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National Geographic Bee

Below is a list of broadcasts scheduled to air in the next 60 days on any of our three channels.

Episode #2014
Airs Saturday May 24th
The annual National Geographic Bee return s for the 2 6 th consecutive year . This year, award - winning journal ist, speaker, producer and television host Soledad O'Brien will serve as host and moderator. The 20 1 4 N ational Geographic Bee will feature fourth - to eighth - graders vying for the Bee crown and the top prize of a $ 50 ,000 college scholarship and lifetime me mbership in the National Geographic Society. Second and third prizes are college scholarships of $15,000 and $10,000 . The finalists, all winners of their state - level geographic bees, have triumphed over a field of nearly 4 million students to earn a place in the national championships. They represent the 50 states, District of Columbia, Atlantic Territories, Pacific Territories and Department of Defense Dependents Schools.
56 minutes long
tpt Channel 2.1

Sat May 24th @ 2:00 pm

tpt MN Channel 2.2

No upcoming airings of this
episode on this channel.

tpt Life Channel 2.3

Sun May 25th @ 5:00 pm

Sorry, there were no episodes of this series airing in the last 2 months on any of our three channels.

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