Luther and the Reformation

Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther kicked off the Protestant Reformation, which contributed to the birth of our modern age. In this one-hour special, Rick Steves visits key sites relating to the Reformation and explores the complicated political world of 16th-century Europe — from indulgences to iconoclasts. It’s a story of power, rebellion, and faith that you’ll never forget.

Air Date 8/3/17

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RICK STEVES' EUROPE offers a fresh perspective on the best travel advice, including where to stay, what to see and how to get around in Europe. Rick Steves shares his extensive knowledge of European history, art and culture. His years as America's most popular European guidebook author blends with his relaxed but informative style to make this one of public television's most popular series.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #308 — Provence: Legendary Light, Wind and Wine |
    Saturday, Aug 26 at 2:30pm TPT 2
  • #807 — Italy's Riviera: Cinque Terre |
    Saturday, Sep 2 at 12:30pm TPT 2
  • #907 — Siena and Tuscany's Wine Country |
    Saturday, Sep 2 at 1pm TPT 2
  • #708 — London: Historic and Dynamic |
    Saturday, Sep 16 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #308 — Provence: Legendary Light, Wind and Wine
    Provence, known for its soft light and fierce wind, is as loved by Americans as it is by the sun. We climb Roman ruins in Nimes, explore a papal palace in Avignon, and savor vivid views immortalized by van Gogh in Arles. Crossing acres of wispy vineyards, we explore the Cotes du Rhone and more wonders of the South of France.
    Saturday, Aug 26 at 2:30pm TPT 2
  • #708 — London: Historic and Dynamic
    In many-faceted London, we ponder royal tombs in Westminster Abbey, learn how to triple the calories of an English scone at teatime, discover treasures in the British Library, enjoy the vibrant evening scene in Soho, uncover Churchill's secret WWII headquarters, join the 9-to-5 crowd in the new London, shop where the queen shops, and straddle the Prime Meridian at Greenwich.
    Saturday, Sep 16 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #807 — Italy's Riviera: Cinque Terre
    Exploring Italy's most remote and romantic stretch of Riviera, we visit five tiny port towns: dramatic Vernazza, surrounded by vineyards; reclusive Corniglia, high on its bluff; pastel Manarola; hardscrabble Riomaggiore; and the pint-sized resort of Monterosso. Fishing for anchovies, sipping wine out of rustic barrels, and savoring twinkling Mediterranean vistas, we enjoy the ultimate Riviera adventure.
    Saturday, Sep 2 at 12:30pm TPT 2
  • #907 — Siena and Tuscany's Wine Country
    Siena, once a proud and independent city-state, retains its confidence and unique traditions. Rick enjoys a front-row seat at its wild horse race - the venerable Palio - and marvel at cultural treasures from the days when Siena rivaled Florence for leadership of Tuscany. Then he heads into wine country for a little dolce vita under the Tuscan sun.
    Saturday, Sep 2 at 1pm TPT 2


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