Tripod Occasional Table for Living Rooms

Air Date 4/8/17

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Host Scott Phillips, an American woodworking master, shares time-honored tips and new techniques in the construction of projects you can do at home. From an Annie Oakley Dry Sink to a Chippendale High Boy, Scott guides you through the process of building tables, chairs, benches, medicine cabinets, cupboards, plant and candle stands, serving spoons, salad bowls and a storage chest . A master woodworker with a personable style thorough knowledge of his craft, Phillips's reverence for the intricacies of wood and its possibilities has helped make AMERICAN WOODSHOP a favorite among ptv audiences.
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  • #2208 — Scrolled Corner Shelf
    The art of scrolling and carving the perfect wall accent.
    Saturday, Sep 23 at 1:30pm TPT LIFE
  • #2209 — A Tool Bench for Every Home
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    Through pegged mortise and tenon joints. Miller Sawmill tour.
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