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September 14th, 2013

Latino Americans
LATINO AMERICANS tells the stories of early settlement, conquest and immigration; of tradition and reinvention; of anguish and celebration; and of the gradual construction of a new American identity.
Egypt in Crisis
It took 80 years to rise to power, but now, after only 12 months, the Muslim Brotherhood has been ousted by its longtime foe -- the Egyptian military. In this FRONTLINE report, veteran Middle East Correspondents Martin Smith and Charles Sennott examine the rise and rapid fall of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. How did the Brotherhood lose control?
Seisen! The Rise and Fall of the Japanese 1905-1945
SEISEN! THE RISE AND FALL OF THE JAPANESE EMPIRE 1905-1945 chronicles Japan's militaristic history in the first half of the 20th century – from its victory in the Russo-Japanese war to its defeat in World War II. The documentary is a dramatic story of an aggressive warrior nation that, ultimately, paid a terrible price for its boldness.
Chef's Life
Chef Vivian and her husband, Ben, leave New York to open a restaurant in her small North Carolina hometown. Vivian revisits the Southern tradition of "putting up" corn and shares her method for making smoked corn relish. As the episode concludes, a devastating setback threatens their new life.
Masterpiece Mystery!: Foyle's War
With one war ended, a new one is looming as the iron curtain falls across Europe. Set in post-war 1946-47, Foyle (Kitchen) and his loyal friend Sam (Weeks) find themselves adjusting to a new era of secrets, intelligence and security as their worlds shift into those of MI5.
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