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Producing for tpt

tpt accepts submissions for limited series, single stand-alone programs, and program segments for our local program schedules as well as for national audiences via PBS and APTS.

Submitting Completed Programs for Local Broadcast

tpt has a longstanding commitment to feature the work of Minnesota's independent producers, and of producers creating content about Minnesota and the region.

Completed programs may be submitted to tpt for consideration for air on any of tpt's local channels. You can send a copy of your show (preferably on DVD) to the following address:

Twin Cities Public Television
172 Fourth Street East
St. Paul, MN   55101
Attention: Programming Department

Along with a copy of your show please also include the following:

  • Program description, including treatment, approach, and description of any interactive elements (including Web site, interactive TV, etc.)
  • Episodic descriptions (if project is a series)
  • Web site address (if available)
  • Identification of key project staff and talent, with resume information for each
  • Information on how the program was funded
  • Indication of rights available

Submitting Program Proposals

tpt requires any individual or company that wishes to submit material for our consideration to execute a Submission Release prior to review of the material. You can get a copy of our release by clicking here. After reviewing and completing the Release, sign it to indicate your recognition and acceptance of our policies, terms, and conditions, and send it to us along with any related materials you want us to review.

tpt will not read or otherwise consider any proposal until we have received an executed Submission Release.

Proposals should be kept to a reasonable length and, if possible, include a budget. After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive an acknowledgment that we have received it and that it will be reviewed. We will contact you further if we have an interest in pursuing your proposal.

Our decision to pursue an unsolicited proposal will be based on a range of criteria, including the quality, originality and significance of the content, the qualifications and experience of the staff associated with the project and the availability of resources for development and production.

Please note that tpt is constantly developing programming, promotional, and other ideas independently or jointly with third parties. tpt reserves all rights to develop any ideas conceived independently, either alone or with a third party, without obligation to you, even if such ideas are similar or identical to the idea(s) contained in your material.

You can begin the submission process by completing the Submission Release.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will tpt provide the funding for my program?

A) Unfortunately it is most likely that we won’t. Our funds for programming are very limited and it is rare that we will pay for a third-party production. Most producers who submit projects have funders already attached, or a plan that identifies likely sources of funding. For some projects tpt’s Development Department will work to identify funding for a program, but rarely will a producer not be directly involved in the process.

Q) Should I submit a completed program or just the idea?

A) We accept projects in all stages of development/production, including treatments; full-length proposals; trailers; works in progress; and completed programs for consideration.

Q) Will my program be seen on PBS all over the country?

A) This is determined on a case by case situation, depending on the specific project. tpt does produce shows every year for PBS, though this is a very competitive process. The majority of programming produced by tpt is produced specifically for our audiences in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

Q) Can I have my program aired during primetime?

A) Program scheduling is determined by many things, including subject matter, format, availability of time in the program schedule and pre-existing commitments. Ultimately the scheduling of programs is determined by tpt's Programming Department (for local programs) and by PBS' Programming Department (for national programs).

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