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See a preview for Home Fires, The Final Season, Episode 4, airing Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 9/8c on MASTERPIECE on PBS. #HomeFiresPBS

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Witness the bitter rivalry between Samantha Bond ("Downton Abbey") and Francesca Annis ("Reckless") to control the Women's Institute in a rural English town as it struggles with the onset of World War II.
Upcoming Air Dates
  • #4573 — Episode One |
    Tuesday, Jul 11 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4574 — Episode Two |
    Wednesday, Jul 12 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4575 — Episode Three |
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4576 — Episode Four |
    Friday, Jul 14 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4577 — Episode Five |
    Monday, Jul 17 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4573 — Episode One
    With World War II imminent, the local Women's Institute dissolves after Joyce resigns as president. Frances tries to revive the group with a jam-making project.
    Tuesday, Jul 11 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4574 — Episode Two
    The Women's Institute is back, and the RAF arrives in town. Pat endures abuse. Alison's dog has a close call. The local doctor faces up to his fate.
    Wednesday, Jul 12 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4575 — Episode Three
    Alison takes desperate steps to pay a bill. Claire asks Spencer out. Pat makes a speech but pays the consequences. The farmer and vicar do their duty.
    Thursday, Jul 13 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4576 — Episode Four
    Frances plans an air raid shelter. Alison breaks the law; so does Miriam. Steph hides a secret that threatens the farm. Kate gets shattering news.
    Friday, Jul 14 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4577 — Episode Five
    Frances welcomes an evacuee. Laura follows her sister's footsteps. Spencer is shunned. Teresa gets bad news and makes a confession.
    Monday, Jul 17 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4578 — Episode Six
    Alison tries to escape her troubles before the jig is up. Miriam experiences despair and joy. Pat is freed from tyranny. Laura's secret is out.
    Tuesday, Jul 18 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4712 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    It's June 1940, and Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. Pat strikes up a friendship with a Czech soldier stationed nearby. Sarah receives some shocking news about Adam, but her sorrow is overshadowed by a tragedy for Frances.
    Wednesday, Jul 19 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4713 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    The attraction between Pat and Marek continues to grow, but the risk of acting on their feelings is huge. At the reading of his will, Frances discovers that Peter was keeping a secret from her.
    Thursday, Jul 20 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4714 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    As the war intensifies, the women must do all they can to keep spirits high. Frances learns that there is more to Peter's affair than she realized. Steph is concerned by Stan's behavior on the farm. The Brindsleys receive some wonderful news.
    Friday, Jul 21 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4715 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    Teresa is asked on a date. Alison worries that her involvement with the Lyons could be dangerous. The Brindsleys make a disturbing discovery. Meanwhile, there's joyful news in the Campbell house, and Joyce unexpectedly joins forces with Erica.
    Monday, Jul 24 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4716 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    Steph risks losing the farm. Sarah finds herself in a dangerous situation, while Teresa has a big decision to make. Alison discovers the real reason behind the parachute accidents - but can she warn Frances before it's too late?
    Tuesday, Jul 25 at 3pm TPT LIFE
  • #4717 — Home Fires Season 2 On Masterpiece
    There's cause for joy in the village as everyone prepares for a wedding. Even as the allies cheer for victory in the Battle of Britain, there's one more twist of fate in store for the citizens of Great Paxford.
    Wednesday, Jul 26 at 3pm TPT LIFE


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