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Old Log Theatre Celebrates 65 Years

Below is a list of broadcasts scheduled to air in the next 60 days on any of our three channels.

Airs Sunday October 26th
This half hour program will chronical and celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Old Log Theater - the oldest continuously running professional theater in the United States. Don Stolz, owner-producer-director of the Old Log Theater has been with the Old Log almost since its beginning, Coming to Excelsior in 1941 as the new young actor-director he and his family, wife and five sons have continued the tradition of theater for 65 years.. In 1960 the Old Log became the first company in the nation to operate year-round, fifty two weeks a year. What literally started on wooden benches in an old log theatre now comforably seats 655 in comfortable opera seating, has a full restaurant and....The Old Log gave many stars of stage and screen their first acting jobs and is remembered fondly for the acting community it has always remained. (coproduced with Old Log Theatre)
29 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

Sun Oct 26th @ 5:59 pm

tpt MN Channel 2.2

No upcoming airings of this
episode on this channel.

tpt Life Channel 2.3

Sun Nov 30th @ 11:00 am

Sorry, there were no episodes of this series airing in the last 2 months on any of our three channels.

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