Bring Warm Clothes

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It is a question that almost anybody who has ever come to the Upper Midwest in winter asks: "Why on earth did you ever settle here?" Merely to say it is cold doesn't quite capture it. Bone-chilling is closer. Raw, relentless, unfathomable, mind numbing cold... that says it better still. In the book Bring Warm Clothes, Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Peg Meier finds the answer to the question of why the early settlers moved here --and once here, how they were changed by their first contact with Midwestern soil and the winter cold. Meier's book documents the arrival and transformation of the upper Midwest's settlers with hundreds of photographs and pages of first-person testimony from letters and diaries, newspaper accounts and advertisements, propaganda sheets -- even memorial services. This attractive, compelling, often surprising book, first printed in 1981, is a perennial best seller -- in its 10th edition. KTCA now proposes to adapt Bring Warm Clothes for television, to create a one-hour documentary that tells the story of the people who settled here -- the intersection of new immigrants. prairie and cold -- and how the elements and unique landscaping turned a disparate group of pioneer settlers into weathered survivors and committed Midwesterners.

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