups and Singers of the 1960s 7/30/2013: Changes to tpt WX - User Feedback Survey 7/29/2013: Dickens' Unfinished Novel Becomes Masterpiece Classic 7/29/2013: Battle of Britain: The Real Story 7/29/2013: Blitz: London's Longest Night 7/27/2013: Ruth And Billy Graham: What Grace Provides 7/26/2013: Travel America's First Transcontinental Highway 7/25/2013: Revisit The Efforts To Save The Ojibwe Language 7/23/2013: Sign Up For The tpt eNews 7/22/2013: The Role Of Air Photo Intelligence In World War II 7/20/2013: Review The Life Of The Buddha 7/20/2013: Uncover The Mystery Surrounding One of Archaeology's Most Amazing Finds 7/19/2013: EDTalks: A New Way to Get Engaged on Education Issues 7/18/2013: The New Abnormal: Global Uncertainty 7/18/2013: Truth And Fiction Collide At Famed Setting Of Downton Abbey 7/16/2013: Redesigning MN: Prescription for Health 7/16/2013: Why We're Here 7/15/2013: Charles Dickens' Tale Of Rags To Riches To Self-Knowledge 7/14/2013: Uncover The Engineering Secrets Of World War II 7/12/2013: Examine Forensic Science In The Courtroom 7/11/2013: Building The Dream House Of A Prisoner In Solitary Confinement 7/10/2013: Award-Winning Doc Offers Unique Look Detroit's Troubled Times 7/10/2013: The Doctor Is (Back) In! 7/09/2013: Lewis & Clark: The Journey Of The Corps Of Discovery 7/07/2013: Separate Myth from Reality In The Life and Death Of King Tut 7/06/2013: Frontline: Two American Families 7/04/2013: The Cleveland Orchestra in Performance: Boulez Conducts Mahler 7/04/2013: Take A Tour Of Althorp, Home To Princess Diana 7/03/2013: Before Inspector Morse, There Was Endeavour Morse 7/03/2013: Live From The Artists Den: Mumford & Sons 6/30/2013: A Fourth Of July Tradition: A Capitol Fourth 6/29/2013: Revisit The Creation Of The Statue Of Liberty 6/29/2013: The Bizarre Story Of The Faces In The Cliff 6/28/2013: tpt LIFE In High Defintion For Comcast Customers! 6/28/2013: Re-Broadcasting EastEnders Episodes Due To Power Outage 6/27/2013: An Up-Close Look At Undertaking In The African-American Community 6/27/2013: Preview The Season Finale Of Inspector Lewis 6/26/2013: Explore The Secrets Of Three Iconic English Homes 6/24/2013: Run With The Bulls In Pamplona From Your Seat At Home 6/22/2013: Henry Ford: Farm Boy Turns Into Influential American Innovator 6/22/2013: The Hidden Story Of Rape On The Job In America 6/21/2013: Take A Trip Along Iconic Highway 61 6/21/2013: Heroin At Home Programs Now Available Online 6/20/2013: The Riots That Sparked The Gay Rights Movement 6/19/2013: Capture Minnesota Book Leaps Off Pages Onto Your TV 6/18/2013: Watch and Participate in Heroin at Home: A Community Discussion Tonight 6/18/2013: tpt To Be Off-Air Wednesday Morning For Tower Maintenance 6/17/2013: Masterpiece Classic: Small Island Part 2 6/16/2013: The Retirement Gamble: Why You Can't Afford To Retire 6/15/2013: World's First Billionaire & Most Hated Man In America 6/13/2013: Join The Discussion On Heroin Use In Minnesota 6/13/2013: The Riots That Sparked The Gay Rights Movement 6/12/2013: Inspector Lewis Returns For A Sixth Season 6/12/2013: Ellen DeGeneres Celebrated in the Mark Twain Prize 6/10/2013: Masterpiece Classic: Small Island 6/07/2013: Join PBS KIDS on tpt In The Community This Summer 6/06/2013: Take A Tour Of The Largest Urban Sculpture Garden 6/05/2013: Get Tickets To Great Shows While Also Supporting tpt 6/04/2013: Celebrate The Fascinating Secrets, Stories Along Highway 61 6/02/2013: Documentary Captures Same-Sex Marriage Issue In America 6/01/2013: The Tenors: Lead With Your Heart 5/31/2013: Broadway Musicals: A Jewish Legacy 5/29/2013: Revive Fond Memories In Lost Twin Cities III 5/29/2013: Watch CONSTITUTION USA Online Now 5/27/2013: An Odyssey Through Pakistan's Flawed Justice System 5/27/2013: Tracking Down The Men Behind The Boston Marathon Bombings 5/27/2013: New NOVA Airs In Wake Of Oklahoma Tornado 5/27/2013: Come To The tpt Volunteer Open House 5/24/2013: The Last American Pioneers In The Alaskan Frontier 5/24/2013: Local Chefs Announced for Now Serving Cooking Competition 5/24/2013: Minnesota's Rich Asian Cuisine: Sneak Peek into 'Asian Flavors' 5/23/2013: Treasures Collected, Treasures Shared 5/23/2013: Catch The Re-Broadcast Of 'Mel Brooks: Make A Noise' 5/23/2013: Take A Tour Of The Largest Urban Sculpture Garden 5/22/2013: National Memorial Day Concert Live on tpt Sunday Night 5/22/2013: Get A Taste Of 'Asian Flavors' 5/22/2013: Watch CONSTITUTION USA Online Now, Preview Next Episode 5/22/2013: NOVA Airing Program In Response To Oklahoma Tornado 5/20/2013: Follow Two Rare White Lion Cubs On Their Journey To Adulthood 5/19/2013: Are Wall Street Executives 'Too Big To Jail'? 5/18/2013: The Ghost Army: Tricking The Enemy With Illusions 5/18/2013: Red, White & Brew: Let's Drink to the Constitution! 5/16/2013: Mel Brooks: Larger-Than-Life, Yet Very Private Comedy Giant 5/15/2013: The History Of Minnesota's Extreme Weather 5/15/2013: Season Finales Of Your Favorite Sunday Dramas 5/15/2013: Watch CONSTITUTION USA Online Now, Preview Next Episode 5/13/2013: Cavemen Cold Case 5/10/2013: Poignant, Painful Recollections From Child Holocaust Survivors 5/09/2013: 10 Buildings That Changed America, Including One In Minnesota 5/09/2013: Oscar-Nominated Documentary 'The Invisible War' Comes To tpt 5/08/2013: Watch CONSTITUTION USA Online Now, Preview Next Episode 5/06/2013: Searching For The Wreck Of The Nautilus 5/05/2013: Enter The Private Life of Deer 5/04/2013: TED Talks First-Ever Television Special 5/02/2013: Independent Lens: The Undocumented 5/02/2013: Preview The Thrilling Conclusion To The Bletchley Circle 5/01/2013: The First Film Biography Of Acclaimed Novelist Philip Roth 5/01/2013: May Is Minnesota Museums Month 5/01/2013: tpt-Produced SciGirls Nominated For 3 Daytime Emmy Awards 4/29/2013: Nature: Legendary White Stallions 4/27/2013: Frontline: Top Secret America: 9/11 to the Boston Bombings 4/25/2013: Story Of Two Men Behind Greatest Intellectual Feats Of WWII 4/24/2013: Red, White & Brew: Let's Drink to the Constitution! 4/23/2013: Birdmen: The Original Dream of Flight 4/23/2013: Breathing New Life Into The Traditional Civics Lesson 4/23/2013: tpt MN Hosts Event Celebrating 10 Years Of Partnerships 4/22/2013: Get Free Tickets To The Lowertown Line Featuring Brother Ali 4/22/2013: Capture Minnesota II Book, Winners Revealed At Party 4/21/2013: The Worst Man-Made Ecological Disaster In American History 4/20/2013: Why You Can't Afford To Retire 4/18/2013: Catch The Re-Broadcast Of 'The Central Park Five' 4/17/2013: New Murder Mystery 'The Bletchley Circle' Comes To Sunday Nights 4/17/2013: From Farm To Table: The Local Food Movement 4/17/2013: The Evolution And Legacy Of Wonder Woman 4/15/2013: Enter The Strange World Of The Human Stomach 4/15/2013: In Performance At The White House: Memphis Soul 4/14/2013: Chat With Medical Experts About Organ Tranplants 4/13/2013: Ken Burns' The Central Park Five 4/13/2013: Special Online Screening, Live Chat Of Capture Minnesota 4/12/2013: Market Warriors Is Back In Minnesota! 4/12/2013: Is America Failing In The War On Drugs? 4/12/2013: Austin City Limits: Bon Iver 4/11/2013: In Honor Of Earth Day 4/10/2013: Josh Groban: All That Echoes 4/10/2013: tpt LIFE Off- Air Early Thursday For Maintenance 4/09/2013: Warriors: Napoleon 4/08/2013: What Can Australia Tell Us About The Origins Of Earth? 4/08/2013: The Truth About Exercise With Michael Mosley 4/06/2013: Neighbor Against Neighbor Along Syria's Front Line 4/05/2013: Did You Miss 'Kind Hearted Woman'? We're Re-Broadcasting It! 4/04/2013: Exposing Our Nation's Food Industry 4/04/2013: April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month 4/04/2013: tpt MN Documentary Screening At MSP Int'l Film Festival This Sunday 4/02/2013: Redesigning MN: Educating The Workforce 4/01/2013: Is This Lump Of Metal The First Computer? 4/01/2013: Congratulations To tpt MN For 10 Years Of Serving Minnesota 3/31/2013: Eat, Fast And Live Longer With Michael Mosley 3/30/2013: Mr. Selfridge Premiere, Twitter Event & Live Chat! 3/29/2013: Plants Lead Anything But Solitary Lives 3/29/2013: Watch MNO's Rock The Garden Episode Before It Airs! 3/28/2013: A Woman's Journey Of Discovery, Heartbreak And Redemption 3/27/2013: The Midwives Are Back! 3/27/2013: Online Premiere Of MNO's Rock The Garden Episode 3/26/2013: Bring The Whole Family To The tpt Open House! 3/25/2013: Escape From Iran: The Hollywood Option 3/25/2013: Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Mr. Selfridge 3/24/2013: Investigating The Fireball From Space That Hit Russia 3/21/2013: Kristin Chenoweth: The Dames of Broadway ... All of 'Em!!! 3/21/2013: Star-Crossed Lovers Meet For Lunch 3/20/2013: 'Girl Model' Lifts Veil On International Modeling Industry 3/20/2013: 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School 3/20/2013: MN Channel Celebrates 10 Years of Impactful Programming 3/19/2013: Lonely And Almost Extinct 3/17/2013: Is There Such A Thing as 'Affordable Housing'? 3/16/2013: How The Civil War Changed The Nation's Outlook On Death 3/15/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/15/2013: Mary Lahammer Honored With '40 Under 40' 3/14/2013: Creative Aging With Clay 3/14/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/13/2013: In Honor of Women's History Month 3/13/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/12/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/11/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/11/2013: Read Across America All Month Long! 3/11/2013: Rick Steves' Europe Travel Skills 3/10/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/09/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/09/2013: Joan Baez: How Sweet The Sound 3/08/2013: Compelling Stories From Women Who Make America 3/08/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/08/2013: March Is Food Donation Month 3/07/2013: Legendary Singer Aaron Neville Performs Doo-Wop Inspired Album 3/07/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/06/2013: Countdown: 10 Things You Probably Don't Know About tpt 3/05/2013: Get Tickets To Great Shows While Also Supporting tpt 3/05/2013: Get Tickets To Private Reception With Daniel O'Donnell 3/04/2013: How Does The Constitution Work? How Doesn't It Work? 3/03/2013: Love Songs From Your Favorite Tenor Andrea Bocelli 3/03/2013: A Mann For All Seasons 3/01/2013: University Ave: One Street, 1000 Dreams 3/01/2013: Examining Minnesota's Extreme Weather 2/27/2013: Blues Rock Guitarist & Singer Joe Bonamassa In Concert 2/27/2013: Growing Up On A Farm 2/27/2013: APTS Recognizes tpt For The Minnesota Channel 2/26/2013: Battle For The Elephants 2/25/2013: Got A Question? Chat With Us Live! 2/25/2013: tpt To Be Off-Air Thursday Night For Tower Maintenance 2/23/2013: MAKERS: Women Who Make America 2/23/2013: Sister Rosetta Tharpe: The Godmother of Rock & Roll 2/22/2013: Do You 'Like' Us On Facebook? 2/22/2013: Market Warriors' Pickers Toy Around In Minnesota 2/22/2013: 'Slavery by Another Name' Heading To Nation's Public Libraries 2/21/2013: Sharing Insights To Get A Handle On Diabetes 2/21/2013: Masterpiece Contemporary: Page Eight 2/18/2013: Miss The Latest Downton Abbey Episode? Watch It Online! 2/18/2013: 'The Path To Violence' Examines Ways To Prevent School Shootings 2/16/2013: PBS 'After Newtown' Specials 2/15/2013: 'Slavery by Another Name' Airing During Black History Month 2/15/2013: Calling All Minnesota Youth Photographers! 2/15/2013: Top Ten Reasons To Watch The Downton Abbey Season Finale 2/14/2013: Get To Know The King Of Late Night 2/14/2013: Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale This Sunday 2/13/2013: Show Your Love With 'Downton Abbey' Valentine's 2/11/2013: Get Tickets To Billy McLaughlin Live At The O'Shaughnessy 2/11/2013: Nature Captures The Thrill Of The Hunt 2/11/2013: Witness A New Space-Based Vision Of Our Planet 2/09/2013: Will We Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff? 2/08/2013: Saving The Ojibwe Language 2/07/2013: King George and Queen Mary: The Royals Who Rescued the Monarchy 2/06/2013: tpt Commemorates Black History Month On-Air, Online 2/05/2013: Rebuilding Egypt's Secret Weapon 2/05/2013: Attenborough Reflects On Our Fragile Planet 2/05/2013: Live Coverage Of Gov. Dayton's State Of The State Speech 2/02/2013: Explore The Top-Rated Programs In Television History 2/01/2013: Learn The Inspirational Story of Columbia Astronaut Ilan Ramon 2/01/2013: An Absorbing Look At The Early Mavericks Of Silicon Valley 1/30/2013: FMSC, tpt MN Partner For Documentary On Hunger 1/27/2013: NOVA Asks Who Killed Lindbergh's Baby? 1/27/2013: Enter tpt's Downton Abbey DVD Giveaway Sweepstakes 1/27/2013: Henry Ford: Farm Boy Turns Into Influential American Innovator 1/26/2013: Superheroes Of The Small Screen 1/26/2013: The Battle For What's In Your Child's Textbook 1/25/2013: Sneak Peek At Upcoming tpt Doc About The Constitution 1/24/2013: An Extraordinary Evening With Chef Lidia 1/23/2013: The Stories Behind Shakespeare's Plays 1/22/2013: The Great 2012 Sustainer Challenge Update 1/22/2013: PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest Kicks Off This Saturday 1/21/2013: Attenborough's Life Stories 1/21/2013: Miss The Latest Downton Abbey Episode? 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'Great Expectations' Premieres Sunday 3/30/2012: Coming Up On This Week's All-New 'MN Original' 3/30/2012: A Bold New Vision for Public Media 3/30/2012: SciGirls Science Editor Honored For Her Work In Chemistry 3/29/2012: PBS Programs Commemorate 100th Anniversary Titanic Disaster 3/27/2012: NOVA Looks Into Cracking Your Genetic Code 3/27/2012: 'Slavery By Another Name' To Be Screened At United Nations 3/27/2012: tpt Employees Participate In Overnight Website Challenge 3/27/2012: Cheeky Parody Of Hit Show 'Downton Abbey' 3/26/2012: FRONTLINE Tells Story Of Rupert Murdoch Scandal 3/26/2012: Photographer Talks About Being Selected For Capture MN Book 3/24/2012: High Schoolers Make Doc About Alum Cathy Wurzer 3/24/2012: Farm To School: Working Together For Healthy Kids 3/24/2012: Explore Genealogy In 'Finding Your Roots' 3/23/2012: MN Original Returns With A New Episode This Sunday 3/23/2012: Another Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia Question 3/22/2012: tpt Producer Prepares For Trip To Afghanistan 3/21/2012: Meet The Cat In The Hat And Celebrate Seuss This Saturday 3/20/2012: Premiering Tonight: 'Transplant: A Gift For Life' 3/20/2012: 2 BBC Comedies Debut On tpt 3/19/2012: Continuing Coverage Of Minnesota's Legislative Session 3/17/2012: Order Your Capture Minnesota Book Today 3/16/2012: How Bad Are Things At The Capitol -- Structurally? 3/16/2012: Celtic Thunder Makes Video Of Visit To tpt 3/16/2012: A Weekend To Enjoy Viewer Favorites 3/14/2012: A Night Of Musical Theater Favorites With Idina Menzel 3/12/2012: Share Your Story - Join The Public Insight Network 3/12/2012: Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Wildly Popular 'Downton Abbey' 3/12/2012: tpt Premiering Documentary About Organ Transplant 3/10/2012: Get 'Lost' This Weekend With The 'Lost Twin Cities' Marathon 3/09/2012: Minnesota Delegation Hotdish Cook-Off; Get Your Hotdish Cookbook! 3/09/2012: Italian Teen Vocal Group Il Volo Takes Flight 3/09/2012: Another Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia Question 3/07/2012: Get Tickets To Great Shows While Also Supporting tpt 3/07/2012: Superstar Tenor Andrea Bocelli Performs In Central Park 3/06/2012: Special PBS Newshour Coverage For Super Tuesday 3/05/2012: Check Out tpt's Schedule, Highlights On The Go! 3/05/2012: Capturing The Dream Of Living 'Alone in the Wilderness' 3/03/2012: Programming Highlights For The Month Of March 3/03/2012: Preview 'Great Performances: The Phantom of the Opera' 3/02/2012: tpt Cooks: Hotdish! Tonight Plus A Recipe To Enjoy 3/02/2012: Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia #1 3/02/2012: Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia #2 3/02/2012: Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia #3 3/02/2012: Celebration Of Reading Dr. Seuss Trivia #4 3/02/2012: Share Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Book For An All-Star Prize! 3/01/2012: tpt Staff Show Off Their Dr. Seuss Favorites 2/29/2012: 'Chased By The Light' Documentary, Exhibit At Bell Museum 2/29/2012: MN Original Brings The Funk With fDeluxe 2/29/2012: Kicking Off Celebration Of Reading With An All-Star! 2/28/2012: Celebrate Reading With Cat In The Hat-A-Thon 2/26/2012: Answering Questions About 'The Amish' 2/25/2012: Watch 'Slavery By Another Name' Online Now 2/24/2012: Preview 'Red, White And Blues' With President Obama Singing 2/22/2012: Miss 'Downton Abbey' Already? 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Watch Online! 2/13/2012: Extras To Learn More About 'Slavery By Another Name' 2/11/2012: Looking Back At The Black Power Movement 2/11/2012: MPR Interview About 'Slavery By Another Name' 2/10/2012: This Week's 'MN Original' Features Costume Designer Mathew LeFebvre 2/10/2012: 'Homes For All' Preview And Premiere 2/10/2012: Saying 'I Love You' With A Free 'Downton Abbey' Valentine 2/09/2012: Preview Screening Of 'Slavery By Another Name' 2/08/2012: Inspiration For The Drama Of 'Downton Abbey' 2/07/2012: How tpt Uses Legacy Amendment Funds 2/07/2012: Raccoon Nation: Can We Outwit These Animals? 2/06/2012: Expansive Lineup Of Programs For Black History Month 2/04/2012: Giving Minnesota Filmmakers An Outlet For Their Work 2/03/2012: Where Do They Film 'Downton Abbey'? 2/03/2012: 'The Big Game' Vs. 'Downton Abbey' -- Who Wins? 2/02/2012: 'Live From The Artists Den' Kicks Off With Adele 2/01/2012: Wolverine: Chasing The Phantom 1/31/2012: Downton Abbey's New Cast Member: Shirley MacLaine 1/31/2012: Special PBS Newshour Tonight On Florida Primary 1/31/2012: Slavery by Another Name: The Minneapolis Connection 1/30/2012: tpt Chosen as One of Localore 10! 1/30/2012: tpt Toasts the SciGirls at Special Emmy Ceremony 1/28/2012: Dowager Countess Violet Says The Darndest Things 1/28/2012: Behind-The-Scenes Look at 'Slavery By Another Name' 1/27/2012: This Week's 'MN Original' Features Mason Jennings, Arms and Armor 1/27/2012: Twitter Mad Libs at Social Media Breakfast 1/26/2012: Great Performances: Tony Bennett: Duets II 1/26/2012: Top Ten Reasons To Watch 'Downton Abbey' On tpt 1/26/2012: Sundance Premiere For 'Slavery By Another Name' 1/25/2012: Programming Note: Doc Martin 1/24/2012: It's that time again: Live MN Legislative Coverage 1/24/2012: "Heavy Buzz" for Slavery By Another Name at Sundance 1/23/2012: American Experience: Wyatt Earp 1/23/2012: State of the Union Coverage Live 1/22/2012: 'American Masters' Returns With Profile Of Phil Ochs 1/21/2012: Preview 'Secrets of the Manor House' 1/20/2012: Arcade Fire This Week On 'Austin City Limits' 1/20/2012: And the Winner of the Antiques Roadshow Poster Is... 1/19/2012: Don't Miss the Downton Abbey Viewing Party! 1/19/2012: Preview This Week's 'MN Original' Featuring Romantica, Myron Johnson 1/19/2012: Jon Hamm, Jennifer Westfeldt To Guest Star On 'Martha Speaks' 1/18/2012: Dissecting Giants Of Nature 1/18/2012: Tale Of A Tiger's Last Journey 1/18/2012: Scene From Next Episode Of 'Downton Abbey' 1/17/2012: 'Home For Heroes' Producer On Minnesota Military Radio Hour 1/17/2012: Almanac's David Gillette Attempts 'Crashed Ice' Course 1/16/2012: 1960 Program Featuring Dr. Martin Luther King 1/16/2012: Watch The Latest Downton Abbey Episode 1/16/2012: General Custer: From Triumph To Disaster 1/15/2012: Programming Note: Great Performances 1/15/2012: 'Downton Abbey' Up For 4 Golden Globes 1/14/2012: Martin Luther King Day Breakfast 1/14/2012: Concussions And Female Athletes 1/14/2012: Enjoy 'Downton Abbey'? Watch 'Upstairs, Downstairs' 1/14/2012: Web Extra Video From This Week's MN Original 1/13/2012: 'Home For Heroes' Producer To Be On 'Minnesota Military Radio Hour' 1/13/2012: Behind The Scenes At Austin City Limits 1/12/2012: Story From Minneapolis On Upcoming 'Need To Know' 1/12/2012: Rare, Unseen Footage Of World War II 1/12/2012: Bill Moyers Is Back With 'Moyers & Company' 1/11/2012: Invasion Of Street-Smart Kangaroos 1/11/2012: A Cowboy's Journey To The White House 1/11/2012: tpt hosts "Social Media Breakfast" 1/11/2012: Watch PBS Newshour New Hampshire Primary Coverage 1/10/2012: Billy The Kid: The Man, The Myth 1/10/2012: Tonight: PBS Newshour Special On New Hampshire Primary 1/09/2012: Antique Roadshow: Treasures In Tulsa 1/09/2012: First Speakers Emmy Award On Tour 1/09/2012: Watch The Downton Abbey Season 2 Premiere Now! 1/08/2012: Programming Note: Ebert On Hiatus; Watch Priceless Antique Roadshow 1/08/2012: Fun Extras For Downton Abbey Season 2 Premiere 1/08/2012: MN Channel: Succeeding In Math & Science 1/07/2012: The Big Show: The Thomas Crown Affair 1/06/2012: Great Performances: Celebrating Gershwin 1/06/2012: Tonight On Almanac: Caucus, Warm Weather, Blues 1/06/2012: Ellen Pence, 1948-2012 1/06/2012: Buzz About New tpt-Produced Documentary 1/05/2012: Downton Abbey Extras 1/05/2012: This Old House: Back To Bedford 1/04/2012: Doc Martin Returns 1/04/2012: Chronicle of a Pop-Up Channel: We Built It, You Watched It 1/04/2012: Coming Up: Cross-Country Competition Series "Market Wars" 1/03/2012: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey Season 2 1/03/2012: Tonight: Iowa Caucuses: A PBS Newshour Special Report 1/01/2012: Great Performances: From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2012 12/31/2011: Live From Lincoln Center 12/30/2011: Coldplay New Year's Eve: An Austin City Limits Special 12/29/2011: WWII in HD Colour: The Mediterranean and North Africa 12/27/2011: tpt's Holiday Music Celebration 12/27/2011: Consider a Year-End Gift 12/26/2011: POV: Food, Inc. 12/24/2011: St. Thomas Christmas 12/22/2011: Globe Trekker 12/22/2011: Premiering: tpt Documentary on End-of-Life Medical Care 12/21/2011: tpt's Holiday Music Celebration 12/21/2011: Nature: Christmas in Yellowstone 12/21/2011: NOVA: What Darwin Never Knew 12/20/2011: Christmas at St. Olaf 12/18/2011: Independent Lens: Lives Worth Living 12/17/2011: Coming Soon: Downton Abbey Season 2! 12/17/2011: The Bad Plus + Low: A Minnesota Original Special 12/16/2011: tpt steps up to transform public media 12/15/2011: 60s Rock, Pop, Soul (My Music) 12/15/2011: Win Free Passes to Waterpark of America! 12/14/2011: Live From Lincoln Center 12/13/2011: Lost Twin Cities III 12/12/2011: MN Original: A Grittier Look for The Guthrie's A Christmas Carol 12/12/2011: Doctor in the Mirror with Dr. Reed Tuckson 12/10/2011: Bob Ross: The Happy Painter 12/09/2011: Tonight: An EastEnders Marathon! 12/08/2011: Human Nature Sings Motown with Special Guest Smokey Robinson 12/07/2011: Gracious Spaces: Clarence H. Johnston, Minnesota Architect 12/06/2011: Lost Twin Cities III: The Premiere! 12/06/2011: Victor Borge: Comedy in Music! 12/05/2011: Celtic Woman: Believe 12/05/2011: The Vikings Stadium Hearing, Live Streaming 12/04/2011: Buddy Holly: Listen to Me 12/04/2011: Santana - Live at Montreux 2011 12/03/2011: Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure 12/02/2011: PBS Arts from New York: Great Performances Andrea Bocelli Live in Central Park 12/02/2011: Paul Simon Live at Webster Hall 12/02/2011: Slavery by Another Name to Screen at Sundance 2012 12/02/2011: Who moved my show? 12/01/2011: Lennon Sisters: same Song, Separate Voices 11/30/2011: Farmhouses in the Heartland: Death of the Dream 11/30/2011: Nature: Why We Love Cats and Dogs 11/28/2011: Submit Your Photo of the First Snow! 11/28/2011: What's Wrong With tpt Life? 11/26/2011: The Vikings Stadium Hearing, Tonight at 7pm on tpt2 11/22/2011: A Perfect Terrorist 11/22/2011: Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie 11/22/2011: A Curious George Holiday Spectacular! 11/21/2011: The MNO Music You Love, Now Streaming 11/19/2011: The Big Show: Four Weddings and a Funeral 11/18/2011: Women Who Rock 11/18/2011: Almanac Needs YOU! Take Our Survey 11/17/2011: "A date that will live in infamy" 11/17/2011: The Doors Sing Reading Rainbow! 11/16/2011: It's Give To The Max Day! 11/15/2011: Take Your Corn Casserole to Another Level! 11/15/2011: Nazi Hunt: Elusive Justice 11/14/2011: NOVA 11/13/2011: Women, War & Peace 11/13/2011: America in Primetime 11/12/2011: Himalaya with Michael Palin 11/12/2011: Hockey night! 11/12/2011: Emmy Winner First Speakers: Restoring The Ojibwe Language 11/11/2011: PBS Arts | Bill T. Jones: A Good Man 11/10/2011: Take your best shot 11/10/2011: World War II in HD Colour 11/10/2011: To-Die-For Cheese Tomato Pie 11/09/2011: Nature 11/08/2011: Minnesota Original 11/08/2011: Alone in The Wilderness, Part 2 11/06/2011: Minnesota Original 11/06/2011: Masterpiece | Page Eight 11/05/2011: PBS Arts Fall Festival 11/05/2011: The Mark Twain Prize | Will Ferrell 11/04/2011: NewsHour 11/03/2011: This Old House 11/03/2011: tpt Cooks Wants Your Hot Dish Recipe 11/02/2011: Nature 11/01/2011: Frontline | The Anthrax Files 11/01/2011: Steve Jobs: One Last Thing 10/30/2011: tpt Programming Alert 10/30/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 10/29/2011: The Big Show 10/29/2011: You Must Remember This 10/28/2011: PBS Arts | Miami City Ballet 10/28/2011: Honoring Choices 10/27/2011: Doc Martin 10/26/2011: Nature | Giant Pythons 10/26/2011: NOVA 10/25/2011: Slavery by Another Name 10/22/2011: Live at The Troubadour 10/22/2011: Daniel O'Donnell 10/22/2011: Death of the Dream 10/20/2011: Martin Clunes 10/20/2011: Gadhafi Killed in Sirte 10/19/2011: Nova | Finding Life Beyond Earth 10/19/2011: Nature 10/18/2011: Frontline | Lost in Detention 10/17/2011: American Masters | Carol Burnett 10/16/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 10/16/2011: Almanac Poll | Have your say! 10/14/2011: H.M.S. Pinafore Debuts Tonight! 10/14/2011: Washington Week 10/12/2011: Nature 10/11/2011: Arthur 10/10/2011: War of 1812 10/10/2011: Professor Judith Martin, 1948-2011 10/07/2011: Minnesota Original debuts Sunday! 10/07/2011: American Masters 10/07/2011: "Almanac Labs" 10/06/2011: Martin Clunes: Horse Power 10/06/2011: Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 10/05/2011: Concussions and Female Athletes 10/04/2011: Prohibition | A Nation of Hypocrites 10/04/2011: Dr. Peter Benson, 1946-2011 10/03/2011: Martha Speaks 10/03/2011: Prohibition | A Nation of Scofflaws 10/02/2011: POV: Last Train Home 10/01/2011: Ken Burns' Prohibition debuts Sunday! 9/30/2011: Ken Burns' Prohibition 9/30/2011: Great Performances 9/29/2011: Bookmark alert! 9/29/2011: Must-see TV 9/28/2011: tpt to air Wangari Maathai film 9/28/2011: NOVA Special Presentation 9/28/2011: NOVA: Japan's Killer Quake 9/27/2011: Clarence Johnston: Debuts tonight! 9/27/2011: Congratulations! 9/27/2011: Frontline: The Man Behind the Mosque 9/26/2011: Seabiscuit 9/26/2011: Viewer Q&A: Catholicism 9/25/2011: POV: The Learning 9/24/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 9/24/2011: American Masters: Lennon NYC 9/23/2011: Great Performances: Placido Domingo 9/21/2011: Opening night! 9/20/2011: Frontline: The Wounded Platoon 9/20/2011: Mystery of Chaco Canyon 9/19/2011: Antiques Roadshow: Jackpot! 9/19/2011: American Experience: Polio Crusade 9/18/2011: Tavis Smiley Reports: Too Important to Fail 9/18/2011: Film Development 9/17/2011: This Old House 9/16/2011: American Masters: A Letter To Elia 9/14/2011: Rainn Wilson to host tpt's Fall Arts 9/14/2011: NOVA: Smartest Machine on Earth 9/13/2011: Frontline: The Interrogator 9/12/2011: Super Why! welcomes ... 9/10/2011: The Big Show: Fiddler On The Roof 9/08/2011: Remembering 9/11 9/08/2011: A Concert for New York 9/07/2011: NOVA: Engineering Ground Zero 9/07/2011: Frontline: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero 9/07/2011: NewsHour: What will Ground Zero look like? 9/06/2011: FRONTLINE: Top Secret America 9/06/2011: History Detectives 9/06/2011: POV: Better This World 9/05/2011: Ride Along the Lincoln Highway 9/03/2011: POV: Armadillo 9/02/2011: Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis 9/02/2011: If it's Friday ... 9/02/2011: tpt KIDS Programming Alert! 9/01/2011: Doc Martin double-play 8/31/2011: NOVA: Becoming Human 8/30/2011: Frontline: The Man Who Knew 8/30/2011: History Detectives' local connection! 8/29/2011: Hoover Dam: American Experience 8/28/2011: Masterpiece Mystery!: Inspector Lewis 8/27/2011: Steam of Life 8/26/2011: Honoring Choices 8/26/2011: Almanac & Minnesota Cooks: At the State Fair 8/24/2011: NOVA: Hunting the Hidden Dimension 8/24/2011: Quake shakes East Coast 8/23/2011: Frontline: Football High 8/23/2011: Secrets of the Dead 8/23/2011: Dinosaur Big City: tpt Event a Hit 8/22/2011: Antiques Roadshow: Hartford 8/22/2011: Unusual Buildings & Other Roadside Stuff 8/22/2011: 2011 Upper Midwest Emmy Nominees 8/21/2011: Lost Twin Cities II 8/20/2011: Simon and Garfunkel: Songs of America 8/19/2011: John Sebastian Presents: Folk Rewind 8/18/2011: NewsHour: Americans Facing More Trouble? 8/17/2011: Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert 8/16/2011: Ed Sullivan Comedy Special 8/15/2011: America Remembers 9/11 8/13/2011: Great Performances: Jackie Evancho 8/13/2011: Eat and Cook Healthy! With Dr. John LaPuma 8/12/2011: PBS NewsHour:
Computer Trades Behind Market Swings?
8/12/2011: Frank Sinatra Concert for the Americas 8/12/2011: Michael Feinstein: Sinatra Legacy 8/10/2011: Andre Rieu: Live in Vienna 8/09/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class 8/08/2011: Barbra Streisand: One Night Only
at The Village Vanguard
8/06/2011: Legends of Folk 8/04/2011: Minnesota Original:
Alec Soth, Joe Paquet, and punk rock
8/03/2011: NOVA: Rat Attack 8/03/2011: Nature: Black Mamba 8/02/2011: Bill Cosby: The Mark Twain Prize 8/02/2011: Mostly Mozart - Opening Night! 8/01/2011: NOVA: Arctic Dinosaurs 8/01/2011: Abraham and Mary Lincoln: Blind with Weeping 7/31/2011: Agatha Christie's Poirot 7/31/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 7/29/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 7/26/2011: History Detectives 7/26/2011: Secrets of the Dead: Supersub 7/25/2011: Abraham and Mary Lincoln, a House Divided 7/25/2011: President Obama Addresses the Nation 7/24/2011: POV: Biblioburro, The Donkey Library 7/24/2011: Nature: The Cheetah Orphans 7/23/2011: Make 'em Laugh! 7/23/2011: Tina Fey: The Mark Twain Prize 7/22/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! welcomes Aurelio Zen 7/22/2011: If it's Friday ... 7/21/2011: Minnesota Original: Kate Dicamillo, The Jayhawks 7/21/2011: Legacy Funding Approved 7/20/2011: Secrets of the Dead: Aztec Massacre 7/20/2011: NOVA: Great Inca Rebellion 7/20/2011: Resonance: The Odyssey of the Bells 7/19/2011: Britain's Royal Weddings 7/19/2011: Frontline: Kill/Capture 7/19/2011: Special Session 7/18/2011: Abraham and Mary Lincoln, a House Divided 7/17/2011: POV: Enemies of the People 7/15/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! welcomes Aurelio Zen 7/15/2011: Local blogger takes her family outside 7/15/2011: Help make TV magic! 7/15/2011: Send in a question for Rainn Wilson! 7/13/2011: NOVA: Kings of Camouflage 7/13/2011: Glacier Park's Night of the Grizzlies 7/12/2011: Frontline: The Confessions 7/11/2011: Abraham and Mary Lincoln, a House Divided 7/11/2011: WordGirl Library Week! 7/11/2011: Road to Success! 7/10/2011: POV: Sweetgrass 7/09/2011: Pioneers of Television 7/09/2011: Welcome Antiques Roadshow to #tptroadshow! 7/09/2011: American Family: Anniversary Edition 7/08/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple 7/08/2011: Antiques Roadshow comes to the Twin Cities 7/07/2011: GlobeTrekker: South Atlantic 7/07/2011: Shutdown update: 'A third way out' 7/06/2011: NOVA: Ape Genius 7/06/2011: Nature: The Gorilla King 7/06/2011: Viewer Q&A: Where is Kimchi Chronicles? 7/05/2011: The Bombing of Germany: American Experience 7/04/2011: NOVA: What are Dreams? 7/03/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! Poirot Halloween Party 7/03/2011: POV: My Perstroika 7/02/2011: The Big Show: Run Silent, Run Deep 7/01/2011: Martha Speaks: The Long Rotten Summer 6/30/2011: Capitol Fourth 6/29/2011: Summer fun week! 6/28/2011: A word from tpt on PBS.org attacks 6/28/2011: History Detectives 6/26/2011: Summer fun week! 6/25/2011: POV: Kings of Pastry 6/24/2011: If it's Friday, it's Almanac 6/24/2011: Support your local non-profits! 6/24/2011: Blanket giveaway 6/22/2011: Minnesota Original: A Legacy Celebration 6/22/2011: NOVA: Space Shuttle Disaster 6/21/2011: tpt named among Top Workplaces 6/21/2011: Frontline: The Madoff Affair 6/20/2011: There's an app for that?? 6/19/2011: Independent Lens: Two Spirits 6/18/2011: The Big Show: Exodus 6/17/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 6/17/2011: Spider-Man vs. SpiderMonster 6/15/2011: NOVA 6/14/2011: POV: The Most Dangerous Man in America 6/13/2011: Almanac previews tonight's debate 6/12/2011: Nature: An Elephant to Remember 6/11/2011: John Denver: The Wildlife Concert 6/09/2011: Moments to Remember 6/08/2011: Great Performances 6/08/2011: Kids Schedule Changes Next Week! 6/07/2011: Tommy Emmanuel and Friends: Live From the Balboa Theatre 6/06/2011: Thank you! 6/05/2011: Tonight! 6/04/2011: Great Performances 6/03/2011: Viewer Q&A: Last of the Summer Wine 6/02/2011: Great Performances 6/02/2011: D-Day 6/01/2011: NOVA: Building Pharaoh's Ship 6/01/2011: A real Doc Martin 6/01/2011: form test 5/31/2011: Alaska Far Away 5/31/2011: Bear Island 5/30/2011: War Letters: American Experience 5/30/2011: Medal of Honor 5/29/2011: Smart House: Livable Communities 5/28/2011: In case you missed it ... 5/27/2011: National Memorial Day Concert 5/27/2011: Tonight on Almanac! 5/26/2011: The Perilous Fight: Series finale 5/26/2011: Secrets of the Dead: Deadliest Battle 5/25/2011: NOVA: Secrets of the Parthenon 5/25/2011: Secrets of the Dead: Lost Ships of Rome 5/24/2011: Frontline: WikiSecrets 5/23/2011: Dramatic day at the Capitol 5/23/2011: American Experience 5/22/2011: Independent Lens 5/21/2011: Programming note 5/20/2011: Final Episode 5/20/2011: Last day for savings! 5/19/2011: This Saturday! 5/19/2011: Must-See TV 5/18/2011: This Saturday! 5/18/2011: Almanac: At the Capitol 5/17/2011: Harmon Killebrew passes away at 74 5/16/2011: Freedom Riders: American Experience 5/15/2011: Masterpiece Classic: South Riding - Part Three 5/14/2011: Freedom Riders: American Experience 5/13/2011: This Saturday! 5/13/2011: Harmon Killibrew entering hospice 5/12/2011: Studio Society Event May 20: Peter Yarrow 5/12/2011: Jim Lehrer Stepping Down 5/11/2011: NOVA: Secrets of Stonehenge 5/10/2011: Black in Latin America: Mexico and Peru 5/10/2011: tpt Brings Guthrie Theater and Twin Cities Arts to National Audience 5/09/2011: American Experience 5/09/2011: POV: Salt 5/08/2011: Bears, oh my! 5/08/2011: Masterpiece Classic: South Riding - Part Two 5/07/2011: American Experience: Freedom Riders 5/07/2011: The Big Show: When Harry Met Sally 5/06/2011: Bears, oh my! 5/06/2011: Viewer Q&A: Lark Rise to Candleford 5/04/2011: Don't Miss ... 5/04/2011: Ground Zero visit will be streamed live 5/03/2011: Frontline: Fighting for bin Laden 5/03/2011: Muslims in Minnesota 5/03/2011: President received 'Geronimo' signal 5/02/2011: American Experience: Roads to Memphis 5/02/2011: President Obama Announces the Death of Osama bin Laden 5/02/2011: Front page news 5/01/2011: Masterpiece Classic 5/01/2011: New Metropolis Minnesota 4/30/2011: Bonnie & Clyde 4/30/2011: Great Lodges of the National Parks 4/29/2011: Royal Redux, Royal Replay, Royal Rewind ... 4/28/2011: Royal Celebration 4/28/2011: Edward and Wallis, A Story of Love and Destiny 4/27/2011: Live from the Artists Den: Robert Plant 4/27/2011: Mt. St. Helens Back from the Dead 4/26/2011: Frontline: Post Mortem 4/25/2011: American Experience: Stonewall Uprising 4/25/2011: In case you missed it ... 4/24/2011: Don't miss ... 4/24/2011: The House of Windsor 4/23/2011: Royal Celebration 4/23/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class 4/22/2011: Green machine 4/21/2011: Seabiscuit: American Experience 4/21/2011: Best of ... 4/20/2011: Secrets of the Dead: Lost in the Amazon 4/20/2011: tpt named "Best TV Station" 4/19/2011: Black in Latin America 4/19/2011: Bag It 4/19/2011: Don't Miss It ... 4/18/2011: In case you missed it ... 4/18/2011: John Muir in The New World 4/17/2011: New Scandinavian Cooking All New Season! 4/16/2011: New Scandinavian Cooking All New Season! 4/15/2011: Friday Night is Movie Night 4/15/2011: Honoring Choices 4/14/2011: Parks For The People 4/14/2011: Another day, another cool assignment 4/13/2011: Thank you! 4/12/2011: David Suchet on the Orient Express: A Masterpiece Special 4/11/2011: New from BBC: Outnumbered 4/10/2011: Masterpiece Classic 4/09/2011: Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work: The State Visit and More 4/07/2011: Honoring Choices 4/06/2011: See Daniel O'Donnell Live in Concert! 4/06/2011: Live from the Artists Den 4/05/2011: Through a Dog's Eyes 4/05/2011: Viewer Q&A: How does $1 become $6? 4/03/2011: Ken Burns' Civil War 4/02/2011: New Classics & Old Favorites Film Package: Doctor Zhivago 3/31/2011: American Masters: Joan Baez 3/31/2011: Honoring Choices 3/30/2011: President's Message: March Update 3/30/2011: Journey to Planet Earth 3/29/2011: Secrets of the Dead 3/29/2011: Viewer Q&A: Where is Doc Martin? 3/28/2011: Dolley Madision: American Experience 3/27/2011: Brighter Futures: Childhood in Balance 3/27/2011: Dessa: A Minnesota Original Special 3/25/2011: Donate your Car to tpt! 3/25/2011: Ken Burns' Civil War: There's an app for that 3/24/2011: Celebrating Minnesota: Arts, Culture & History 3/22/2011: Electric Dreams 3/21/2011: Antiques Roadshow Tickets 3/20/2011: Lowertown: The Rise of an Urban Village 3/18/2011: Support The Programs You Love! 3/18/2011: And thank you, too! 3/18/2011: Lowertown: The Rise of an Urban Village 3/16/2011: Ralna English In Concert! 3/15/2011: Antiques Roadshow Tickets 3/15/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class 3/14/2011: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth Of Rock Theater 3/13/2011: Masterpiece Mystery! 3/12/2011: Best of Laugh-in 3/11/2011: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: The Birth Of Rock Theater 3/09/2011: Red Green Show 3/08/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class 3/07/2011: Celtic Thunder Heritage 3/06/2011: Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 3/05/2011: Great Performances: Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends 3/04/2011: Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 3/03/2011: Ground War 3/03/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class 3/02/2011: Celebrate Dr. Seuss! 2/28/2011: Triangle Fire: American Experience 2/27/2011: See Rick Steves Live 2/26/2011: Lost Twin Cities 2/25/2011: Ebert Presents At The Movies 2/24/2011: Become a Sustaining Member 2/22/2011: The Antiques Roadshow is Coming to Minneapolis! 2/21/2011: Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story 2/20/2011: Patricia Smith: The Power of the Word 2/19/2011: The Big Show: The Pink Panther 2/18/2011: Digital Media: New Learners of the 21st Century 2/17/2011: Reggie Perrin 2/16/2011: Almanac: At The Capitol 2/15/2011: Worst Week of My Life 2/14/2011: Does Anyone Watch TV Anymore? 2/13/2011: Masterpiece Classic: Any Human Heart 2/12/2011: Stop PBS Funding Cuts! 2/12/2011: The Big Show: City Slickers 2/11/2011: Help Stop Funding Cuts 2/10/2011: Globe Trekker 2/09/2011: See Rick Steves Live! 2/08/2011: Pioneers of Television: Local Kids' TV 2/07/2011: Become a Sustaining Member 2/07/2011: tpt National Productions 2/06/2011: Antiques Roadshow Tickets 2/05/2011: The Big Show: The Color Purple 2/04/2011: See Rick Steves Live 2/04/2011: What is the Minnesota Channel? 2/03/2011: Become an Advocate for tpt! 2/02/2011: NOVA: Making Stuff Cleaner 2/01/2011: Pioneers of Television 1/31/2011: American Experience: Greely Expedition 1/30/2011: Suze Orman's Money Class Premieres Today on tpt 2 1/29/2011: Cirque Du Soleil - Flowers In The Desert 1/28/2011: Twin Cities Public Television Signs Agreement with National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians (NABET) Local 57411 1/27/2011: Globe Trekker 1/26/2011: NOVA Science Now 1/25/2011: State of the Union 1/24/2011: American Experience: Panama Canal 1/23/2011: Globe Trekker 1/22/2011: New Classics & Old Favorites Film Package 1/21/2011: Ebert Presents At The Movies 1/20/2011: Space Age: NASA's Story 1/19/2011: NOVA: Making Stuff 1/18/2011: Pioneers of Television 1/17/2011: Martin Luther King Day Breakfast - Minnesota 2011 1/16/2011: MN Original Special 1/15/2011: The Big Show: Dances with Wolves 1/14/2011: eNews 1/13/2011: Become a tpt Community Advocate 1/12/2011: American Masters: Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides 1/11/2011: Enjoy two new British comedies from the BBC! 1/07/2011: tpt Magazine Online 1/06/2011: The Antiques Roadshow is Coming to Minneapolis this July! 1/05/2011: Almanac: At The Capital - 10th Season Premiere 1/04/2011: The Antiques Roadshow is Coming to Minneapolis this July! 1/04/2011: tpt Community Advocates 1/03/2011: Wild Kratts 1/02/2011: Come See Suze Orman Live! 1/01/2011: Happy New Year from tpt! 12/31/2010: Live From Lincoln Center 12/30/2010: tpt Magazine Online 12/29/2010: Thank You! 12/28/2010: NOVA: Secrets Beneath The Ice 12/27/2010: Consider a Year-End Gift 12/26/2010: Masterpiece Contemporary: Framed 12/25/2010: Happy Holidays! 12/24/2010: Christmas Concert from Norway 12/23/2010: Hidden Gem: The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special 12/22/2010: Happy Holidays From tpt! 12/22/2010: See Suze Orman Live! 12/21/2010: Thank You! 12/20/2010: Independent Lens 12/19/2010: MNTV 12/18/2010: Membership Benefits 12/17/2010: How is tpt Organized? 12/17/2010: Hidden Gem: The National Christmas Tree Lighting 2010 12/16/2010: Globe Trekker 12/15/2010: A St. Thomas Christmas 2010 12/14/2010: Enjoy LIFE! 12/13/2010: Polio Crusade: American Experience 12/12/2010: Mysteries of Public Financing 12/11/2010: Hidden Gem: Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency 12/10/2010: Explore the Great Outdoors with Dinosaur Train Geocaching 12/09/2010: Sign Up for tpt's eNews 12/08/2010: Cars for Quality TV 12/07/2010: The War: "Pride of Our Nation" 12/06/2010: Jeff Beck Honors Les Paul 12/05/2010: Immigration and the New Arizona Law 12/04/2010: ADD and Loving It?! 12/03/2010: Where to Find Us 12/02/2010: We Want to Hear From You! 11/29/2010: Tonight on tpt 2: Peter Yarrow Live in our Studios! 11/29/2010: Participate with tpt 11/28/2010: Hidden Gems: Red Lake Walleye 11/27/2010: tpt Box Office: See the Canadian Tenors Live - Tonight! 11/26/2010: Curious George: Follow that Monkey 11/25/2010: Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at tpt! 11/24/2010: tpt LIFE in the Mornings 11/23/2010: Hidden Gems: Baking with Julia 11/22/2010: tpt On Demand 11/22/2010: Inside tpt: Honoring Choices Minnesota 11/21/2010: Sunday Best: Watch all of Circus 11/20/2010: tpt Box Office 11/19/2010: Cars for Quality TV 11/18/2010: Tonight on tpt 2: Hubert H. Humphrey: The Art of the Possible 11/17/2010: tpt is the Number One Public Television Station in America! 11/16/2010: Today is Give to the Max Day! 11/15/2010: Give to the Max Day: November 16 11/15/2010: Importance of Sustaining Members 11/13/2010: Hidden Gems: Paddle to Seattle 11/12/2010: Bemidji State University Hockey Live on tpt! 11/11/2010: Minnesota's Deadliest Blizzards 11/09/2010: Member Rewards: Discounts and More 11/08/2010: Strategic Plan - Content 11/07/2010: Latino Arts: A Community Vision 11/06/2010: Independent Lens: Miss Navajo 11/05/2010: Cars for Quality TV 11/04/2010: Alaska Far Away: The New Deal Pioneers of Matuska Colony 11/03/2010: Circus 11/02/2010: Live Election Coverage 11/01/2010: First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language 11/01/2010: Strategic Plan Overview 10/31/2010: Where to Find Us 10/30/2010: Tobacco Addiction: The Unfiltered Truth 10/29/2010: Almanac Presents Last Gubenatorial Debate Before the Elections 10/28/2010: First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language 10/27/2010: Community Cinema at the Library 10/25/2010: First Speakers: Restoring the Ojibwe Language 10/25/2010: Mission Statement Update 10/24/2010: Inside tpt: Honoring Choices Minnesota 10/23/2010: Hidden Gems: The Car Club 10/22/2010: Member Rewards 10/21/2010: Hidden Gems: Martin Yan's Hidden China 10/20/2010: tpt Q&A: Is Rogert Ebert Coming to tpt? 10/19/2010: We Want to Hear From You! 10/18/2010: Sesame Street's: 41st Season! 10/18/2010: What Is APTS? 10/17/2010: MN Channel: Building East Side Community 10/16/2010: tpt LIFE in the Mornings 10/15/2010: Bemidji State University Hockey Live on tpt! 10/14/2010: Globe Trekker Food Hour: Mexico 10/13/2010: Box Office: See Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra in Concert 10/12/2010: tpt is the Number One Public Television Station in America! 10/11/2010: Preview: God in America 10/11/2010: What Is The CPB? 10/10/2010: Where to Find Us 10/09/2010: Hidden Gems: Mystery of Love 10/08/2010: Twin Cities Public Television Signs Agreement with International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 292 10/08/2010: Sign Up for tpt's E-news 10/07/2010: Almanac Survey 10/06/2010: Member Rewards: Discounts and More 10/05/2010: Preview: Michael Feinstein's American Songbook 10/04/2010: Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman 10/04/2010: What Is PBS? 10/03/2010: POV: Calavera Highway 10/02/2010: tpt Q & A: Having trouble viewing the schedules on your new website 10/01/2010: Box Office: Richard Glazier 9/30/2010: tpt Wins Big at the Upper Midwest Emmys 9/29/2010: Ken Burns: The Tenth Inning - Part 3 9/28/2010: Ken Burns: The Tenth Inning - Part 2 9/27/2010: Ken Burns: The Tenth Inning - Part 1 9/27/2010: How Does Public Television Work? 9/26/2010: MN Channel: Next Steps: Committing to Community 9/25/2010: Hidden Gems: The Oath on POV 9/24/2010: tpt Box Office: Richard Glazier 9/23/2010: Lidia's Italy 9/22/2010: Hidden Gems: The Legend of Pancho Barnes and The Happy Bottom Riding Club 9/21/2010: tpt Q & A: Why did you update the website? 9/20/2010: tpt LIFE in the Mornings 9/20/2010: The Importance of Viewer Support 9/19/2010: The Cat in the Hat 9/18/2010: A New Season of Curious George 9/17/2010: Where to Find Us 9/16/2010: tpt Hidden Gems - A Mighty Wind 9/15/2010: Hispanic Heritage Month Programs 9/14/2010: Almanac: 27 Years Strong 9/13/2010: tpt Q & A: Why did you change the children's program schedule? 9/13/2010: Public Television Audience 9/12/2010: New Seasons of Lifestyle Shows 9/11/2010: The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That! 9/10/2010: Thank You Sustainers 9/09/2010: tpt Hidden Gems - Salt 9/08/2010: Welcome to tpt's new website! 9/08/2010: Webcam Welcome
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