Missy Robbins & Patti Jackson

A visit with Missy Robbins, chef at her Italian restaurant Lilia in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Patti Jackson trained as a pastry chef at the Baltimore International Culinary Arts Institute and was Executive Chef of i Trulli and Centovini before opening her restaurant Delaware and Hudson in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Air Date 7/2/17

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Every show Mike Colameco gives viewers access to some of the best kitchens in the world and talks to real chefs, in real restaurants cooking real recipes. It's an insider's guide and behind the scenes look from a chef's perspective on how these restaurants are putting together their dishes. Along the way we'll meet the owners, chef's and their crews; we will hear their stories and eat some amazing food. Each show has a theme, it might be an ingredient, a neighborhood or a cuisine.
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  • #1415 — Sicily Part 1
    Chef Melissa Muller own the Sicilian restaurant Eolo in Chelsea she's also is writing a great new book on Sicilian food for Rizzoli So when Mike wanted a culinary tour of the Island he's tapped Melissa to be his Sherpa. In this episode and the next they'll visit all nine provinces drink wine on Mount Etna, taste the best fresh made cannoli, see cous cous made by hand, drink raw goats milk then the cheese made from it, and the list goes on.
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    Part 2 of the Sicily show.
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  • #1418 — Peru Part 1
    We'd heard a lot about the amazing new culinary scene in Lima where the vibrant economy plus world class fishing from that Pacific coastline, amazing local ingredients and a lot of native talented chefs pushing the envelope. In these two shows we'll see ceviche in many variations, visit restaurant Central ranked #4 in Pellegrino's Best Restaurants in the World 2015 list, eat some great Peruvian Chicken, tour the city of Cusco at 11,000 feet above seas level and of course have a Pisco sour or three.
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  • #1419 — Peru Part 2
    Part 2 of the Peru show.
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  • #1420 — Fung Tu/Contra
    We feature 2 new Lower East Side restaurants. At Fung Tu, chef Jonathan Wu is doing a sort of modern Chinese fusion putting out brilliant dishes paired with a well-curated wine courtesy of Jason Wagner. A few blocks north, opened in 2014 Contra was a trailblazer with set $55 dollar five course tasting menu from chefs Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske and in 2015 they opened their new wine bar Wildair next door offering small plates and all natural wines by the glass.
    Monday, Oct 30 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1421 — Alsace
    We spent a week exploring this northwestern region of France touring the vineyards and meeting with the winemakers while visiting restaurants along the way. Often confused with German wines, the wines of Alsace, especially it's bone dry Rieslings are some of the best value under appreciated wines available from anywhere on the planet.
    Tuesday, Oct 31 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1422 — Racines/Wine Disciples
    Two restaurants that are wine lovers paradise, both affiliated with wine shop. Racine's is linked to Chambers St Wines down the block, spot on French inspired menu and an amazing selection of wines by the glass or bottle. Wine Disciples is a store right next to a restaurant, here the cooking is American / Italian, ingredient driven and the wine list by glass and bottle is wonderful.
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 8:30am TPT LIFE


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