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August 2012
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History Detectives Step Into A Family Dispute

In an all-new episode of History Detectives, airing Tuesday at 7 p.m. on tpt 2, the investigator Elyse Luray steps into a family dispute: Was a picture frame crafted from the staircase banister of the Titanic, the Lusitania or neither?

History Detectives Picture Frame

Then Tukufu Zuberi wonders whether Woolworth signs were part of the scene at the 1960 Winston-Salem lunch-counter sit-ins.

For 70 years, toy soldiers have haunted their owner with a question: Was the father of his childhood friend a Nazi spy?

Then, a journal full of liquor recipes makes another man wonder if his uncle was a prohibition bootlegger.

Click here to check out the History Detectives website for background on their investigations and watch a preview of the episode below.

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