ARTHUR is based on the best-selling children's books by Marc Brown. The series revolves around an eight year-old aardvark, his four year-old sister DW, and their family and friends. ARTHUR is a show about being a kid, exploring the world, and finding your place in it. It's about kids finding inner strengths, learning to make choices for themselves, taking responsibility for them and of course, having fun. In each episode, Arthur and his gang guide us through stories that deal with real "kid issues" -- timeless difficulties and joys that all kids experience. The series also models the joys and rewards of literacy by presenting the many ways kids and adults incorporate reading and writing into their lives. Above all, ARTHUR is a comedy that tells its stories from a kids' point of view, never moralizing or talking down to them.

Upcoming Air Dates
  • #1909 — Mr. Ratburns Secret Identity/Besties |
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 7am TPT KIDS
  • #2001 — Buster's Second Chance/Arthur and the Whole Truth |
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1102 — Arthur Sells Out/Mind Your Manners |
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1909 — Mr. Ratburns Secret Identity/Besties |
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8pm TPT KIDS
  • #2001 — Buster's Second Chance/Arthur and the Whole Truth |
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
  • #202 — Binky Barnes, Art Expert/Arthur's Lucky Pencil
    Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art project, but what does a bully like Binky know about art? A lot more than they do, it turns out. In part two, Arthur discovers the secret to success -- a pencil that brings good luck to whoever possesses it. But pencils get shorter when they're sharpened, and soon, Arthur's entire future rests on a small stub of lead.
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 5pm TPT 2
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #506 — The Election/Francine Goes to War
    "The Election"-- "I, Muffy Crosswire, do solemnly swear to uphold the office of the President of the United ..." Actually, it's only a mock election in Mr. Ratburn's class, but Muffy takes it just as seriously. How far will she go to win? "Francine Goes to War"--Francine can't believe it. She gets in troubleno matter what she does -- thanks to the new nosy next-door neighbor! Will Francine get to play her drums or fight with her sister again?
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 2 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #507 — Sleep No More/Pet Peeved
    "Sleep No More" Have you ever been so excited that you couldn't sleep? Buster is convinced that Pizza Paula's all-you-can-eat contest_ free pizza for life!_ is his destiny. But how can he possibly win such an important contest without any sleep? "Pet Peeved" Binky volunteers to look after Francine's cat, Nemo, forthe weekend. Boy, this'll be great_ all fun and games and surprise toys! But when Binky ignores Francine's cat-sitting instructions, Nemo has a few surprises in store of his own.
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Sep 29 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #508 — The Last of Mary Moo Cow/Bitzi's Beau
    "The Last of Mary Moo Cow" D.W. is Mary Moo Cow's greatest fan. She watches the show every day and collects countless videos, toys, and clothes. When Mary Moo Cow is cancelled, D.W. is devastated. How can television _ or life as she knows it _ ever be the same? "Bitzi's Beau" Buster and his mom are very close _ they like the samemovies, the same food, the same boyfriends_. wait, what?! Actually Buster hasn't yet met Bitzi's new boyfriend, but he fears the worst. Is he an alien? Is he Mr. Ratburn? Or worst of all_ is he a Mom- stealer?
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Sep 29 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #509 — Just Desserts/The Big Dig
    "Just Desserts" Arthur has a hard time resisting sweets, and one evening his overindulgence wins him an upset stomach and a series of rather "Grimm" dreams_ starring Mr. Ratburn as a child-eating witch, the Tibbles as seven dwarves, and a fearsome giant made entirely of food! "The Big Dig" Arthur and D.W. used to love it when Grandpa Dave came to visit _ but now he only wants to sleep and play checkers. Then one day Grandpa Dave shares a secret map, and Arthur and D.W. hunt for a buried treasure and discover some family history.
    Friday, Sep 29 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Sep 29 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 2 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #510 — Arthur's Family Feud/Muffy Gets Mature
    "Arthur's Family Feud" Who ruined Dad's perfect souffl? The only thing Arthur and D.W. can agree on is that poor Pal was an unwitting accomplice. To solve this whodunit, Mom and Dad listen to both sides and the siblings demonstrate some very imaginative storytelling! "Muffy Gets Mature" When Muffy starts reading Mature Miss magazine, she searches for more sophisticated friends _ and finds worldlier companionship in the form of Francine's teenaged sister and her cool cohorts. But is Muffy in over her head?
    Friday, Sep 29 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Sep 29 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #601 — Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked/Best of the Nest
    Sue Ellen is the champion of the popular Internet game, She becomes so obsessed, however, that she starts imagining her friends as geese to be conquered! Can Sue Ellen give up Virtualgoose before she finally, cracks? Now that the gang has beaten Virtualgoose, they move onto Best of the Nest, where five geese fight to survive in the virtual woods. As the competition escalates, Brain becomes inspired to initiate a camping trip in the real woods. Will any of his friends be willing to forgo their computers for a real, live adventure?
    Monday, Oct 2 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 2 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #602 — Arthur Plays The Blues/Buster's Sweet Success
    Although Arthur's beloved piano teacher is retiring, she assures him that the new teacher is outstanding and famous, too! Then Arthur meets Dr. Fugue-who's as strict as he is odd-and begins to doubt his own abilities. Will Arthur be fired from playing the piano? When Buster signs up to sell candy for the band, he figures it's easy money-who doesn't love chocolate? Buster soon wishes that somebody loved it more than he does, because he eats it all himself. Will the band be doomed to wear tattered uniforms and play old instruments forever?
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #603 — Prunella's Special Edition/The Secret Life of Dogs & Babies
    The latest book about everyone's favorite boy wizard-Henry Skreever, of course-is finally in stores! Every kid in town is lining up to get it except Prunella, who's ordered a monogrammed, limited edition, coming all the way from England. She's in for a surprise, though, when they mix up her order and send a Braille version instead. Ever wonder what Baby Kate and Pal are thinking? Join an adventure into their secret world, where Arthur and D.W. watch impossibly immature TV showsand silly grown-ups are often in need of rescue!
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 7 at 7am TPT KIDS
  • #604 — Muffy's Soccer Shocker/Brother, Can You Spare A Clarinet?
    Muffy's proud that her dad is the new soccer coach until he exhausts the team with demanding drills like the piston, the muffler, and the-gulp!-shock absorber. Even if Muffy survives playing goalie in the big game against Mighty Mountain, will the team survive her dad? The try-outs for the Young Person's Orchestra are coming to Lakewood Elementary and everyone agrees that Binky is a shoe-in, since he's the best musician in school. So why is Binky suddenly refusing to play in band practice? Has Binky turned against the clarinet or against music itself?
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #605 — The Boy Who Cried Comet/Arthur and Los Vecinos
    Buster is convinced that he's seen real UFO's, and he uses Muffy's fancy new telescope to get the proof. What he discovers is much more terrifying-a comet hurtling directly toward earth! Can Buster convince his friends that this sighting is real in time for them to save the planet? Mr. Sipple from next door is moving away and Arthur wonders-who will be the new neighbors? When Alberto Molina and his family settle in, Arthur makes a new friend and learns about a different culture...and about a comic book character named Conejitos Mechanicos! (That's Spanish for Bionic Bunny)
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 6 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 7 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #606 — Citizen Frensky/D.W.'s Backpack Mishap
    After visiting The Elwood City Times, Francine decides to start her own paper-The Frensky Star! The tabloid, complete with embarrassing photos and sensationalized headlines, is a smashing success...until all her friends stop speaking to her. Somebody stole D.W.'s backpack!! Who is this fluffy unicorn thief... this Mary Moo Cow-napper? In the backpack left behind, D.W. finds clues in an assortment of exotic objects. Could the backpack thief be even more sinister than she imagined-or just well traveled?
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 6 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #607 — The Boy with His Head in the Clouds/More!
    All the kids know that George is smart-so why does he sometimes have trouble reading and writing? With a little help from others with dyslexia like Principal Haney... and Leonardo Di Vinci!... George and the gang discover that learning happens in all different ways. D.W. is thrilled to be getting an allowance. At last, she'll be rich and powerful! When she learns that Emily and the Tibbles have been already getting theirs for...well...years, D.W. is devastated. How can she remain friends with them is they have more money than she does?
    Monday, Oct 9 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 9 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #608 — Rhyme for Your Life/for Whom The Bell Tolls
    While struggling to write a poem for his mom, Binky falls asleep and gets trapped in Verseberg... where it's a crime not to rhyme! After tangling with the big purple orange and meeting poet William Carlos Williams, Binky finally escapes this curse-but will he be able to stop speaking in verse?? D.W. lost her voice! For Arthur it's a dream come true...until Mom asks Arthur to take care of D.W., and he finds himself at the mercy of a bad mime with a cowbell. Will Arthur spend the rest of his life at D.W.'s beck and call, endlessly fetching ginger ale and playing Crazy-eights?
    Monday, Oct 9 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 9 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #609 — The Good Sport/Crushed
    When the Athlete of the Year Award doesn't go to Francine, she makes no effort to hide her hurt feelings from Jenna, the recipient. Michelle Kwan, world champion figure skater and graduate of Lakewood Elementary (who knew?), guest stars to teach Francine about good sports(wo)manship. Arthur can't believe his parents are hiring a babysitter-he's 8-years-old! Besides, babysitters are b-o-r-i-n-g! But 16-year-old Sally MacGill's favorite hobbies are eating ice cream and playing the Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy videogame, and now all Arthur can think is...WOW!
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #610 — Arthur Loses His Marbles/Friday The 13th
    When Arthur discovers that Grandma Thora is a marbles champion, he trains with her so he can beat all his friends. And though Thora teaches Arthur everything he knows, she doesn't teach him everything she knows... and it's Read versus Read in the first-ever Elwood City Marbles Tournament. Brain doesn't believe in superstitions, even though his friends step over sidewalk cracks... and even Mr.Ratburn walks around ladders. So when Brain's defiance leads to a string of bad luck, he's stunned. Can he reverse the trend before the unluckiest day of them all-Friday the 13th?
    Friday, Oct 13 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 13 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #701 — Cast Away/The Great Sock Mystery
    Cast Away - Arthur is thrilled when Dad invites him to go fly fishing for the weekend. Finally - an escape from D.W.! But when a change in plans forces them to include her, Arthur's had enough. Does D.W. always have to get her own way? The Great Sock Mystery - Ever wonder where all those missing socks go? One minute they're in the laundry basket, and the next - poof! - they've vanished! Find out once and for all when Baby Kate and Pal - and some of their furry friends - team up to solve the great sock mystery.
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #702 — Francine's Split Decision/Muffy Goes Metropolitan
    Francine's Split Decision - Lakewood Elementary is sure to win the big bowling tournament on Saturday, with Francine leading the team. So what if Francine's cousin is having his Bar Mitzvah at exactly that same time? The amazing Francine can be in both places - or at least seem to be- and no one will be the wiser. Or so she thinks... Muffy Goes Metropolitan - Muffy happily accepts Sue Ellen's invitationto spend the weekend in the bustling metropolis, Crown City. At last! Her big chance to revel in an unending parade of glamorous fashions, high culture, and fine cuisine! But can Muffy accept city realities that are quite different... yet perhaps more interesting... than her fantasies?
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #703 — Ants In Arthur's Pants/Don't Ask Muffy
    Ants in Arthur's - Pants To excel in science, Mr. Ratburn's class has to prove that they have P.A.N.T.S. - the ability to be patient, attentive, nosy, thoughtful, and systematic. And Arthur's certain he's got `em to ace his ant project... until the crawly creatures end up everywhere but in their ant-farm! Can Arthur's P.A.N.T.S. save his project - and save the ants from the exterminator? Don't Ask Muffy - Muffy starts an advice column in the school newspaper to launch her career as a rich and famous talk-show host. There's only one problem - the kids are ignoring her, and flocking to a mystery advice-giver instead! If Muffy wants to be as popular as Hoprah Linseed, she'll have to learn a few lessons about competition and what really makes a good listener...
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #704 — To Tibble The Truth/Waiting to Go
    To Tibble the Truth - When the Tibble Twins' constant lying lands them in constant trouble, they promise to tell only the truth. But is telling every truth any better? Tommy and Timmy try to be honest Tibbles before they lose all their friends - and each other. Waiting to Go - Binky and Brain collide on the soccer field, breaking Brain's new watch and nearly breaking their friendship. Could things get any worse? Well, yes - the other kids' rides have come and gone, leaving Binky and Brain behind. Will they spend the next 50 years sitting in the parking lot, waiting to go?
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 13 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #705 — Elwood City Turns 100! (Parts I & II)
    Arthur's class is chosen to stage a musical tribute for its city's centennial celebration. But soon the rehearsals become a drama of missed cues, inflated egos, and alien invasions. And that's behind the curtain! In front, seated in the audience, viewers will glimpse returning animated guest stars-including Art Garfunkel, Fred Rogers, and Michelle Kwan-all invited by Muffy to the show. And if that weren't enough, CNN's Larry King gets into the action by becoming the first live action guest star to appear with the animated ARTHUR cast, as he interviews them during the show's intermission.
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 13 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 16 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #705 — Elwood City Turns 100! (Parts I & II)
    Arthur's class is chosen to stage a musical tribute for its city's centennial celebration. But soon the rehearsals become a drama of missed cues, inflated egos, and alien invasions. And that's behind the curtain! In front, seated in the audience, viewers will glimpse returning animated guest stars-including Art Garfunkel, Fred Rogers, and Michelle Kwan-all invited by Muffy to the show. And if that weren't enough, CNN's Larry King gets into the action by becoming the first live action guest star to appear with the animated ARTHUR cast, as he interviews them during the show's intermission.
    Friday, Oct 6 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #706 — Pick A Car, Any Car/Jenna's Bedtime Blues
    Pick a Car, Any Car - The Read family car is broken, and so is Arthur's heart. How can Mom and Dad even think of replacing it? "Car Talk" hosts Click and Clack the Tappet brothers (otherwise known as Tom and Ray Magliozzi) lend some much-needed advice as Arthur desperately tries to save the beloved vehicle. Jenna's Bedtime Blues - Muffy's annual slumber party is the envy of Lakewood Elementary. This year Jenna is finally invited and she's absolutely... horrified! What if the other girls discover that she's an occasional bed-wetter? She'll be the lonely laughingstock of Elwood City! Can Jenna make it though the night with her sheets dry - and her secret safe?
    Friday, Oct 13 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #707 — D.W.'s Time Trouble/Buster's Amish Mismatch
    D.W.'s Time Trouble - D.W. is sick and tired of being bossed around all the time and demands to know why she couldn't have been born before Arthur! So she goes on a magical trip through time to see what life would be like with Arthur as her little brother. Surely D. W. would be much happier if she were in charge... wouldn't she? Buster's Amish Mismatch - During a field trip to Amish country, Busterbecomes enamored with the simple lifestyle and vows to forgo all modern conveniences back home. But this is easier said than done - living without TV or car rides is a bumpy road, and far worse, a lonely one. Will Buster find anyone to join him in his quest for a simple life?
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 27 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #708 — The World of Tomorrow/Is There A Doctor in the House?
    The World of Tomorrow - Since Binky's repeating third grade, he's totally dreading Mr. Ratburn's annual class sleepover at the Science Museum. After all, he remembers how boring it was last year... wouldn't the second time around be twice as dull? But an enticing new exhibit - on visions of the future! - shows Binky that science knowledge can really come in handy. Is There a Doctor in the House? - Arthur and D.W. face the ultimate challenge when Mom gets a bad cold and then... (gulp!)... gives it to Dad! What if Arthur has to take over Dad's catering business? And how will they raise Baby Kate all by themselves?
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #805 — Vomitrocious!/Sue Ellen Chickens Out
    Vomitrocious! - It's just a regular day until Francine starts to feel queasy ... and then throws up in the cafeteria!! Now Francine is afraid to go back to school. Won't the kids all laugh and call her - ugh! - "Barfine"? Sue Ellen Chickens Out - Sue Ellen learns that a fast-food chain is taking over the beloved Sugarbowl, so she rallies the gang to stage a protest. But when the kids confess that they actually like the food at Chickin Lickin, Sue Ellen worries - will she have to fight the mighty empire of Beaurigaard Poulet all by herself?
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 5pm TPT 2
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #902 — Francine's Big Top Trouble/George Blows His Top
    Francine's Big Top Trouble - Francine is sure she will be a star at circus camp. Since Catherine did so well there - how hard could it be? Well, very, it turns out. Will Francine ever get the hang of tumbling? And, more importantly, will she ever step out of her sister's shadow? George Blows His Top - George is always more than happy to lend his pals whatever they need, especially Buster. But when Buster's borrowing gets out of control, will George risk their friendship to say enough is enough!
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 5pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 11:30am TPT LIFE
  • #906 — Arthur Makes Waves/It Came from Beyond
    Arthur Makes Waves - With the community pool closed for repairs and the temperature on the rise, Arthur and D.W. need a place to keep cool. After accepting an invitation to James's pool, they discover that his older sister is Molly, leader of the Tough Customers! Can Arthur and Molly get along-and if they can, will their friends let them? It Came From Beyond - Grandma Thora takes in a stray, an adorable little dog named. Killer? It soon becomes clear that the name fits, as Killer bullies every person and animal in sight. Can Killer let her guard down long enough to make a few friends, or will she have to give up her new home?
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1102 — Arthur Sells Out/Mind Your Manners
    Arthur Sells Out - To earn the money he needs to buy a new video game, Arthur decides to sell his old toys through his school's Web site. At first, sales are slow - until Muffy helps Arthur discover how to sell the "sizzle" and not the "steak." His toys fly off the (cyber) shelf, but is bending the truth to earn money worth losing his friends? Mind Your Manners - When Arthur decides to take on Brain at an all-school checkers competition, everyone rallies behind the underdog. That is until Arthur rejects all the fan support with a big "yowl." Will Arthur get his fan support back...and does he even want it back?
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1106 — The Making of Arthur/Dancing Fools
    The Making of Arthur - Matt Damon guest-stars in animated form as the host of a new series, "Postcards from You." When the Oscar # winning star puts out a call for homemade videos for his TV show, he sets off a frantic rush among Arthur and his gang to film their lives. Could the experiences of kids in Elwood City really interest a television audience? They'll have to wait and see if Matt Damon thinks so. (Note: This episode promotes the real "Postcards from You" initiative that encourages kids around the country to make their own videos.) Dancing Fools - Mrs. Molina is a teaching a dance class for kids. The class creates the opportunity for some unlikely dance pairings - Muffy and Binky, D.W. and the Tibbles, and, the most unlikely of all, Francine and George. Will the two survive the dance class? Or, could they possibly emerge as the next Fred and Ginger?
    Monday, Sep 25 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1107 — Hic Or Treat/Mr. Alwaysright
    Hic or Treat - D.W. gets a case of the hiccups that just won't go away. No matter how much advice she gets from Arthur and his friends, she just can't find the right cure. (Well, at least her Halloween costume as "Hiccup Girl" is all set...) Will D.W. ever get relief - or will she have the hiccups for the rest of her life and set the world record? Mr. Alwaysright - It seems that Brain is always right about everything and it's really starting to get on Buster's nerves. But Buster is convinced that someday Brain will make a mistake - and when he does, Buster will be waiting. But is friendship really about being right or wrong?
    Monday, Oct 30 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1108 — Francine's Pilfered Paper/Buster Gets Real
    Francine's Pilfered Paper - Thanksgiving can be a time for a long, relaxing weekend with family and friends. But for Mr. Ratburn, it's a chance to assign a five-page paper about the holiday! Instead of despairing like her friends, Francine finds the perfect Web site for her research, which she happily copies and pastes in a matter of minutes for her entire report. There's nothing wrong with there? Buster Gets Real - Everyone loves the new "Top Supermarket" reality series on TV - everyone except Arthur. So when Buster stops watching Bionic Bunny to watch this popular new show, Arthur fears their friendship is over.
    Monday, Sep 25 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1109 — D.W. On Ice/Spoiled Rotten!
    D.W. on Ice - D.W. tells her friends that she's a fantastic skater. The truth is, she can barely stand on ice! And with Emily's skating party coming up, how will D.W. face everyone and tell them the truth? Spoiled Rotten - Accused of being spoiled by her friends, Muffy sets about to prove them wrong by being the most charitable person around. But Francine is unimpressed by Muffy's token efforts - that is, until a used clothing store helps Muffy discover her true talents, and the true meaning of charity.
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1110 — Big Brother Binky, Parts I & II
    In this special two-part episode, Binky's family adopts a baby girl from China. Binky receives the news of getting a baby sister with great excitement, and he delights in helping prepare for her arrival and visiting China. Although at times Binky worries about how his life will change, and more importantly, whether his new sister will even like him! - Binky becomes the proudest big brother in Elwood City.
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1203 — D.W.'s Stray Netkitin/Bats in the Belfry
    D.W.'S Stray Netkitin - D.W. is panicked when a "Scary Clown" virus ruins the Read family computer. Who will take care of her virtual Netkitin pet? "Tickly" needs her hair brushed just so and will only eat Net Nibbles! So D.W. turns to Arthur and Emily for help - but is she really ready to give up control? Bats in the Belfry - Arthur and D.W. are thrilled when Grandma Thora lets them turn her attic into a clubhouse. They each have their own fantasy vision of what it should look like... but their argument is interrupted by the appearance of a very real bat! Will the bat threaten their new play space? Or can they appreciate meeting this unfamiliar creature?
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1204 — For The Birds/Ungifted
    For the Birds - Brain dreams of being the first to spot a rare bird species called the green-tailed grebe. When Mr. Ratburn starts a bird-watching club at school, Brain is panicked! What if someone finds the grebe first and ruins his chances at fame and fortune? Or, can Brain learn that nature is a gift meant for everyone to share? Ungifted - Buster's always asking Arthur for favors. One day he worries at the thought of having to repay them all at once, so Buster goes on a favor-repaying frenzy, helping everyone whom Arthur owes a favor to in hopes of getting himself out of this "favor debt." But is Buster forgetting the real meaning of friendship? Educational Objective: Buster learns a lesson about debt, and that true friendship means doing favors without expecting anything in return.
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1205 — The Chronicles of Buster/On This Spot
    The Chronicles of Buster - Buster is obsessed with the extended DVD version of the epic film "The Chronicles of Ahmayzzia," with 1001 hours of behind-the-scenes footage! In fact, he's so engrossed that he neglects his training for a class rock-climbing trip. After jeopardizing his relationship with best friend and climbing partner, Arthur, Buster finally learns that special effects can't take the place of hard work when conquering real mountains. On this Spot - Arthur is thrilled to learn that Sitting Bull once passed through Elwood City! He rallies the residents to mark the spot of the legend's visit with a monument - but is dismayed when his friends care more about celebrity sightings than local history. Can Arthur get them to see the specialness of their city's spots?
    Friday, Sep 29 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1206 — The Cherry Tree/Matchmaker Matchbreaker
    The Cherry Tree - Muffy will do anything to have a gigantic Dream Bouncy Castle at her party, or so she thinks. When her favorite cherry tree is cut down to make room for the castle in her yard, she starts to have regrets. Then to make matters worse, she learns that cutting down trees hurts the environment, too. What can Muffy do to fix the damage she's done? Matchmaker Matchbreaker - Francine and Muffy scheme to set up their older siblings Chip and Catherine. If the two got married that would make the girls sisters! But plans go awry, and Francine and Muffy decide that merging families may not be for the best.
    Friday, Sep 29 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1207 — War of the Worms/I Owe You One
    War of the Worms - Brain is always taking the fun out of Fern's storytelling by correcting her facts. She decides to teach him a lesson by spinning a tall tale that he can't help but believe. But things gets out of hand, when Fern convinces Brain that there really are giant worms attacking Elwood City! I Owe You One - Buster's always asking Arthur for favors. One day he worries at the thought of having to repay them all at once, so Buster goes on a favor-repaying frenzy, helping everyone whom Arthur owes a favor to in hopes of getting himself out of this "favor debt." But is Buster forgetting the real meaning of friendship?
    Monday, Oct 2 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1208 — The Blackout/Mei Lin Takes A Stand
    The Blackout - It's the hottest day in Elwood City, when a total blackout leaves its residents without any electricity. Will Arthur and DW survive without AC and TV? Luckily, the Molina family steps in to teach the Reads a lesson on how to keep cool and have fun as a community even under the toughest of weather conditions! Mei Lin Takes a Stand - Binky's baby sister Mei-Lin isn't keen on learning to walk and would rather stick to crawling. But then Baby Kate and Pal's flea friends, brothers Sale and Pepe, return to Elwood City and share a tale of a little princess in the land of "Hanzan-Niis" who learns to walk in order to save her beloved court jester. Will Mei Lin be inspired to take a stand or continue to stumble?
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 5pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Oct 7 at 11:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1209 — Home Sweet Home/Do You Believe In Magic
    Home Sweet Home - Buster heads off to summer camp reluctantly, worried that he won't know anyone. But equipped with a few stories of summer camp battles and triumphs from his older and wiser friend Fritz (who runs the community garden), Buster realizes it's easy to make new friends after all. Do You Believe in Magic? - Arthur feels jealous when Buster's magic tricks outshine his own. When Buster is hired as the magician for DW's birthday party, Arthur is tempted to show the kids that Buster's tricks aren't so magical after all. Or, will Arthur step in and help his friend after all?
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1210 — The Perfect Game/D.W.'s Furry Freakout
    The Perfect Game - Francine is excited for Mr. Ratburn's coolest assignment yet - he's asked them to design their very own model cities! From minarets to fancy lights, Francine's got plenty of good ideas. But as the deadline looms, she's so obsessed with making everything perfect, that she can't seem to get anything done at all. D.W.'s Furry Freak Out - D.W. finds a stray kitten and begs to keep it - after all, Arthur has his own dog! But the unbearably cute kitten soon turns out to be a lot more than D.W. can handle and wrecks havoc (and fur balls) all over her life. Maybe D.W. isn't quite ready for a pet after all?
    Thursday, Oct 5 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1303 — Arthur's Numbers Nightmare/Brain Gets Hooked
    Arthur's Numbers Nightmare - When Arthur and friends discover what looks like a list of their class rankings in Principal Haney's office, they are all taken for a surprise. If Arthur's really Number Two, then he must be really smart! And is there anything Francine can do to move up rank? For Buster, Number Eleven is his new lucky number... for everything. Soon the numbers come to mean much more than they should to all the kids on the list. Brain Gets Hooked - Brain gets hooked on the latest tween reality show "Junior Island." When he starts to ignore his friends and his schoolwork, he knows he's got a problem. But what can he do to break the addiction?
    Friday, Oct 6 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1304 — Macfrensky/The Good The Bad and the Binky
    MacFrensky - When Francine and Brain are locked in a stiff competition to win student of the month, Muffy talks Francine into "borrowing" Buster's toy and letting Brain take the blame for it. As the lies grow and the prize gets closer, however, Francine's guilt increases. Can she come clean and wash her hands of this dastardly deed? The Good, the Bad and the Binky - As Emily's new babysitter, Binky introduces his charge to the world of pro-wrestling and teaches her some fierce moves. But when Emily starts ruffling the feathers of other pre-schoolers on the playground, Binky worries he hasn't been the best role model. Can Binky restore Emily to her former, tea-party loving self?
    Monday, Oct 9 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1305 — No Acting Please/Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending
    No Acting Please - Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman guest-stars as director Will Toffman in this episode about theater and the arts. When Fern lands a role in the Elwood City community production of "It Began With a Whistle," she fears she's not talented enough to be a star actress. But Will Toffman teaches Fern how to have fun, be herself and truly shine. Prunella Deegan and the Disappointing Ending - Finally, the final volume of the Henry Screever series, The Knights of the Bouillabiasse, is out. Prunella and Marina compete to see who can finish the book the fastest. But the two friends learn that speed-reading doesn't always pay off.
    Monday, Oct 9 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1306 — George and the Missing Puzzle Piece/D.W. Swims With the Fishes
    When Carl Met George - George is excited about spending time with his new friend, Carl, who seems to know all kind of cool facts about trains and about... well lots of things! Then George learns that Carl has Asperger's Syndrome - a form of autism that makes Carl see the world differently than most people. Can George and Carl remain good friends - and perhaps even learn from each other? DW Swims with the Fishes - D.W. and James enter the pre-school swim meet and recruit their big siblings to coach them. All goes swimmingly until Arthur and Molly start taking their jobs a little too seriously. Who's this race about, anyway?
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1307 — Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble/The Secret Guardians
    Portrait of the Artist as a Young Tibble - The Tibble Twins set out on new business venture - selling their pre-school art masterpieces to earn enough money to buy the coveted Krummy Kreepy Kastle. As their business takes off, so does their own appreciation for their art. Is the Krummy Kreepy Kastle really worth giving up their masterpieces? The Secret Guardians - When Arthur, Binky and Sue Ellen stumble upon a beautiful and private woodland oasis right by their homes, they vow to tell no one and keep it as their secret spot. Before long, however, they start to find evidence of human habitation. Have they discovered an ancient civilization? Or has someone known about this special secret place all along?
    Tuesday, Oct 10 at 5pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Oct 14 at 11:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1308 — Fernlets By Fern/Prunella and the Haunted Locker
    Fernlets by Fern - As part of her latest business venture, Muffy talks Fern into writing poems for a new line of greeting cards which becomes the hit of Elwood City. But booming business causes Fern to burn out. Can Fern and Muffy find a way to make writing fun again? Prunella and the Haunted Locker - Prunella is assigned a new school locker, which is rumored to be haunted! She refuses to believe it... until mysterious and unexplained things start to happen. Will Prunella have seven years of bad luck (and bad grades) or can she get to the bottom of this mystery?
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1309 — Paradise Lost/The Pride of Lakewood
    Paradise Lost - Baby Kate is growing up! She's started saying her first words. But strangely enough, the more words she learns, the less she seems to understand their dog, Pal. The two head off to the Children's Zoo in search of the Dolly Llama for an explanation, and to see if they can reverse the process. Along the way, they learn that growing up is inevitable and maybe it isn't so bad. The Pride of Lakewood - To boost school pride, Arthur and his classmates form the Lakewood Pride Committee, which immediately and fervently adds members, distributes buttons and creates special chants. But Brain and Sue Ellen, feeling pressured, decide they don't want to join - and are accused of not loving their school. Can they prove that they're proud of Lakewood Elementary even if they're not part of this new group?
    Wednesday, Oct 11 at 5pm TPT 2
    Sunday, Oct 15 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1310 — Looking for Bonnie/The Secret Origin of Supernova
    Looking for Bonnie - Famous rock musician Dean Lomax visits Elwood City and calls on George's dad to fix his equally famous guitar, named Bonnie. Legend says that Bonnie is magical, and Buster and George are convinced that just one strum will give them special powers. And during one late night sleepover, they sneak into Dad's workshop to find out if it's true... The Secret Origin of Supernova - Arthur is dismayed when he learns an energy drink endorsed by his favorite comic book character is full of sugar - it doesn't give you any special energy or magic powers at all! Will Arthur be able to find any superheroes who aren't out to make money - or can he create his own?
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1401 — The Wheel Deal/The Buster Report
    The Wheel Deal - After an injury, Brain has to spend some time using a wheelchair. But now he can't compete in a basketball tournament for charity! Or, can he? He meets a new friend, Lydia Fox, who just happens to be a wheelchair basketball player...and shows him how it's done. (Lydia is the winning character of the "ARTHUR CVS All Kids Can" Contest!) The Buster Report - The kids are assigned to write a report on someone they admire. To everyone's surprise, most especially Buster's, George picks....Buster! Will George focus on Buster's joke telling, the sandwich named after Buster, or Buster's famous food collection? Or...will George sing the praises of some of Buster's other traits that often go overlooked?
    Thursday, Oct 12 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1402 — The Agent of Change/D.W. Unties The Knot
    The Agent of Change The latest animated hit in movie theaters about a boy and his truck has left Muffy and Francine disappointed. Why doesn't there seem to be any cool female characters on screen? So with the help of a very talented artist, Molly, the "Group of Three" set out to make their own movie! D.W. Unties the Knot - After watching "The Wedding Channel," D.W. wants to get married! And, having no idea what this really means, she starts planning herself the biggest unicorn wedding imaginable. But D. W. soon realizes that she's getting more than she bargained for. Can she back out in time?
    Friday, Oct 13 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1403 — Nicked by a Name/The Play's The Thing
    Nicked by a Name - There is a virus spreading through Lakewood Elementary! It changes the way everyone acts and how they treat each's the new nicknames! Can Brain stop the virus he created or will everyone be mean to each other forever? The Play's the Thing - The playground has been quiet lately - too quiet - and the Tough Customers don't like it one bit. All the rest of the kids seem more interested in electronics than in good old-fashioned fun! Can the TCs save the playground or is everyone done playing for good?
    Friday, Oct 13 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1404 — Falafelosophy/The Great Lint Rush
    Falafelosophy - At the urging of guest-star author Neil Gaiman ("Coraline," "The Graveyard Book") Sue Ellen tries her hand at writing and illustrating a graphic novel. When Sue Ellen needs inspiration and encouragement, she turns to Neil - who pops up in unexpected places! - and to the philosophy lessons of her local falafel vendor! The Great Lint Rush - Mr. Toad is back! And he's ready to corner the Sock Market, leaving everyone in Elwood City barefoot and bereft. Can Pal and Kate negotiate for their socks....or will there be another great sock depression like the Great Chilly Toes Scare of 1929??
    Friday, Oct 20 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1405 — Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny
    Tales of Grotesquely Grim Bunny - When the local comic book store changes ownership, the new darker and scarier comics are right up Fern's alley. But Arthur can't seem to stomach them and now he's worried. Is it wrong to be afraid? Maybe his friends will be more supportive than he realizes. Pet Projects - Arthur and Francine enter their pets to compete against each other in the "Perfect Pet" video contest. Pal is SO cute and Nemo knows so many tricks! Who will win? But after jumping through hoops - literally - Nemo and Pal decide that enough is enough. Can't their owners love them for who they are?
    Monday, Oct 30 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1406 — Follow The Bouncing Ball/Buster Baxter and the Letter From The Sea
    Follow the Bouncing Ball - Alberto Molina's beloved soccer ball - signed by his favorite Ecuadorian soccer star, El Boomerang - is lost! Is it the same soccer ball bounding all over town, eluding potential captors?! This kicks off the first of 10 stories which follow the incredible journey of "El Boomerang" around the world! Come, follow the bouncing ball! Buster Baxter and the Letter from the Sea - While on vacation with the Read family, Buster discovers a message in a bottle on the shore. Could it be an urgent message from the people of the lost city of Atlantis? Buster is determined to find out and sends them a message throwing his own bottles in the ocean...! Will he learn that keeping the beach and waters clean is the real message?
    Monday, Oct 16 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1407 — Around The World In 11-Minutes/Muffy and the Big Bad Blog
    Around the World in 11-Minutes - Pal, Baby Kate, Amigo, and Mei Lin enthusiastically accept Nemo's dare to travel around the world and make it back in 11 minutes. After all, there's a prized pork chop and a lot of pride on the line! Adventuring by plane, hot-air balloon and motor scooters, the gang encounters many obstacles along the way - mostly because of Nemo's meddling! - but giddily experience the joys of global expedition. Muffy and the Big Bad Blog - Muffy discovers that web blogging is a great way to keep her readers up to date with her every move... whether they're interested or not! But then she goes too far and publicizes a disagreement with Francine. Can Muffy learn that some things really are better left private?
    Monday, Oct 16 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1408 — Arthur Unravels/All The Rage
    Arthur Unravels - Knit, one, pearl two, knit one, pearl two. Grandma Thora teaches Arthur to knit and he's really into this new hobby. But. ..he's a kid! And a boy! Knitting is a grandma thing...right? How long can Arthur keep his new hobby a secret before the yarn spills out of the bag? All the Rage - Muffy wants to rock the fashion world like her fashion mentor Capri DeVapida! But creating a fad is a lot harder than it looks, especially when all her hot new trends turn out to be lukewarm flops. Can Muffy learn that it's just better to be yourself?
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1409 — D.W., Queen of the Comeback/In My Africa
    D.W., Queen of the Comeback - The Tibbles tease, D.W. fires back, the Tibbles taunt, D.W. has a snappy comeback, and round and round they go! Will it ever end? Perhaps an ancient Indian fable about a turtle and two wisecracking geese will be enough to teach D.W. to just let it go. In My Africa - D.W.'s new classmate, Cheikh, is Brain's young cousin.. .and is also from Senegal, Africa! When D.W. realizes that she doesn't know much about Africa she decides to learn through music - and she, Brain and Cheikh team up to write a song about all 54 countries on that continent!
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 5pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Oct 21 at 11:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1410 — Buster Spaces Out/The Long Road Home
    Buster Spaces Out - Inspired by footage of the moon landing, Buster wants to go to outer space! Well, someday. For now, it'd be really cool to build and launch a rocket! So Buster enlists his friends to help...but they can't agree on anything and the mission stalls. Luckily, NASA astronaut Mike Finke guest-stars to teach the kids that only teamwork will accomplish this mission-and then it's blast-off! The Long Road Home - After costing Lakewood Elementary the win in a relay race against Mighty Mountain, George wants to redeem himself. Ok, George might be a slower runner but he is determined to walk all the way from Crown City to Elwood City and raise money for charity. There's just one problem - no one really thinks he can do it! This episode also marks the homecoming for "El Boomerang" and the suspense is - will the beloved soccer ball arrive from (believe it or not) Turkey in time for Alberto's birthday?? Everyone's in for a surprise.
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1501 — Fifteen - Parts I & II
    How much can Arthur and his friends do in 15 minutes? Arthur tries to race home to find his report and get back to school before class starts. George gets his shot to win big bucks for his school on the radio show "15 minutes of Fame." Kate and Pal try to defeat the "Red Claw" and their mission of getting kids to play with cats by eliminating all imaginary friends. Can they all accomplish these missions impossible before the clock counts all the way down? Only time will tell!
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 5pm TPT 2
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
  • #1502 — I Wanna Hold Your Hand/Whistling in the Wind
    I Wanna Hold Your Hand - During a shopping trip to the mall, Binky gets caught doing the uncoolest of all the uncool things in the world -holding his mom's hand! But wait-did George really see that or is that Binky's worst fear? Because now won't everyone think that big bad Binky Barnes is a big baby? Whistling in the Wind - Everyone knows the Tibbles are exactly the same. They look the same, they act the same, they even have the same number of hairs on their heads. So if they are supposed to be exactly the same, why can Tommy whistle while Timmy can't? Does this mean one twin is better than the other or just different?
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1503 — Buster's Secret Admirer/The Last King of Lambland
    Buster's Secret Admirer - Buster receives a box of chocolates in the mail from a secret admirer. Could it be Fern? Muffy? Francine?! It's driving him crazy! Who could possibly like him that much?? The Last King of Lambland - James receives a gift from his uncle in Scotland...a toy lamb that will supposedly give its owner the powers of the legendary James the Squinty, leader of the clan MacDoogal-Donal's! Will this new-found power go straight to James' head?
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1504 — Cents-Less/Buster The Lounge Lizard
    Cents-Less - Mr. Ratburn decides it's time for his class to learn a little about money...or, rather, the lack of it. For the entire weekend, no one in the class can spend a cent. Will the kids survive!? And can't Muffy just use her credit card?? Or will she figure out how to use an actual skill and...barter? Buster the Lounge Lizard - Buster has the brand-new Dark Bunny Dark Buggy, complete with grappling hook and voice commands! But with all its bells and whistles, the Buggy seems to have a mind of its own and has zoomed its way into the mysterious teacher's lounge, where no student dares to enter.
    Friday, Oct 20 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1505 — To Eat Or Not to Eat/S.W.E.A.T.
    To Eat or Not to Eat - A brand new candy bar is in town! But why is it making everyone act so strangely? And what exactly is this ingredient called Tri-Enzomated Zorn Jelly, anyway? Buster decides to do a little digging into these mystery chemicals before he takes his first bite but he - and all the other kids - may not find the truth appetizing. S.W.E.A.T. - It's time for the kids at Lakewood Elementary to take the Stoddard-Wilkins Elementary Aptitude Test, or "S.W.E.A.T." But with anxiety running high, it becomes clear that the kids need to learn some relaxation techniques. Luckily, Mrs. MacGrady is on hand to teach them a thing or two about de-stressing.
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1506 — Grandpa Dave's Memory Album/Buster's Carpool Catastrophe
    Grandpa Dave's Memory Album - Grandpa Dave is moving closer to the family and the kids are thrilled. But something isn't quite right; he's forgetting all sorts of things. Joan Rivers, reprising her role as Francine's grandmother, is on hand to help the kids understand that Grandpa Dave loves them just as much as he always has, even if he has trouble with his memory. Buster's Carpool Catastrophe - Muffy, Arthur and Buster are carpooling to their cooking class. Buster wants this to be the best car pool ever, but his rolling party on wheels turns into a disaster. Can the kids stop fighting long enough to see the sights right in front of them?
    Friday, Nov 3 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1507 — Prunella The Packrat/What's in a Name?
    Prunella the Packrat - Prunella saves everything - ticket stubs, quizzes from second grade, pencil stubs, broken shoe name it and it's in her closet! Can Arthur help her break her packrat habits in time to put together the display for the school's Earth Day fair? Or is Prunella doomed to drown in her clutter? What's in a Name? - Binky find out that his real name isn't Binky, it's... Shelley?!! He's certain he will have to leave town - or at least school - having this silly name. Until his mom tells him the story of his ancestor, Shelley Barnes, the greatest circus owner of his time...
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1508 — Muffy's Classy Classics Club/Best Enemies
    Muffy's Classy Classics Club - Muffy buys all of the pretty books and pretty dolls in the Pretty Pioneers series, and invites her friends to join a pretty book club. But she can't take their criticisms that the books are, well, rather poorly written. Will the book club disband or can Muffy open up to new literary experiences? Best Enemies - Mom has new clients coming over and they have a daughter who is D.W.'s age....and her name is even W.D.! They're going to be the best of friends! Turns out, no. They don't have anything in common. So D.W. and W.D. work together to convince their parents that they'll just never get along...and somehow, have a lot of fun in the process.
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1509 — Buster's Garden of Grief/Through The Looking Glasses
    Buster's Garden of Grief - With Fritz gone, Buster is in charge of the community garden, but it proves to be too much for just one person. Can Buster and his friends put the "community" back in community gardening or will it end up getting paved over? Through the Looking Glasses - Arthur can't find his glasses and has to get new ones, but all the attention he is getting from these new hipper glasses has gone straight to his head! Buster figures that it's up to him to get the old Arthur back.
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 5pm TPT 2
  • #1510 — The Butler Did....What?/The Trouble with Trophies
    The Butler Did...What? - Bailey is missing! He just left, leaving no note. With the help of the Baxter Detective Agency, Muffy discovers a series of old class picture, a receipt for a trumpet and old jazz albums. And Muffy is left wondering, who exactly IS Bailey? And-will he ever come back!? The Trouble with Trophies - Everyone loves getting trophies, right? It turns out that Fern could not care less about them. Yet Muffy is convinced that Fern must be despairing about never having won anything, and she sets out to give Fern a prize no matter what.... whether Fern wants it or not.
    Friday, Nov 3 at 4:30pm TPT 2
  • #1601 — Based on a True Story (Part 1 & 2)
    There's a new kid in town: Ladonna Compson, the Louisiana native with the gift of gab. Ladonna charms Arthur and friends with her amazing "true" stories. But are her stories really fact...or fiction?
    Monday, Oct 16 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 16 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #1602 — Flippity Francine/Muffy Takes The Wheel
    Flippity Francine - When Muffy posts a goofy video of Francine on the Muffington Post, Francine worries she will become the laughing stock of the entire school. Can Francine regain her dignity? Or will she have to swap her cleats for clown shoes? Muffy Takes the Wheel - It's the 1st Annual Lakewood Derby and Muffy's revved up! But when she enlists her dad to help her make the winning car, he completely takes over. Can Muffy hit the brakes on this runaway project? Or will she be left in the dust?
    Monday, Oct 16 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 16 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1603 — All About D.W./Blockheads
    All About D.W. - When Emily gets the starring role in the preschool play, D.W. is beside herself with jealousy. She should be Little Red Riding Hood, not Tree #2! Undeterred, D.W. appoints herself Emily's understudy (just in case!). But when the big moment arrives, can D.W. handle the spotlight? Blockheads - D.W. and Emily are upset when they get stuck with the blocks at playtime. But apathy turns to obsession when they begin building their dream house. Forget snacks and naptime! They've got a palastle to build!
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #1604 — Get Smart/Baby Steps
    Get Smart - Everyone loves HUGO-the new interactive whiteboard that claims to be 100% accurate. If only Mr. Ratburn knew how to use it... After a crash course from Brain, Mr. Ratburn embraces the high tech teaching tool; that is, until HUGO corrects him in front of the class. Let the battle of rat vs. machine begin! Baby Steps - Mei Lin can say "hello" AND play the piano?!? Kate can't even wave! Worried about her sister's future, D.W. enlists the help of Brain to determine if Kate is above average, below average, or (gulp!) just average-average...Meanwhile, Kate and Pal are puzzled by D.W.'s odd behavior and vow to find a "cure."
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 17 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 21 at 7am TPT KIDS
  • #1605 — Night of the Tibble/Read and Flumberghast
    Night of the Tibble - The Tibble Twins are having their first sleepover! The lucky victim...err, guest: James. Will the Tibbles lock him in the dark basement? Strap him to the terrifying Flatter Fling? Serve him cupcakes and cookies for dinner?!? Read and Flumberghast - A cupcake's been stolen! The primary suspect: Tommy Tibble. D.W. gathers a jury and demands that justice be served. Can D.W. get Tommy to confess? Or will she lose control of this kangaroo court?
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #1606 — The Last Tough Customer/Brain's Chess Mess
    The Last Tough Customer - The Tough Customers realize it's time to quit bullying and set out to find a new hobby - but can Molly ever truly change her ways? Brain's Chess Mess - Brain starts a chess club at school to improve his game and beat Los Dedos, the local chess master. Who knew the best player in the club would be...Rattles?!?
    Monday, Oct 2 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Oct 2 at 4:30pm TPT 2
    Monday, Oct 2 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 6 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 18 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1607 — Baseball Blues/Brain's Biggest Blunder
    Baseball Blues - It's Grebelings season and George can't wait to play! After all, no one knows more about baseball than George. But when he realizes knowledge of sinkers doesn't guarantee success in the field, will he throw in the towel? Brain's Biggest Blunder - When Brain gets teamed with Buster and Binky in the annual Arithmattack competition, he immediately enrolls Buster in binomial boot camp. Can Brain transform Buster into a mathematic marvel? Or will he be forced to eat humble pi?
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 20 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 21 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1608 — Buster's Book Battle/on the Buster Scale
    Buster's Book Battle - Lakewood Elementary has just instituted IRP; a program where kids can earn points (and prizes!) for reading. Buster's thrilled and gets to work straight away! But will he earn enough points for a skateboard? On the Buster Scale - Buster and Brain never agree on movies. Buster rates every film a 10+, while Brain doesn't seem to like anything... Only one of them can be right...or so they think.
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 19 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 20 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 7am TPT KIDS
  • #1609 — Fern And The Case Of The Stolen Story/sue Ellen Vegges Out
    Fern and the Case of the Stolen Story - The unthinkable has happened! Fern has writer's block! Fortunately, Ladonna's full of stories. Faced with a tight deadline, Fern decides to "borrow" the tales and simply change the names. Has Fern confused write and wrong? Sue Ellen Vegges Out - When Sue Ellen decides to stop eating meat, Muffy and Francine compete to be the best vegetarian. Can they successfully resist meat? Or was this a missed steak?
    Friday, Oct 20 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 22 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1610 — So Funny I Forgot to Laugh/The Best Day Ever
    So Funny I Forgot to Laugh - Arthur thinks his jokes about Sue Ellen's new sweater are all in good fun but Sue Ellen's feelings are hurt. Has Arthur become...a bully? The Best Day Ever - It's a beautiful afternoon and everyone is reminiscing about their "best days." Everyone, that is, except Arthur. Is it possible he doesn't have one?
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 4:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Oct 3 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 4 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 6 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 8 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 20 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1701 — Show Off/Dog's Best Friend
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Nov 1 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1702 — Adventures In Budylon/Ladonna Compson: Party Animal
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Nov 3 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #1703 — Molina's Mulligan/Buster Bombs
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Nov 2 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Nov 3 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1704 — Opposties Distract/Just The Ticket
    Friday, Nov 3 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
  • #1909 — Mr. Ratburns Secret Identity/Besties
    Mysterious calls. Superhuman strength. Is Mr. Ratburn secretly a superhero? The kids search for the truth behind the Man in Green. Educational Objective: Arthur and friends learn not to jump to conclusions. When Buster and Ladonna bond over a memorable trip to the movies, Arthur feels left out. Has Ladonna taken his place as Buster's best bud? Educational Objective: Arthur learns that just because your friends spend time with other people, it doesn't mean they don't care about you.
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Monday, Sep 25 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #2001 — Buster's Second Chance/Arthur and the Whole Truth
    With the help of a little time travel, Buster turns back the clock to see what his life would be like if he were a genius. But will a life winning science competitions mean a life without Arthur? Arthur isn't happy when he discovers that Buster has been telling him some white lies, even if it was just to spare his feelings. But can Arthur handle the harsh truth if Buster finally gives it to him?
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Sep 24 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Monday, Sep 25 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #2003 — He Said, He Said/Bunny Trouble
    A special episode of Bionic Bunny is interrupted, and Arthur, Buster, and George try to remember what comes next. But Carl is the only one who can straighten out the story. D.W. is excited to be taking care of the class bunny, Larry. But when Larry is feeling adventurous and wanders off, it's up to Ladonna the "Bunny Whisperer" to help get him back.
    Monday, Sep 25 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Sep 25 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #2004 — That's My Grandma/Bud's Knotty Problem
    D.W. gets jealous when Grandma Thora becomes the most popular babysitter in town. When Bud falls in love with a snazzy new pair of boots, he might face his toughest adventure yet - learning to tie his shoes.
    Monday, Sep 25 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Monday, Sep 25 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #2005 — Lend Me Your Ear/The Butler Did It
    Arthur, Buster, and Brain are worried when Mr. Ratburn isn't acting like himself. He's always pleased to see what has made him change his tune? When Mr. Crosswire gets a robot butler for Father's Day, Muffy fears Bailey may be replaced.
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #2006 — Prunella's Tent of Portent/Mutiny on the Pitch
    At the Elwood City Picnic, Prunella pretends she can see the future at her fortune telling booth. But her best friend, Marina, doubts her mystical powers. The Lakewood Elementary soccer team has had enough of Francine's bossy behavior. To show the team how much they need her, Francine gives up her post to the most unlikely teammate...Buster!
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Tuesday, Sep 26 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Sep 30 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 1 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
  • #2007 — The Hallway Minotaur/Ladonna's Like List
    Attention Lakewood Elementary! There's a new sheriff-er, hallway monitor-in town, and his name is George Lundgren. Ladonna Compson is friendly, funny, and full of personality. Everyone likes her! At least, that's what she thought...
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Sep 27 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Sep 28 at 4am TPT KIDS
  • #2101 — Binky's A Game/Brain and the Time Capsule
    When Binky gets an "A" on a test, Muffy and Francine are convinced he cheated. Is it possible that Shelly "Binky" Barnes actually studied? Brain makes a time capsule and gets overwhelmed by people asking to have their special belongings included. Will he make room for his friends, or will he give them the boot?
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 7am TPT KIDS
    New Tuesday, Oct 24 at 4:30pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 5pm TPT 2
    Saturday, Oct 28 at 7am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 8:30am TPT LIFE
    Friday, Nov 3 at 7am TPT KIDS
  • #2102 — The Master Builders, Parts 1 & 2
    Buster struggles to build a birdhouse that will save the community garden from pests, while Muffy and Francine design a cat toy that they think will really change the pet toy game.
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    New Tuesday, Oct 24 at 5pm TPT 2
    Tuesday, Oct 24 at 8:30pm TPT KIDS
    Wednesday, Oct 25 at 4:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 28 at 7:30am TPT KIDS
    Saturday, Oct 28 at 11:30am TPT LIFE
  • #2103 — Francine and the Soccer Spy/Sue Ellen and the Last Page
    When Ladonna befriends a new member of the Mighty Mountain soccer team, Francine becomes convinced she is leaking top secret team info. The City Council has voted to close the Elwood City Library! Can Sue Ellen save the library before it's too late?
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 7am TPT KIDS
    New Thursday, Oct 26 at 4:30pm TPT 2
    Thursday, Oct 26 at 8pm TPT KIDS
    Friday, Oct 27 at 4am TPT KIDS
    Sunday, Oct 29 at 7am TPT KIDS


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