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Living With Hospice

Below is a list of broadcasts scheduled to air in the next 60 days on any of our three channels.

Airs Friday November 27th
A poignant documentary by tpt award-winning producer Daniel Bergin spotlights stories of families and their experiences in hospice. Produced by Twin Cities Public Television and Hospice Minnesota on their organization's 25th anniversary. The documentary uses a story- telling approach to capture family experiences with hospice. It touches people that are famous and ordinary, old and young, black and white, patients and caregivers-living their final days in a meaningful way with loved ones close at hand. Among the stories is that of former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who was one of Minnesota's first hospice patients.
28 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

No upcoming airings of this
episode on this channel.

tpt Life Channel 2.3

No upcoming airings of this
episode on this channel.

Sorry, there were no episodes of this series airing in the last 2 months on any of our three channels.

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