Sewing with Nancy

Travel Gear Made Easy, Part 1

Episode: Organize and tote your valuables for vacation, shopping, and work with quick and classy gear. Nancy’s guest, Mary Mulari, has designed unique travel accessories that are clever and trendy. She and Nancy show how to make a roll-up blanket, easy zipper pulls, a roomy fold-up tote, a tray for gathering travel supplies, and much more. Organize your stuff so you can kick back and enjoy the ride!

Air Date 10/27/12

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  • #2714 — Quilt with Carefree Curves, Part 1 |
    Monday, May 30 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2715 — Quilt with Carefree Curves, Part 2 |
    Wednesday, Jun 1 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2716 — Handbags 2-Designer Knockoffs, Part 1 |
    Friday, Jun 3 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2717 — Handbags 2-Designer Knockoffs, Part 2 |
    Monday, Jun 6 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2718 — Stress-Free Quilting with Machine Embroidery, Part 1 |
    Wednesday, Jun 8 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2714 — Quilt with Carefree Curves, Part 1
    Create carefree curved designs without ever cutting a curve! Nancy takes the stress out of piecing traditional quilt block designs such as the Drunkard's Path, Blackbird Pie, and Mill Wheel. Learn the secret that eliminates concave and convex curves as you create easy quilt projects.
    Monday, May 30 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2715 — Quilt with Carefree Curves, Part 2
    Make traditional to super-sized quilt blocks with easy carefree curves. Tedious quilting methods are a thing of the past! Nancy gives a facelift to timely quilt block designs such as Hearts and Gizzards, Fan, and Wagon Wheel. Learn unconventional yet simple techniques for quilting curves, plus options for making big, dynamic quilt blocks.
    Wednesday, Jun 1 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2716 — Handbags 2-Designer Knockoffs, Part 1
    Love the look of designer bags, but hate the price? Embroider a "knockoff" bag for less. Tame the trickiest tasks of stitching a designer handbag using sewing and embroidery tips from Nancy and embroidery specialist Eileen Roche. Learn how to add grommets for function and flair. Take sewing handbags to a new level.
    Friday, Jun 3 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2717 — Handbags 2-Designer Knockoffs, Part 2
    Stitch a designer handbag with simply sophisticated embroidery details. Start with a rectangle of fabric and add unique embroidery accents such as shaped corners and precisely stitched grommet holes to make a stunning designer bag. Join Nancy and embroidery expert Eileen Roche to learn these exciting details. Get the inside scoop on customized pockets, straps, and linings.
    Monday, Jun 6 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2718 — Stress-Free Quilting with Machine Embroidery, Part 1
    Piece perfect quilt blocks with ease using your embroidery machine. Nancy and embroidery guru Denise Abel teach you how to piece quilt blocks using a combination of machine embroidery and techniques borrowed from paper piecing. There's no precise measuring or cutting needed! Piece blocks by layering fabric over guidelines that the machine stitches onto stabilizer. Perfect blocks every time!
    Wednesday, Jun 8 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2719 — Stress-Free Quilting with Machine Embroidery, Part 2
    Turn your embroidery machine into a quilting machine. Easily achieve amazing results when you combine quilting and machine embroidery. Nancy and Denise Abel, embroidery guru, demonstrate how to get the look of free motion quilting without the stress-let your embroidery machine do the quilting for you! Quilting in the hoop creates superb consistency for prize-winning quilts.
    Friday, Jun 10 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2720 — Sew Grand Dresden Quilts
    Expand the time-honored Dresden Plate quilt design to create grand quilts! Nancy demonstrates how to make Dresden Plate quilt designs small, to a super-sized 40". Or, totally update the look of the quilt by changing the design using Nancy's new "Twirling Parasols" techniques. You'll be delighted with this fanciful quilting rendition.
    Monday, Jun 13 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2721 — Sew Speedy Lone Star Quilts
    It's about time...for a speedy version of the Lone Star quilt design. The Lone Star Quilt pattern is noted for its beauty, striking design, and hmmm, difficulty to stitch. Nancy has totally redesigned the cutting and piecing process of this traditional design and made it speedy to sew. Plus, you learn creative design options.
    Wednesday, Jun 15 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2722 — Sewing Modkid Style, Part 1
    Sew comfortable children's clothes that are fun for them to wear! Fabric designer Patty Young joins Nancy to inspire you to sew for the favorite little girls in your life. Use knit fabrics along with Patty's compelling designs, and learn to create fashions that allow children to run, stretch, and play comfortably with flair and style.
    Friday, Jun 17 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2723 — Sewing Modkid Style, Part 2
    Create colorful and wearable knits designed with a little fashionista in mind. Kids and knit fashions fit together like hand and glove, so why not sew, serge, and create fashions for your favorite little girls? You'll have fun; they'll reap the benefits! Guest Patty Young joins Nancy to continue the series designed to make mom/grandma smile, and to make little girls twirl with delight!
    Monday, Jun 20 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2724 — Ultimate Serger Techniques, Part 1
    Use your serger for more than finishing fabric edges. Take the lead from Nancy and serger pro Pam Mahshie to get your serging skills up to speed! Learn the basics, and get the confidence to gather, add puffing or textures, and serge on ribbon trim with ease. You'll be surprised as you learn new-age serging techniques for your projects.
    Wednesday, Jun 22 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2725 — Ultimate Serger Techniques, Part 2
    This fun and facts serger class will teach you the basics and beyond. If you keep your serger set at the basic 4-thread stitch, join Nancy and serger pro Pam Mahshie to take your creative sewing and serging in a new direction. Explore stitches and threading possibilities as the journey continues and you learn the basics. Then branch out into new directions with techniques you'll love, for an ultimate serger experience!
    Friday, Jun 24 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2726 — Sewing with Nancy on the Road
    A road trip with Nancy is the ultimate sewing or quilting experience. Nancy steps out of the Sewing With Nancy studio-at least for one episode, and takes the show on the road. During this stop Nancy visits Quilt Expo, showing you the newest trends in quilting techniques, fabrics, and more. See an "eye-candy" quilt show and learn about the quilter's bonds of golden threads.
    Monday, Jun 27 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2901 — Nancy's Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques, Part 1
    Create fashion forward handbags by making easy changes to your bag pattern. Learn easy functional handbag changes, add ribbon inspiration accents, create a recessed zipper closure or clutch handles, and more. Nancy's favorite handbag techniques make personalized bags with designer appeal.
    Wednesday, Jun 29 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2902 — Nancy's Favorite Handbag Sewing Techniques, Part
    Learn Nancy's secrets for making a designer handbag with panache. Add grommets and piping to a cinched tote, embroider monograms on faux leather, or create a continuous strap to hold a yoga mat or baby blanket. Nancy's easy handbag techniques can be adapted for your favorite bag pattern.
    Friday, Jul 1 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2903 — Quick Stitch to Wear Again, Part 1
    Nancy highlights a simple, yet unconventional, approach to clothing repairs. Learn the Fool'em Jeans Hem, the No-Bump Jeans Hem, a Snug-Up the Waist Fix, and a Cover-up Zipper Fix. You'll be surprised at these easy methods to do your own clothing repairs quickly.
    Monday, Jul 4 at 8am TPT LIFE
  • #2904 — Quick Stitch to Wear Again, Part 2
    Nancy takes an easy and lighter approach to clothing repairs. Replace broken zippers, mend jeans, sew on buttons, and more with this unconventional approach to repairs. Nancy breaks all the traditional sewing rules with these easy clothing repair techniques. Zipper Remedy, Holes to Art, Lumberjack Patches, Too Much Cake Fix, and more.
    Wednesday, Jul 6 at 8am TPT LIFE
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