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Healthcare Anywhere: Hyper-connecting

Sorry, there are no episodes of this series airing in the next 2 months on any of our three channels.

This list includes any broadcasts that aired in the past 2 months on any of our three channels.

Previously aired Sunday June 29th
Healthcare Anywhere introduces viewers to the evolving concept of mobile healthcare. How will technology and patients? reliance and utilization of mobile devices change interactions with doctors? Are there benefits to having fewer clinic visits? Are there pitfalls to having fewer clinic visits? A panel of medical experts, led by Dr. Jon Hallberg, discusses the idea of receiving and administering healthcare from anywhere. Produced with Mill City Innovation & Collaboration Center.
26 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

No previous airings of this
episode on this channel.

tpt Life Channel 2.3

Sun Jul 6th @ 11:00 am

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