Alzheimer's in Minnesota Panel Discussion

Don Shelby leads a panel discussion about Alzheimer’s research & resources in MN with Dr. Ronald Petersen, M.D, Ph.D., Director, Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Research Center; Debbie Richman, VP of Education and Outreach, Alzheimer's Assoc. MN-North Dakota Chapter; Dawn Simonson, ACT on Alzheimer’s & Executive Director, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging; Olivia Mastry, Dementia Friendly America.

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Leading Minnesota experts in Alzheimer's research and care discuss the growth of Alzheimer's disease in Minnesota and initiatives in the state to support those with Alzheimer's. Participants in the discussion are: Dr. Ronald Petersen, Mayo Clinic; Olivia Mastry, Dementia Friendly America; Debbie Richman, Alzheimer's Association; and Dawn Simonson, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging. Hosted by Don Shelby.
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