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Drug Courts: Justice That Heals

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Previously aired Friday October 2nd
A drug court is a problem-solving approach that uses the power of the court in collaboration with other participants (prosecutors, defense counsel, treatment providers, probation officers, law enforcement, educational and vocational experts, community leaders and others) to closely monitor the defendant's progress toward sobriety and recovery through ongoing treatment, frequent drug testing, regular mandatory check-in court appearances, and the use of a range of immediate sanctions and incentives to foster behavior change. It should be stressed that although in a drug court the traditional roles of participants are substantially modified, they are not relinquished. It is important to maintain the distinct roles of each drug court team member (in order, for example, to preserve the constitutional rights of problem-solving program clients). This program is developed to educate the general public on what drug court is and how they function.
26 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

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tpt Life Channel 2.3

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