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Twin Cities Public Television, and the producers of Wacipi PowWow would like to express our deep respect and gratitude to the dancers, singers and participants of the 1994 ANNUAL SHAKOPEE MDEWAKANTON DAKOTA COMMUNITY POWWOW.

Stanley Crooks, Tribal Chairman
Glynn Crooks, Powwow Chairman
Roseann Campagnoli, Public Relations & Marketing Director
Karen Lucas, Marketing Assistant
Don Becker, Director of Public Works
Lance Crooks, Assistant Director of Public Works
The 1994 Powwow Committee

	We would like to thank the Powwow drums for their songs:

Sioux Assiniboine Eyabay Wahpekuta Ironwood Assiniboine Jrs. Iyakpate Battle River Kingbird Jrs. Blackstone Minneapolis Renegades The Boyz Northern Wind Buffalo Lake Red Lake Buffalo Lake Lakotas Rosehill Dakota Nation Spirit Bird Eagle Creek Spirit Mountain Eagle Feather Southern Thunder Eagle Mountain Prayer Song sung by Jim Clairmont The producers would like to gratefully acknowledge the advice and consultation of the following: Ernest Wabasha, Hereditary Chief of the Dakota People Vernelle Wabasha Amos Crooks Rosie Crooks Ron Davis Jerry Dearly Barbara Feezor-Stewart Christina Gale Ed Godfrey Mike Hotaine Walter LaBatte, Jr. Kenny Merrick Phil St. John Danny Seaboy Alice Adams Ramona Jones Tom Andring Jim & Beth Kolodzne The Bearhawk Store Dave Larson Kristian Berg LITEFOOT Gerald Blue Mahkato Mdewakanton Club Dave Bolieau Willie Malebear David Born The Papakee Family Gary Cavender Alice Red Elk Jeff Champman Ray Rice Steve Charging Eagle Myron Rosebear Randy Croce Jason Runnels Bob Danforth Laundell Seaboy Carrie Schommer Pat Decora Timya Ewing Kristine Shotley Franklin Firesteel Sisseton-Wahpeton Colorguard Louis Foote Johnny Smith Cleo Frazier Louise Bluestone Smith Brandon Friesen Michael Spears The Goodsky Family George Squirrelcoat Lillian Goodeagle Sharon Mountain Ron Goodeagle Leon Thompson Leon Goodstriker Lorelei Thompson Emily Good Weasel Germaine Tremmel Keisha Good Weasel The Vig Family Rick Gresczyk Emily & Keisha Good Weasel Dennis Wells Delvis Heath Dottie Whipple Shayne Hughes Joe Williams Jonathon Windy Boy The Granite Falls Powwow Committee