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July 2012
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Follow The Epic Collaboration of Four Cuban Artists

Tap your toes to the beat of this music documentary that features expat Cuban musicians who return to Havana for a concert.

HAVANA, HAVANA!, airing this Friday at 8 p.m. on tpt 2, is a music documentary that explores how changes in Cuba are inspiring a new generation of musicians.

In the latest documentary from PBS Arts Summer Festival, Musicians Raul Paz, Descemer Bueno, Kelvis Ochoa and David Torrens each have their own unique stories to tell, but their lives share a common theme.

All of them left Cuba years ago; their decision to return has injected a new spirit into Cuban music.

Today, they are making music in Cuba again (together and separately), bringing to their songs the sounds and rhythms of other cultures – jazz, electro, hip-hop, soul – and injecting a new spirit into the traditional Cuban music of their childhoods.

“This is the story of great musicians most Americans don’t know,” says David Grubin, multiple Emmy® Award winner and the film’s producer. “As grandchildren of Cuba’s revolution, Paz, Bueno, Ochoa and Torrens faced unexpected bumps on their journeys, but ultimately prove the spirit of the Cuban people is alive and well.”

Mirroring Cuba’s growing relationship with the world, HAVANA, HAVANA! highlights the evolution of the country’s musical expression in the 21st century.

Check out a preview of HAVANA, HAVANA! below and be sure to tune in this Friday at 8 p.m. on tpt 2.

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