S44 Ep9: Chinese Chariot Revealed

For over a thousand years, chariots thundered across China’s battlefields, dominating warfare far longer than anywhere else on Earth. Now a series of amazing archaeological discoveries, including whole chariots buried with their horses, has enabled a team of experts to probe the genius of China’s first super-weapon.

Air Date 5/10/17

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  • #4409 — Chinese Chariot Revealed
    For over 1000 years, chariots thundered across China's battlefields-dominating warfare longer than anywhere else on earth. Now, a series of amazing archaeological findings enable a team of experts to reconstruct and test China's first super-weapon.
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  • #4410 — Poisoned Water
    The water contamination crisis in Flint, MI, has revealed a disturbing truth about the vulnerabilities of our aging drinking water infrastructure. Discover the chemistry, biology and engineering that led to this disaster.
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    Thursday, Jun 1 at 2am TPT 2


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