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The teacher's guide packet includes:

  • 60-minute video;
  • A teacher's guide providing background information and a series summary to help you determine where each segment of the video can fit into your current lesson plans;
  • a special set of lessons tied to the popular state history curriculum, Northern Lights, published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press;
  • lesson plans that are grade-specific (4th - 12th);
  • photocopy masters of student handouts;
  • a transcript of the video.

Subject matter covered in the video and materials include:

  • the spiritual significance of the PowWow;
  • the community significance of the PowWow;
  • the Native American struggle for cultural identity; and
  • the stories of the beginnings of powwows and Native American dances.

To order the Wacipi Powwow Video and Teacher's Guide for $34.95, contact Eileen Johnson in Customer Service at 651-222-1717.