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Makoce Ahomine
(Indian name: "Returns From Around the World")
Mdewakanton Dakota
July 7, 1943 - January 18, 1995

Twin Cities Public Television wishes to honor the memory of Buddy Whipple, whose insightful and often humorous remarks contributed much to the creation of this program.

The son of an ordained Episcopal Minister, Buddy Whipple was born and spent his early years in Nebraska. After serving a tour of duty in Vietnam with the U.S. Marine Corps, Buddy transitioned from soldier to accomplished dancer of the traditional style. He was a co-founder of the Three Rivers Dance Clan, a group that performed traditional dances at schools and other venues such as the Ordway Music Theatre, the Children's Theatre, the Walker Art Center. The group also included members of his family. Buddy served as a Powwow arena director and on the Board of Directors for Juel Fairbanks Chemical Dependency Services in St. Paul.

He lived in Minnesota for the last 25 years. Buddy is survived by two children and three grandchildren.