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Our Anytime is Learning Time Collection features video and additional resources to guide and inspire you in turning every day moments into learning moments.

Each video features real people, families and places from our Twin Cities community and highlights how to bring learning into everyday life in fun and practical ways. Supporting resources accompany each video, including book suggestions, discussion questions, parent tips and more.

Videos and Resources

Five Fun Tips to a Healthy Happy Family - (for Parents)

With these five easy-to-use tips, create meals that are healthy, delicious, and fun to cook and eat.

Five Fun Tips to a Healthy Happy Family - (for Providers)

With these five easy-to-use tips, create meals that are healthy, delicious, and fun to cook and eat.

Meal Time Is Family Time

We are all busy. Meals are the perfect time to connect as a family.

Listen to Your Tummy

By listening to their tummies, children can learn to eat the right amount of food for them.

We Both Eat the Same Foods

Children watch everything their parents do. Instill healthy, lifelong eating habits by preparing the same meals for adults and kids.

How Much Would You Like?

Children learn lifelong eating habits by watching grown-ups at the table.

Working Up an Appetite

Family meal preparation teaches math and literacy skills while having fun.

Family Time

The conversation never ends when families sit down for a meal together.

Learning Lessons

Introduce children to math, reading, and social skills while making a delicious meal.

Serve it Up

Children learn how much food they should eat by serving themselves and listening to their tummies.

Bedtime is the Best Time

With our busy schedules, bedtime is the perfect time to connect over books and stories.

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Reading Together Rocks!

Sharing books is fun when siblings read together.

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Books at a Bargain

When buying books isn’t in the budget, there are other ways to build a family library.

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Lunch Letters

Mealtime is full of opportunities to learn about words and letters.

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Counting in the Kitchen

It’s easy to mix up some fun with math when kids help with the cooking.

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Let's Go to the Library!

Storytime at your local library is a great way to introduce early literacy skills.

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Wondering what to do with your child today? Whether you’re at home, at school, or out running errands, use the Reading Activity Calendar to find fun, simple ways to make reading a part of your every day life. Flip through the calendar above for ideas, activities, and silly holidays to celebrate together. Find more free reading games and activities for kids at PBS KIDS Island!

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