Arnold Knows Me: The Tommy Kono Story

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Tommy Kono is one of America's greatest Olympic champions. He inspired two generations of weightlifters and body builders, including changing the life of one of the world's biggest movie stars. Kono and his family were re-located to an internment camp in World War Two, which is where he began weightlifting. After their return, Kono was drafted in 1952, but remained stateside and ultimately entered the Olympics that year. Tommy not only won the gold medal, he captured that prize again at the 1956 games, and took silver at the 1960 Olympics. He also won several body building competitions, including the Mr. Universe three times and Iron Man Mr. World titles. All this garnered the attention of fellow athletes like former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who remained a close friend. Kono passed away April 24, 2016, so this program is both an excellent memorial and a fascinating chapter in Olympic and Japanese-American history.

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