Redesigning MN

Redesigning MN - The New Normal

Minnesota faces a new reality as baby boomers retire: an increased demand for public services with fewer public dollars. There are solutions but they may require redesigning political campaigns, our schools, local and state governments — and our own expectations. Last in a series.

Air Date 3/23/14

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Join us for "Redesigning MN," a series of 8 programs, as we explore the dramatic impact the retirement of more than a million babyboomers will have on everything from public safety to education to health care.
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  • #106 — Prescription for Health |
    Friday, Jun 23 at 4am TPT MN
  • #106 — Prescription for Health |
    Friday, Jun 23 at 10am TPT MN
  • #106 — Prescription for Health |
    Friday, Jun 23 at 4pm TPT MN
  • #106 — Prescription for Health
    In an era of "government redesign," no challenge is greater than health care. Costs are huge and growing fast. Our population is aging and the current payment incentives for the healthcare system seem to be part of the problem. But the good news is that Minnesota is on the cutting edge of experiments designed to get us all headed in the right direction. From Hennepin County to New Ulm to Willmar, Minnesotans are exploring ways to make our health care ... and health... better, even as we reduce costs and give people more direct control of their overall health. It's important work going on across our state and this program gives you a glimpse into the future possibilities.
    Friday, Jun 23 at 4am TPT MN
    Friday, Jun 23 at 10am TPT MN
    Friday, Jun 23 at 4pm TPT MN


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