Agatha Raisin

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High-flying London PR executive Agatha Raisin (Ashley Jensen, Extras, Ugly Betty) fulfills a life-long dream of retiring to a small village in the Cotswolds. Desperate to fit in, she enters the local quiche-baking competition, only to find herself a suspect when her entry kills the judge. To save her reputation, Agatha sets out to solve the murder, with the help of her former assistant Roy, eager Detective Constable Bill Wong, and her cleaner Gemma. Along the way, Agatha discovers that she has talent for crime-solving, but her new life is not the quiet country idyll she imagined. Based on the best-selling novels by M.C. Beaton, these "frothy and enjoyable" (The Killing Times TV) mysteries shine with humor and intrigue.

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  • #101 — The Walkers of Dembley |
    Friday, Nov 17 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #101 — The Walkers of Dembley |
    Saturday, Nov 18 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #101 — The Walkers of Dembley |
    Monday, Nov 20 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #102 — Hell's Bells |
    Friday, Nov 24 at 7pm TPT LIFE
  • #102 — Hell's Bells |
    Saturday, Nov 25 at 1am TPT LIFE
  • #101 — The Walkers of Dembley
    When militant rambler Jessica Tartinck is found bashed to death in a field, former PR whiz Agatha Raisin is forced to go undercover to get to the bottom of the grisly crime. Synopsis - AGATHA RAISIN, retired PR whiz and recovering career woman, has settled into her comfortable Carsely cottage, but is still restless to fit in and make her mark among the locals. Still pining after next-door neighbor JAMES LACEY, she joins a local ramblers' group, of which James is a member, only to find him becoming entangled in a romantic web spun by rich recent arrival MARY FORTUNE. Agatha's life is thrown into further disarray when the body of a militant rambler, JESSICA TARTINCK, is found bashed to death in a field. A boisterous member of another rambling troupe that runs out of Dembley, Jessica was the chapter's chief agitator, and had amassed her share of enemies, some within the group itself. A concerned member of the group, DEBORAH CAMDEN, hires Agatha to investigate the death. But the case takes an unexpected twist when Agatha and James are forced to pose undercover as man and wife in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the grisly crime.
    Friday, Nov 17 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Nov 18 at 1am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Nov 20 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #102 — Hell's Bells
    A rich newcomer to the village, Amanda Ballard, has found little favor among the Carsely locals. And when her body is found hanging from the bell ropes of the church in an apparent suicide, Agatha suspects foul play. Synopsis - With a visit from the bishop looming, a newcomer to the village, AMANDA BALLARD, has gathered together a group of villagers to practice ringing the bells. Eager to fling herself into the cut and thrust of Carsely village life once more, Agatha Raisin is among their number. And although Agatha and Amanda have struck up a friendship, the same cannot be said for vicar's wife (and Ladies' Society extraordinaire) SARAH BLOXBY, who resents Amanda's closeness with her husband JEZ. When Amanda's body is found hanging from the bell ropes of the church in the dead of night, Agatha suspects there may be more to the case than routine suicide. Although Amanda was a spendthrift who'd amassed a great deal of debt, she seemed perfectly happy on the day of her death and in the prime of her life. Finding her suspicions falling on deaf ears, Agatha enlists cleaner GEMMA SIMPSON and former assistant ROY SILVER to help her investigate the crime - leading her to confront Jez, who may be harboring a secret, as well as Amanda's ties to her ex-husband in Bristol.
    Friday, Nov 24 at 7pm TPT LIFE
    Saturday, Nov 25 at 1am TPT LIFE
    Monday, Nov 27 at 2pm TPT LIFE
  • #103 — The Wellspring of Death
    A village-wide squabble in Ancombe over the selling of water rights results in the death of Parish Council Chairman Robert Struthers. Agatha, on a PR job for the water company, tries to put the matter out of her mind. But as the body count rises, she finds herself drawn into the fray. Synopsis - Passions are running high in the otherwise sleepy village of Ancombe, where a spat over the selling of historic water rights has re-opened old wounds. When the fusty Parish Council Chairman Robert Struthers is found murdered at the foot of the wellspring, it pulls into the frame pub owners ANDY and ANGELA BUCKLEY, single mother JULIA OWEN, and local farmer RON ALLEN as possible suspects for his death. In need of improved public relations and embarrassed by the incident, the water company, Ancombe Water, hires Agatha Raisin on freelance basis to repair their tattered image. Whilst Agatha is more concerned about the job in hand, spurred on by the romantic advances of charming company owner GUY FREEMONT, her rivalry with MARY FORTUNE deepens, as she and James Lacey begin an amateur investigation of their own. As the body count rises, and tensions within the village fray further, Agatha makes a crucial mistake, missing a secret hidden under her nose.
    Friday, Dec 1 at 7pm TPT LIFE


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