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Resonance: The Odyssey of The Bells

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Airs Wednesday December 10th
'War, not the erosion of time, is the greatest destroyer of bells.' Percival Price. Japan's war machine needed metal to defend the homeland and meet the needs of a military scattered across the Pacific. The emperor turned to the Buddhist temples, requiring that they give up their bronze bells for the war effort. In the villages of Ohara and Yokosuka, the temples complied, and centuries old bells, whose sounds were as familiar as a mother's voice to the people in the town, were brought to a smelter near Tokyo to be melted. But the war ended, and the bells survived, only to be taken by the US Navy and then given to the crews of the USS Duluth and USS Topeka cruisers. They were packaged up and shipped to the states as war trophies.
29 minutes long
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