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Lowertown: The Rise of an Urban Village

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Airs Tuesday September 9th
It was the birthplace of St. Paul and the focal point of the railroad industry built by the like of James J. Hill that made St. Paul and Minnesota a key hub in America's rail system. Then it fell into decay and abandonment. How did Lowertown return to vibrancy in the last few decades of the twentieth century? With the backdrop of the Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation's persistent efforts to rebuild the neighborhood, the anthology of stories offer compelling models for community building. The creation of housing, jobs, green space, an arts colony, and the return of the St. Paul Union Depot. The documentary weaves the early history of the lower landing with the recent history of the area's rebirth to offer compelling case studies of public-private sector collaboration, urban planning, and civic engagement. This hour long documentary offers stories of vision, leadership, and community building that made Lowertown once again, a boomtown, a hometown and a rail town once again.
56 minutes long
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