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About the documentary

The Past Is Alive Within Us: The US-Dakota Conflict is a mix of historical information and contemporary stories, will introduce viewers to some of the key people and events of the 1862 War, and demonstrate how this critical period in our history continues to affect Minnesotans and the descendants of Dakota exiled from Minnesota. Designed to build a better understanding of historical interpretation and encourage critical thinking, the program will look at the subject through the lens of public memory.


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This documentary represents the result of nearly two years of diligent research and production by tpt, and distills several hundred hours of interviews into a two-hour program. The film includes 80 diverse voices from those who were impacted by the events of the War, as well as perspective from experts, community leaders, artists and historians.


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“This is an extremely important story; one that we’re proud to share with the citizens of Minnesota. However, we do not think of this as the story of the U.S. - Dakota Conflict, but rather a story about the War. Our hope is that it will open the door to understanding a dark chapter in Minnesota and American history, stimulate dialogue about the legacy of the War and help inform those conversations for generations to come.”

-tpt Senior Vice President and Chief Content Officer, Terry O'Reilly

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