Redesigning MN

Redesigning MN - The New Normal

Episode: Minnesota faces a new reality as baby boomers retire: an increased demand for public services with fewer public dollars. There are solutions but they may require redesigning political campaigns, our schools, local and state governments -- and our own expectations. Last in a series.

Air Date 3/23/14

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  • #101 — Coming Together |
    Sunday, Sep 4 at 9pm TPT MN
  • #101 — Coming Together
    Minnesota is about to change dramatically. As the state's 1.3 million baby-boomers begin to retire over the next two decades, tax rolls will shrink. In this hour-long, first episode of the "Redesigning MN" series, we'll explore what many government officials have nicknamed the "New Normal" and look at how it will impact state and local government, and ultimately, the lives of Minnesotans. Plus, we'll examine two fundamental ways to "redesign" and "innovate" government services - that is, through consolidation and collaboration. It's already happening across the state. See how well it's working in "Redesigning MN: Coming Together."
    Sunday, Sep 4 at 9pm TPT MN
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