The David Rubenstein Show: Peer to Peer Conversations

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Join financier and philanthropist David Rubenstein as he talks with the most influential leaders in business to uncover their stories and their paths to success. Each episode features an interview with one business leader.

Upcoming Air Dates
  • #101 — Oprah Winfrey |
    New Sunday, Oct 15 at 4pm TPT 2
  • #103 — Warren Buffett |
    New Sunday, Oct 29 at 10:30am TPT 2
  • #101 — Oprah Winfrey
    Rubenstein interviews OWN CEO Oprah Winfrey, who reflects on how a chance viewing led to getting her own show, what she learned from her audiences, how she came to own her projects and what her most famous guests all asked her.
    New Sunday, Oct 15 at 4pm TPT 2
  • #103 — Warren Buffett
    Listen in as Rubenstein interviews Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, who addresses his work with his mentors, how Omaha became central to his success, and how his wife's untimely death led to a $ 30 billion phone call to his friend Bill Gates.
    New Sunday, Oct 29 at 10:30am TPT 2


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