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New Learning Landscapes

Below is a list of broadcasts scheduled to air in the next 60 days on any of our three channels.

Airs Sunday September 6th
"New Learning Landscapes" highlights three educational programs that are preparing rural high school students for college and beyond. It is a co-production of tptMN and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities with funding provided by the Blandin Foundation and Minnesota Association of School Administrators. The program begins in the iron range where the Applied Learning Institute, a coalition of high schools, colleges and businesses, has brought vocational training directly into the high schools. We then take a look at the Flexible Learning Year in southwest Minnesota, a program that has shifted the school year two weeks earlier to align college and high school schedules. The final program, Online College in the High School in Northwest Minnesota, brings college level courses into high schools via the internet for students who do not live near a college campus. All three programs are examples of the innovation taking place in Minnesota high schools toward strengthen our children's educational experience and contributing to the economic vitality of the state and country.
26 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

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tpt Life Channel 2.3

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Sorry, there were no episodes of this series airing in the last 2 months on any of our three channels.

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