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The PowWow begins with the Grand Entry. All spectators are asked to rise as the flags and eagle staffs of the host and visiting tribes are brought in. The Eagle staffs and flags represent nations, families, and communities. As the drums begin a grand en try song, the chief or tribal chair of the host tribe and visiting dignitaries enter the arena. They are followed by other honored members and the color guard of veterans. Elected royalty (princesses, warriors, etc.), young people who have been chosen and honored by their specific home community to represent that community at PowWows around the country, follow next. Led by the elders, the men dancers follow next, generally in the following order: men's traditional dancers, men's grass dancers and then men's fancy dancers. Then the women enter, also led by the elder women and in the order of women's traditional dancers, jingle dress dancers and then fancy shawl dancers. The teenage boys enter next, followed by the teenage girls and then the younger boys, girls and tiny tots. The dancers in each category are announced by the MCs as they pass the announce stand. Finally the arena is filled with all of the dancers, each dancing in their grand regalia. Responsibility for maintaining the song passes from drum to drum, going around the circle until all dancers are in the center of the circle and dancing. With all remaining in the center of the circle, the prayer song and honoring song for veterans begin next. It is a spectacular sight filled with beauty and excitment and pride.