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EcoFutures - Meet The Team: Lisa Philander

June 9, 2017

Name: Lisa Philander


Q: What do you do?

A: I am a plant curator


Q: What was the defining moment in your life that led you to pursue a career in science?

A: I SAW my first plant in Costa Rica. There were sensitive plants (tiny bi-pinnately compound leaves) lining the side of the road that closed up when I walked by or were touched by a rain drop or the wind. I was on my way into a botanical garden in the rainforest when I noticed them, I was elated.


Q: What is your first memory of a plant?

A: Grabbing a cactus, I was very interested in it and it looked so friendly and inviting until I had a handful of spines. It did not influence me too much, cacti are still my favorite type of plants.


Q: What was your favorite memory of a plant?

A: Lilacs- they are everywhere in Minnesota and mark the very beginning of summer. I used to pick fresh bouquets everyday in spring.


Q: What is your favorite Northern Spark memory?

A: My first visit was last year (2016) and I was handed a jellyfish umbrella and was part of an underwater world of people dressed like sea-creatures. I also loved the Ode to the Dandelion.



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